Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Lucy Hale’s Special Bond with her Dog Elvis

Lucy Hale’s love for her maltipoo dog Elvis is no secret. She frequently posts adorable photos of him on Instagram. She also designed cell phone cases decorated with illustrations of her dog Elvis. Lucy recently shared why she named her dog Elvis and wrote about her special bond with him.

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 “You always hear about dogs being a man’s best friend, but it goes for us ladies, too! I’m partnering with @CesarCuisine to talk about my bond with this majestic little creature, Elvis. I was born and raised in Memphis and all of my family still lives there (hence his name Elvis!) . He also reminds me of my first dog Jack. It’s hard being so far from them, and Elvis helps. He goes everywhere with me. We love trips to the dog park and he’s my favorite hiking buddy. He’s sneaky, too – I always catch him up on the kitchen table when I get home, even though he knows he’s not supposed to be up there! But I love his mischievous streak. #WomansBestFriendToo #ad #InternationalWomensDay” Lucy wrote.

Lucy also shared this adorable photo of Elvis. "Elvis is so expressive 😜" Lucy captioned it.

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Love seeing photos of Lucy with Elvis!

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