Sunday, December 7, 2014

Shay Mitchell 101: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Her

We know Shay Mitchell as Emily Fields on Pretty Little Liars, but how well do you know her as a person?  In Shay’s Youtube video, she takes us around her house and answers tons of questions about herself. 

What’s the first thing she notices about someone when she first meet them?

Favorite Beyonce song?
“Crazy in Love”

Her must have fashion accessory?
A good handbag

Chocolate or vanilla?

Favorite type of flower?
Lilies and peonies

What pizza toppings?
As many as she can top it with

City born in?
Toronto, Ontario

City she spends the most time in?
Los Angeles.  They shoot Pretty Little Liars in LA 9 months out of the year.

Favorite city?
Positano, Italy

Favorite movie?
Under the Tuscan Sun

Greatest invention?

Mexican or Italian food for dinner?

Craziest hairstyle ever rocked?
Faux bob because she has long hair and she’s never cut it short

Favorite Ninja Turtle?

Hot dog or hamburger?

Allergic to anything?
Mosquito bites

Favorite color?

Biggest fear?

First car?
Volkswagen Golf

Favorite dance move?
Beyonce bootie shake

When was her first kiss?
In elementary school

Favorite workout?

Most beautiful gift ever received?

What three traits does she look for in a Prince Charming?
Honest, loyalty, and passion

What song makes her cry?
Anything by Coldplay

Who was the last person she called?

How tall is she?
5 ft 8 inches

Any tattoos?
One white tattoo

Spirit animal?
Bottlenose dolphin

Something she misses?
Leaves changing colors during fall in Canada

Zodiac sign?

Favorite time of the year?

Staycation or African safari?
African safari

Fashion icon?
Sophia Loren

Place she wants to visit?

What will her wedding dress look like?
Lots of lace, white and maybe backless

Who was her first crush?
Jonathan Taylor Thomas

If she weren’t an actress she’d be …?
National Geographic photographer

Best pickup line ever heard?
You must be an angel, cause I think you’ve fallen from heaven.

Favorite piece of jewelry?
Her grandmother’s ring

Any siblings?
Younger brother Sean (3 years younger)

Why did she start a Youtube channel?
To share all her experiences

How long does it take her to get ready in the morning?
30 minutes

She really bad at …?
Time management

What’s something she’s really good at?

What would her last meal on earth be?
Pizza, cupcakes, chocolate, candy and chips.  Basically carb loading.

Favorite smell?

Last thing she splurged on?
Gift for someone

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