Saturday, January 3, 2015

PLL Cast Talks About 5x14: Hanna in Denial

Here's a video of the cast of Pretty Little Liars talking about “Through a Glass, Darkly” PLL episode 5x14.

Troian Bellisario talks about Spencer’s uncertain future.  Despite finding the letter that proves Alison and Bethany knew each other, Spencer is still not off the hook for Bethany’s murder.

Lucy Hale says that we will see an uncomfortable and awkward confrontation between Alison and Mona’s mom.  The Liars are trying to move on with their lives.  At the end of the episode, things go out with a bang, literally.

Ashley Benson says the episode takes place three months after the Christmas episode.  The Liars will attend Mona’s funeral, so Hanna is upset.  Hanna is in denial, since Mona’s body was never found.  She is holding out hope that Mona will turn up alive.  Alison upsets people by inappropriately showing up at Mona’s funeral.

Shay Mitchell says Emily will deal with Paige leaving Rosewood.  Things get messier and crazier.

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