Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sasha Pieterse Says Ali’s a Changed Person in PLL Season 6B

PLL actress Sasha Pieterse says Alison is a changed person in the second half of season 6 on Pretty Little Liars.  No longer a mean girl, Alison starts fresh and becomes a teacher.

“She’s totally reinvented herself,” Sasha told MTV.  “I think she’s looking for a normal life, but it’s not in a location that you would expect.  It’s definitely not what I expected, so to see her this way, and honestly be genuine about it — be a genuine person! — it’s a strange thing. What brings the girls together is also really strange”, Sasha said.

Alison won’t be the mean girl we’ve seen in the past.  She’s learned from everything she’s been through.  And she’s forgiven CeCe/Charlotte for the numerous times that she almost murdered her friends.  According to PLL showrunner Marlene King, Alison wants to take care of Charlotte (CeCe).

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Sasha also said that Alison won’t be the vindictive person she used to be.  “I think she’s really enjoying this place that she’s at when we see her — obviously, all hell breaks loose, and that doesn’t really last long. But at the same time, you see that she’s still that new person, and she’s handling things in better ways, not being vindictive about it. She’s not that person anymore.”

Alison won’t be the only one who has changed after the five year time jump.  “Having these girls all go their separate ways and figure life out, they’ve changed.  There’s a lot of stuff that they’ve done in their lives that will affect the way they connect with each other now. But at the same time, they still have that love for each other. I don’t think that’s changed. It’s more about what’s happened to them that’s made them the people they are now — the stuff that you haven’t seen”, she said.

Being older means the girls will be able to do things that they couldn’t do in previous season.  “You see them do things, and it’s like, ’Oh, right. They can do that now!’ It’s fun.”

Although we will miss see the Liars in college, we will gets some flashback scenes to show us what we’ve missed.  “You start to learn about what’s happened in the time that’s passed,” Sasha said.

One thing Sasha is particularly happy about is that the time jump means she won’t have to keep wearing that yellow shirt from the night she went missing.  She’s worn that shirt a bit too much while filming PLL.  “They made 13 of those, so there are 13 of them in a closet somewhere. I wanted to burn them, but they wouldn’t let me.”

Clearly Alison grows up and matures during the five year time jump, but hopefully she won’t change too much.  Alison as Rosewood’s mean girl keeps things interesting. 

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