Saturday, August 15, 2015

PLL Season 6B Spoilers: CeCe/Charlotte in Sanitarium and Sara in Hospital

“Game Over, Charles” ended with the Liars happy to be “A”-free, but it wasn’t clear what happened to CeCe (Charlotte) and Sara Harvey.  Looks like we haven't seen the last of either one of them.

Sara Harvey will be sticking around for the second half of season 6.  In the PLL winter promo, we see Emily and Sara at a cemetery.  Plus, we know something happened to Sara, since the Liars said “What happened to her wasn’t our fault” when Emily mentions that Sara is being released from the hospital.  PLL showrunner Marlene Kings told MTV what happened to Sara is “part of the mystery going forward”.

Meanwhile, CeCe ended up in a sanitarium after the game ended in “Game Over, Charles”.  Despite everything she did to the Liars, Alison and Jason want to help CeCe.  This was shown in a scene that ended up getting deleted from the episode.  “And there was a single shot we didn’t get to put in the episode, because we just ran out of time, but I’m sure it will be on the DVD, where Allison and Jason and Dr. Sullivan are visiting Charlotte in the sanitarium — so that’s where she went afterwards,” Marlene said.

You’d think Jason would be upset that he dated his sister and that she tried to kill him, but it looks like Jason has also forgiven CeCe.  “Everything is very complicated in Rosewood, but I think he’s happy to have some closure that he isn’t crazy. Crazy is in the family, but his parents told him that Charles was an imaginary friend, and because of that, Jason grew up to be this tortured soul that always felt that something was missing because his brother was gone. So, he wants to be there for Charlotte now and help to become the family she never had. But thank god they never had sex,” Marlene said.

So we will definitely be seeing more of Sara Harvey when PLL returns for the winter premiere.  And Marlene King has tweeted that we will see Charlotte after the time jump.

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