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Recap of PLL 5x24 “I’m a Good Girl, I Am”

Pretty Little Liars “I’m a Good Girl, I Am” episode 5x24 didn’t end well for any of the Liars.  Mona’s BFF Lesli makes the Liars look bad in the courtroom, Aria’s brother Mike is attacked by “A”, the jury reaches a guilty verdict in Alison’s murder trial and Lt. Tanner arrests the Liars.

Sara Shepard, author of the Pretty Little Liars books, makes a cameo as an analyst on a local news station.  She talks about Alison’s trial, which has been going on for two months.  The prosecution has a surprise witness. 

Lesli Stone, Mona’s BFF, enters the courtroom as the surprise witness.  Leslie tells the court that she and Mona constantly texted each other.  Mona mailed her a card two weeks before Thanksgiving.  Mona was having a hard time because of Alison’s threats.  Alison said Mona would be eaten by worms if she told anyone the truth about Alison’s fake kidnapping story.

Lesli regrets that she didn’t take Mona’s card seriously enough.  It was only after she came to Rosewood to help Mona’s mom that she realized something weird was going on.  Even though Alison was behind bars, the Liars were on edge.  Mona’s boyfriend, Mike, attacked her for borrowing Mona’s book.  Hanna stalked her and wouldn’t let her go in Mona’s room alone.  Lesli thinks the Liars were hiding things to protect Alison. 

Andrew sits with Aria and holds her hand.  Spencer leaves the courtroom to call Caleb and tell him that Lesli just threw Hanna under the bus.  Spencer runs into Toby in the hallway.  She thought Toby would have called her as soon as Hanna was arrested, but he didn’t. 

Spencer tells Toby about her disastrous Oxford interview and the blood vials “A” planted in her purse.  She hints at her kiss with Melissa’s roommate, Colin.  He helped her get through her panic attack, since Toby hasn’t been there for her.

Hanna, Alison, Aria, Spencer and Emily all talk on the phone.  Alison has never heard of Lesli.  She’s convinced that she’s about to go to prison for life.  She tells the girls that she may have a witness who can verify her alibi.  While she was waiting at the playground on Thanksgiving, she thought someone else was there.  Maybe someone was sleeping in the pipe at the playground.  She saw a black jacket with red flowers on it.  She thought “A” was watching her, so she ran.

Aria tells Mike that Lesli trashed him in the courtroom.  She’s worried that Mike will be called in to testify.  Mike is ready to talk.  He wishes that he’d talked to the police right after he saw Mona’s blood vials.  If he had, she might still be alive.

Aria is worried that the truth will end up putting him in danger.  Mike doesn’t want to lie under oath.  Aria tells him to only answer questions with ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘I don’t remember’.

Under constant supervision, Hanna and Alison have to secretly communicate.  Hanna gives Alison a copy of the secret message the Liars found in Mona’s room.  Hanna doesn’t know what Mona’s message means.  Alison gives Hanna a note that says “Come back tomorrow.  8:05 PM”.

Lt. Tanner isn’t including Toby in investigations at the police department.  Instead, Toby has to make copies and fetch coffee.  Toby thinks he’s being punished for arresting Johnny after the art gallery break-in, but Lt. Tanner claims that she isn’t punishing him for that.

Mike finds a box on the porch.  He has decided to talk to the cops.  He might be able to help Hanna and Alison.

Aria opens the box, which smells bad.  Mike looks inside and pulls out a huge animal tongue.  Freaked out, Aria tells Mike that this is a message.  If he talks, it will be his tongue in a box on the porch.

Aria tells Ezra about the tongue left on her porch.  Ezra wants her to tell the police, but Aria doesn’t think that’s a good idea.  Hanna tried to tell the police the truth and she ended up behind bars. 

Aria wants Ezra to get Mike out of town.  Although they can’t stop him from being subpoenaed, Ezra might be able to convince Mike not to talk.  Aria’s parents are worried about Mike, so they also want Ezra to get Mike far away from Rosewood.  Ezra is reluctant to agree to Aria’s plan.

Emily and Spencer go to the playground to look for clues that might help Alison and Hanna.  Matt Buckler, a volunteer who cleans the park with a church youth group, catches them looking in the pipe.  He’s always at the playground, but he’s never seen anyone there besides the volunteers.  He mistakenly thinks they want to help the homeless, so he asks them to volunteer on Easter Sunday.

Aria is helping her mom with yearbook stuff when Andrew stops by.  He gets upset when he finds out Aria asked Ezra to take Mike to his cabin in the Poconos.  Andrew wants to be the guy Aria goes to for help.  He has offered to be there for Aria 24/7, but somehow she never hears him say that.  Aria kisses Andrew and assures him that she does know he is there for her.

Caleb visits Hanna in jail.  He wants Mike to tell the court everything he knows about Mona’s plan.  Hanna doesn’t want Caleb to get Mike involved.  Mike is still just a kid who has two more years of high school left.  She doesn’t want Mike to be tortured by “A” for those two years.

Caleb only cares about Hanna getting out of jail.  He loves her and he isn’t ever going to leave her.  Caleb is determined to make Mike talk.  Hanna cries and repeats that Mike is just a kid.

At school, Emily and Spencer spot a girl with a church youth group bag and the black and red jacket that Alison saw at the playground.  They ask the girl, Kendra, if she was at the playground on Thanksgiving.  She says no, but she looks uncomfortable.  When Kendra sees Aria’s mom, Ella, she accuses her of telling Aria her secret.

At home, Aria’s mom says that Spencer and Emily had no right to corner Kendra.  Kendra is a good girl who made a big mistake and she promised not to tell Kendra’s secret. 

Aria is more worried about Hanna and Alison, who are sitting in jail for a crime they didn’t commit.  Aria’s mom says that Kendra went to a party the night before Thanksgiving.  She experimented with some drugs and had a bad reaction.  She was afraid her parents would find out, so she hid in the playground until she was sober.

Aria’s mom wants Aria to separate herself from Alison.  Aria refuses to abandon Alison and Hanna.  She tells her mom that Kendra isn’t the only good kid who has made a big mistake.

Mike and Ezra make it to the cabin and are surprised to find Caleb sitting in the dark.  Caleb demands that Mike come back to Rosewood with him.  Mike wants to go back and tell the truth, but Ezra doesn’t want Mike to act recklessly.  Mike goes outside while Ezra and Caleb argue.

Caleb doesn’t care that Mike is only 16.  When Caleb was his age, he was living on the street.  He’s going to drag Mike back to Rosewood regardless of the danger.

Ezra accuses Caleb of only caring about Hanna and not caring what happens to Mike.  Ezra doesn’t think Caleb will be there for Mike during the fallout.  Caleb threatens to tell the police about Mike himself.  While they are arguing, Mike drives off in Ezra’s car.

Emily wants Toby to question Kendra.  Maybe she’ll talk to a police officer.  Spencer doesn’t want to get help from Toby, especially after her spontaneous kisses with Johnny and Colin.  Emily is shocked, but Spencer felt good being with someone who actually wanted to be with her.  Toby hasn’t made her feel that way ever since he joined the police force.

Kendra knocks on the door.  Aria’s mom convinced her to talk to Emily and Spencer.

Hanna meets with Alison in the laundry room at 8:05.  Hanna tells Alison about the possible witness Emily and Spencer found.  Alison doesn’t have time to explain her thoughts on Mona’s secret message, so she finds another way for them to meet up. 

Alison intentionally burns her hand on a hot iron.  She tells Hanna to slam her hand in the dryer door.  When Hanna can’t go through with it, Alison slams the door on Hanna’s hand.

Alison’s lawyer (Rebecca) thinks someone hurt Alison, but Alison insists that it was an accident.  Hanna comes in and Alison slips her a note.  Alison’s lawyer catches them passing the note and demands it, which turns out to be Alison’s thoughts on Mona’s secret message. 

Ezra and Caleb find Ezra’s car abandoned on the side of the road.  Someone has shot an arrow through the windshield. 

Alison’s lawyer meets with Kendra, Emily and Spencer.  Kendra tells the lawyer that she heard a girl’s voice while she was at the playground, but she doesn’t know what was said.  Emily and Spencer are upset when Alison’s lawyer quickly lets Kendra go.

Alison’s lawyer is not going to put Kendra on the stand.  No jury will be swayed by a witness who was high earlier that day.  Besides, Alison’s lawyer plans to put Alison on the stand.

Ezra and Caleb search for Mike at a Scouts Pathfinders Camp.  While they are searching, “A” shoots arrows at them.  Caleb and Ezra throw rocks, but they can’t see in the dark.

Toby stops by Spencer’s house.  He’s sacrificed a lot to become a cop.  He fought with his dad about his decision, he went through the academy and even got a buzz cut.  He did all that because he wanted to protect Spencer.  However, he won’t choose between Spencer and the badge.

Spencer has never asked Toby to make that decision, but Lt. Tanner is.  Toby is going to tell Lt. Tanner to kick him off the force if she isn’t okay with his relationship with Spencer.  Toby and Spencer kiss.

“A” pepper sprays Mike, so he can’t see.  “A” then knocks Mike unconscious. 

Aria is worried when she can’t reach Mike or Ezra.  Desperate, she leaves a message for Andrew and asks him to drive up to the cabin.  She knows something is wrong and she really needs his help.

Ezra and Caleb find Mike tied to a tetherball pole.  Ezra starts to free Mike, but Caleb stops him.  Caleb takes a picture as evidence of what “A” did to Mike.

Alison’s lawyer tells the jury that Mona’s killer was strong enough to hurl Mona like a rag doll.  Alison doesn’t have that strength.  She asks Alison to toss her a piece of grapefruit.  It’s painful for Alison to throw the fruit because of an elbow fracture that never healed properly.  She’s had that fracture since she was three years old.  Alison’s lawyer doubts Alison could have viciously attacked Mona, given her injury.

Ezra and Caleb tell Lt. Tanner that Mike was attacked.  Since it was dark, they don’t have any details to give her.  Lt. Tanner clearly doesn’t believe their story.  She tells them that they had to file a police report in the county that the attack occurred in.

Caleb snaps, furious that the police refuse to believe them even with the photo Caleb took of Mike tied to the pole.  Lt. Tanner thinks it’s odd that Caleb would stop to take a photo instead of untying Mike right away.

The prosecutor is surprised to hear about Alison’s injury.  Apparently, her injury didn’t stop her from participating in physical education or sports at camp.  Alison was so good at archery that she even got an archery award at camp.

The Liars all get a text from “A” that says “Bullseye, bitches.  – A”.

When Toby arrives at the police station, the other officers are packing up evidence.  Lt. Tanner says that he is too late.  His friends chose to help the wrong person.

Alison and her lawyer talk while the jury is deliberating.  Her lawyer wonders how the prosecutor was able to dig up Alison’s archery award in such a short amount of time.  Alison admits that she didn’t even win the award.  She got her bunkmate to help her rig it, but it’s too late to tell the truth now.

Aria asks Andrew where he was last night.  Andrew says his phone died while he was finishing his yearbook page.  Aria looks at his page and is surprised that Andrew is an award winning pathfinder scout.  Andrew says that you never know when those skills come in handy.

The jury comes back with their verdict.  They find Alison guilty of murder in the first degree.  The Liars are shocked, but are in trouble themselves when Lt. Tanner arrests them.

“A” pushes a small Department of Corrections van towards a model castle.  “A” takes one doll out of the van and puts it in the castle.  “A” picks up a bouquet of red roses and holds it next to a men’s black dress suit.

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