Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Troian Bellisario Guest Stars on ‘Suits’ Again

Troian Bellisaro, Spencer on PLL, is making a return appearance on her fiance’s show Suits.  Troian first guest starred on Suits back in February.  Troian played Claire in a flashback.  Claire was an ex-girlfriend of Mike's.  Mike is played by Troian’s real life fiancé Patrick Adams.  (Patrick Adams guest starred on Pretty Little Liars to win Troian Bellisario back after a breakup).

Troian Bellisario will be in the August 12 episode “Mea Culpa”.  Troian told TV Fanatic that her character’s return to Suits will cause problems for Mike.  “It’s definitely not a good thing, especially for Mike, and then also for Rachel. But when we now find Claire she’s gone through a huge change in her life. When we first saw her she was working immigration law and she’s working her way up the ranks and now we see she’s getting a lot of power quickly. It’s also Mike’s first case as a partner and I’m the one he’s paired up against so he cannot meet with me because I’m the one person outside of his circle of trust that knows his secret.”

Troian talked about working with her fiancé Patrick Adams.  “It was just so much fun. When we met it was on a play so we started out working together so whenever we get to return to that, it’s such a wonderful and creative place for me to grow because I feel like there’s such permission whenever I’m working with him. He’s got a really good barometer and he’ll let me know definitely when something is or isn’t working.”

Here’s the promo for Suits “Mea Culpa” episode 5x08:

You can watch Troian Bellisario on Suits “Mea Culpa” on USA at 8PM on Wednesday, August 12.

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