Thursday, July 14, 2016

PLL Spoilers: One of Liars Could be Uber “A” After 5 Year Time Jump (Video)

Could one of the Liars be Uber “A”? A popular fan theory is that Aria is “A”. PLL showrunner Marlene King is keeping that possibility open. Season 7 is all about finding out who the new Uber “A” is. Marlene King says this new A.D. was born after Charlotte’s death. Could it be one of the Liars?

Liars on PLL
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Marlene King was asked if one of the Liars is “A”. “It’s always a possibility, it's always a possibility. I mean, it seems unlikely but you just never know,” she told ET.

PLL executive producer Charlie Craig also entertained the idea of one of the main girls being the evil mastermind. “I will say that question is one we’ve discussed in the writers’ room. All of the little Liars could be ‘A’. Think of that five year gap, right? What could have happened in that five year gap. That past will help inform what they are doing now." 

Lucy Hale (Aria) thinks Uber “A” has a bunch of helpers. “I think there is the head honcho that’s sort of working with her or his little minions,” she said.

When asked if Aria is “A”, Lucy said “I definitely think it’s possible for one of the girls to be involved. I don’t trust anyone on that show. I think that there has been so much dishonesty even between these girls who try to be truthful with each other. I think it'd be an interesting choice.” Lucy Hale has often said that she would love it if Aria was “A”.

Seems like all of Lucy Hale’s PLL castmates would love to be Uber “A”.

Troian Bellisario (Spencer) would love if her character was “A”. “I’ve always been saying that Spencer is A! I would love it so much, I think it’d be so fun. But the only thing that I can't wrap my head around is how we would torture ourselves so effectively.”

And Spencer’s new boyfriend Caleb is also a possible Uber A. Tyler Blackburn said “I would love for that to happen. Caleb showed up halfway through the first season mysteriously and he stuck around. And he’s really good at computers.”

Sasha Pieterse would love for Alison to be Uber A, but she doesn’t think it will happen. “There’s a part of me that really wants it to happen, but I don’t think so” Sasha said.

Tammin Sursok (Jenna) said “I want to be Uber A! Everyone wants to be Uber A.”

I would love it if one of the Liars ended up being “A”. Which Liar? Do you think one of the Liars is Uber “A”? Comment and post your theories below!

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