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PLL Recap of 6x18 “Burn This”: Aria’s Burned at Hanna’s Bridal Shower

Things get a lot more dangerous for the Liars in Pretty Little Liars episode 6x18 “Burn This”.  Hanna’s bridal shower should be a fun party, except Hanna isn’t feeling excited about her upcoming wedding.  Meanwhile, it is a really bad week for Aria.  Lt. Tanner thinks Aria had something to do with Charlotte’s murder and Uber “A” tries to turn Aria into a s’more.

The Liars can’t believe Alison suddenly married Dr. Rollins.  Aria thinks it is romantic, but Emily says Alison is just desperate for a family after losing Charlotte.

The Liars look at photos Aria took at her parents’ wedding.  Uber “A” was at the wedding and borrowed Aria’s camera to take threatening photos.  A series of photos have the messages “Give Me The Killer …”, “By Election Night…” “Or You Lose.”

Ezra has great news for Aria.  He managed to save her job at the publishing company.  He called Aria’s boss, Jillian, and pitched Aria as co-writer.  They can write the book together and Aria will provide a strong female voice to the writing.  Nicole’s voice was taken away and he wants to give it back.  Ezra would have trouble because it's personal for him.  Aria didn’t know Nicole, so she can provide some distance.

Caleb is desperate to find a place to stay, since Veronica Hastings kicked him out of the barn.  Now he doesn’t have a job or a place to stay.  All the hotels in Rosewood are completely booked, including The Radley.  Hanna’s mom offers to let Caleb stay in the guest room at her house.  Caleb appreciates the offer, but declines.

Emily is on a mission to prove that Spencer’s sister Melissa was the one who tried to run her over.  Emily is furious that Melissa already headed back to London.  Melissa must get a fugitive rate from the airlines.  Outside the Brew, Emily hears the same noise she heard from the car that tried to run her over.

Ezra explains that sound is from whistle tips in the exhaust pipes of a car.  He considers it a desperate plea for attention, but that may be his sleep deprivation talking.

Toby goes to Spencer’s barn to confront Caleb.  He’s furious that Caleb would leak Yvonne’s abortion to the press.  Caleb comes in and Toby goes off on him.  Toby thought they were friends.  Despite Spencer begging Caleb to tell the truth, Caleb lies to Toby and claims responsibility for the leak.  Toby punches Caleb and storms out of the barn.

Spencer helps Caleb with his bloody nose and begs him to tell Toby the truth.  Caleb refuses.  He’d rather have Toby hate him now than blame him later.  Caleb also assures Spencer that he won’t let anybody hurt her.

Hanna’s mom is in full party planning mode for Hanna’s bridal shower.  Hanna and her mom decorate Lucas’s 'smart loft' for the party.  (Lucas’s 'smart loft' is pretty high-tech.  The heating, lights and fireplace are all controlled via an iPad).  Gifts, expensive lingerie and cake are all things Hanna loves, so why isn’t she excited about the bridal shower?

Hanna’s mom mentions that she offered Caleb the guest room, which infuriates Hanna.  Caleb is an adult, not a pound puppy.  She thinks her mom likes Caleb more than Jordan.  Hanna accuses her mom of comparing every guy she’s dated to Caleb.  (Hmm… maybe Hanna is the one comparing every guy she dates to Caleb.  She doesn’t seem to be completely over her first love).

Hurt, Hanna’s mom says that she just doesn’t know Jordan well.  Hanna blames her mom for not making an effort, but her mom points out that she has invited Jordan and Hanna over on multiple occasions.  Hanna’s the one who chose not to bring Jordan home.

A furious Mona confronts Spencer at the Brew.  After the leak about Yvonne’s abortion, the Phillips campaign found out Mona leaked Veronica Hastings’s medical records to Spencer.  Mona was fired and her entire future is now jeopardized.

Spencer denies having anything to do with the leak about Yvonne’s abortion.  Spencer even accuses Mona of leaking the information herself.  Accusing someone else of what she did would be ‘Vintage Mona’.  Mona can’t believe Spencer is paying back her good intentions by accusing her.

Lt. Tanner shows up at Aria’s house with bad news.  They have a witness who saw the person who called the DiLaurentis house from the Two Crows Diner the night Charlotte was murdered.  Aria fits the description from the witness, so Aria needs to come down to the police station for a lineup.  If Aria is really innocent, then the police will be able to eliminate her as a suspect.

Aria agrees to the police lineup and is free to leave the station.  Aria sneaks out back to see who the witness was.  Turns out it was Sara Harvey.  Aria marches back in the station to confront Lt. Tanner.  Aria tells Lt. Tanner that she should be questioning Sara Harvey.

Aria spills a cup of coffee on the table to catch a glimpse of the witness statement.  The witness described an “attractive brunette” with a pink dice key chain.

Aria loses it when Lt. Tanner asks if she wants to fill out a complaint form.  Five years ago Lt. Tanner found her underground, captive in “A”’s dollhouse.  After everything she’s been through, she thought Lt. Tanner would take what she says seriously.  Lt. Tanner assures Aria that she does.  That doesn’t mean she has to act on accusations immediately.  That is why Aria is free to go.  Sounds like Sara Harvey identified Aria as the person who made the call at Two Crows Diner.  Is Sara framing Aria?

Emily goes to an auto shop to try and prove Melissa borrowed the SUV that tried to run her down.  The mechanics refuse to answer her questions, so she snoops around.  A mechanic, Patty, catches Emily snapping a photo of the scratched up SUV that she remembers from the attack.  Patty refuses to tell her who borrowed the car.  Emily shows her a photo of Melissa on her phone.  Patty says “That’s not her”.  Can we really trust her, though?  Later we see Patty cleaning the scratches off the car.  She pulls an envelope stuffed with cash from the bottom of the car.

Spencer’s dad, Peter Hastings, makes a rare appearance at the Hastings house.  He’s furious that Caleb supposedly leaked Yvonne’s abortion.  He demands that Spencer distance herself from Caleb.  He thinks Caleb doesn’t share the same values as the Hastings family.

Spencer is shocked at how hypocritical her dad is being.  After all, her dad is protecting Melissa.  Spencer thinks Melissa killed Charlotte and that’s why her dad sent Melissa back to London.

Spencer’s dad denies that Melissa killed Charlotte.  Melissa’s big secret is that she was being blackmailed.  Right before Charlotte’s hearing, Melissa was threatened with the tape of her confessing to burying Bethany Young alive.  Melissa returned to Rosewood in secret to drop money off to the blackmailer. 

Melissa fled Rosewood instead of going to the police.  She was afraid the police would think she was guilty of murdering Charlotte.  The blackmailer couldn’t have been Charlotte, since she was still in lockdown when Melissa dropped off the cash.

Mona shows up at Hanna’s bridal shower, uninvited, with an incredibly sweet gift.  She kept a scrapbook of their dream double wedding that they made in the eighth grade.  Hanna wanted to marry Matt Damon and Mona wanted to marry Justin Timberlake.  Hanna doesn’t invite Mona in, so Hanna’s mom steps in and invites Mona to stay.

The bridal shower turns awkward when the games begin.  Hanna’s mom starts a game of 21 questions about the bride and groom.  Unfortunately, none of Hanna’s friends can answer simple questions like “Where did Jordan propose?” and “How did Hanna and Jordan meet?”  Spencer, who remembers everything she’s told, can't answer the questions either.  Clearly Hanna hasn’t told any of her friends about her relationship Jordan.

Music starts blaring from the speakers.  Hanna tries to turn it off with the iPad and the lights go off.  Suddenly the fireplace turns on.  Flames shoot out and burn Aria.  Aria gets rushed to the hospital to treat her second-degree burns.  The Liars wonder if Mona is responsible, but Uber “A” is quick to claim responsibility for turning Aria into a s’more.  “You didn’t take me seriously, so I thought I’d light a fire under your ass” Evil Emoji texts them.

Toby and Spencer meet at The Brew to talk.  In a flashback, we see how Spencer and Toby’s relationship started to fall apart.  In Spencer’s sophomore year at Georgetown, they had a pregnancy scare.  While waiting for the results, Spencer and Toby fought.  To Toby, it seems like Spencer thought living together would be a horrible thing.  Toby thought they would eventually want kids, so he doesn’t get why Spencer is acting like a pregnancy would ruin their lives.

Spencer thought Toby wanted to quit the police force to go back to school.  Toby never wanted that, though.  It feels like Spencer thinks being with a cop isn’t good enough.  In their tear-filled conversation, Toby says it feels like when they picture a future together, they aren’t looking at the same picture anymore.

Back in the present, Spencer tells Toby that Caleb is innocent.  He didn’t leak the details about Yvonne’s abortion.  Caleb is taking the blame because there is a new copycat “A”.  Unfortunately, Yvonne ended up being collateral damage in Uber “A”’s games.  Caleb didn’t want Toby to be in danger, too.

Spencer wants to make it clear that she would never judge Yvonne for making a choice that she and Toby almost had to make.  Toby says that Yvonne has been amazing and really strong.  “I guess I have a type” Toby says as Spencer wipes tears away.

Ezra rushes to the hospital after getting a text from Hanna about Aria’s burns.  It’s a really sweet Ezria moment.  Ezra brought magazines, spare clothes and gummy bears to comfort Aria.  Aria cries and Ezra tells her not to be scared.  It was just a terrible accident.  Aria almost tells him that it was Uber “A”, but she changes her mind at the last minute.

Ezra reads fashion magazine articles to Aria even though he’d rather read a car manual or a staph infection pamphlet.  Aria admits that she does have some creative baggage when it comes to writing.  She wants to make Ezra proud of her.

Liam suddenly rushes in and ruins the sweet Ezria moment.  He comes with good news for both of them.  Jillian approved their book.  Ezra quickly leaves when Liam kisses Aria.  Aria looked a little sad when Ezra left, though.  Maybe there is still hope for them?

Hanna and her mom talk in the hospital waiting room.  Hanna apologizes for being a Bridezilla.  Clearly she was the one who didn’t include Jordan in her life. 

Hanna’s mom asks why Hanna has been icing out Mona.  Hanna and the other Liars weren’t welcoming to Mona at the bridal shower.  A sewer rat would have got a warmer welcome.  Why didn’t Hanna invite Mona to the party?  It is clear that Hanna means a lot to Mona.  Hanna doesn’t know what Mona has been up to lately and she doesn’t want to talk about Mona anymore.

Spencer leaves a voicemail for Yvonne.  Spencer is really sorry for everything that happened.  If Yvonne ever wants to talk, she’s there.

Emily and Mona clean up after the bridal shower and throw away garbage.  In the trash is the sweet scrapbook present Mona gave to Hanna.  “It seems whatever I do ends up this way” Mona says, holding up the slightly burned scrapbook.  “Good intentions that look like trash”.

As Mona is leaving, Emily notices Mona has pink dice dangling from her keychain.  Emily asks Mona if she was the one who called Charlotte from the Two Crows Diner.  Mona can’t talk about it there, so Emily orders Mona to get in the car.

What did you think of Pretty Little Liars episode 6x18 “Burn This”?  Loved the sweet Ezria moments.  Is anyone else hoping Hanna and Mona patch things up and become besties again?  Do you believe Melissa is innocent?

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