Thursday, March 10, 2016

PLL 6x20 Sneak Peek: Evil Emoji Takes the Bait

Uber “A” takes the bait in this sneak peek of the Pretty Little Liars season six finale episode 6x20 “Hush Hush, Sweet Liars”.

Spencer asks if Hanna is sure she wants to go through with the plan.  Hanna hasn’t changed her mind.  First Aria ended up in the hospital, then Alison.  Whoever Uber “A” targets next might end up in a casket instead of the hospital.  Besides, Hanna trusts Caleb. 

Hanna sends the text “It’s the truth.  I’ll call the cops”.  She gets the response “No police” and “This is between you and me”.

Looks like they still think Sara Harvey is the one cyberstalking them.  “Sara Harvey took the bait” Ezra says.

When Hanna texts “I need one more day”, she gets a threatening text back.  “It’ll be your last” the text reads.

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