Wednesday, August 5, 2015

PLL 6x10 Sneak Peek: First Two Minutes of “Game Over, Charles”

The Liars try to save Charles’s life in this awesome sneak peek of the PLL summer finale 6x10 “Game Over, Charles”.  This sneak peek is the first two minutes of the season six finale episode.

“Game Over, Charles” starts off with the Liars and Alison chasing “A”.  They get to the rooftop to find “A” ready to jump off the building.  The police show up on the street below, ready to fire at Charles.

Alison promises to do whatever it takes to help Charles.  Spencer tells him that the game isn’t over, even if they now know who he is.  Aria knows Charles has spent his whole life trying to get back to his family and it isn’t too late.  Hanna heard his story and she understands.

Charles prepares to jump and all the girls scream.

Flashback to earlier that night.  The prom is in full swing.  The girls call the DiLaurentis house, but no one answers.  Their moms are still trapped in the basement. 

Aria spots someone in red and realizes that they aren’t alone.

You can watch the first two minutes of PLL 6x10 "Game Over, Charles" here.

What did you think of the first couple minutes of “Game Over, Charles”?  The Liars went from wishing Charles was dead to pleading with him not to jump off the roof.  Who do you think Charles is?  Why do you think the Liars actually care about him now?

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