Monday, July 25, 2016

“Obsessed or Unimpressed” With Lucy Hale: Juice Cleanses, Black Lipstick & More

Lucy Hale, Aria on PLL, was asked what she is “obsessed” or “unimpressed” with in this video. Lucy talked about juice cleanses, going commando, boob contouring and black lipstick, among other things.

PLL actress Lucy Hale
Credit: Disney/ABC Television Group, Creative Commons

Morning people
Obsessed. Lucy Hale is the biggest morning person you’ll ever meet. She’s always in a good mood in the morning. She likes getting coffee and kickstarting her day. She’s the “annoying morning person”.

Juice cleanses
Unimpressed. She’s attempted 3 and she doesn’t make it past hour 7.

Day drinking
Unimpressed. You’re always a hot mess by nightfall.

Going commando
Obsessed. Lucy prefers wearing underwear, but sometimes it’s very necessary.

Boob contouring
Unimpressed. Lucy didn’t know it was a thing until she was asked about it. Maybe if she tried it she’d like it, but it sounds a little too much work for her.

Black lipstick
Obsessed. It can be too much for paler people like her, but she’ll wear even if she thinks it looks crazy.

Man buns
Lucy had to say obsessed because her boyfriend was wearing one that day.

Lying about your age
Unimpressed. Lucy said age is nothing that you should be ashamed of, especially when you are older. Lucy admits that she used to lie about her age when she was younger, but not anymore.

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