Saturday, December 13, 2014

Lucy Hale Talks Beauty, Music and Aria

Lucy Hale talked with Yahoo about beauty while she was in Los Angeles for the mark Instant Vacation Buenos Aires photo shoot.
Lucy's eyebrows have always set her apart.  She hated them when she was little.  However, now it is the thing she loves most about herself because it sets her apart.

Her idea of beauty as a child was wearing a pink tutu and putting on her grandmother’s red lipstick.

Music was Lucy’s escape growing up.  Music was what she always wanted to do.  She was lucky enough to have success in acting, so now she is balancing her singing and acting.  She feels more fulfilled now that music is back in her life.

Lucy’s favorite thing about Aria is that she is very driven.  People tell Aria not to be with Ezra, but she knows she loves him and she’s going to make it happen.  Aria loves her friends and would do anything for them. She’s headstrong.  Aria has taught Lucy to be more romantic.  Aria has a lot of similarities to Lucy, which is what initially attracted her to the part.

Being on Pretty Little Liars has taught Lucy to master putting on fake eyelashes.

Lucy’s tips for staying healthy are getting sleep, lots of water and being around people that she enjoys.  She also takes off her makeup as soon as possible because she has sensitive skin. 

Lucy has been experimenting with crazy lip colors lately.  At the 2014 AMAs Lucy’s lipstick was a gothic, deep purple look.

Credit: Disney/ABC Television Group, Creative Commons

Lucy’s favorite red carpet look ever was at the 2014 CMAs.  Her red dress and red lipstick were the exact same shade.

Lucy Hale in red dress
Credit: Disney/ABC Television Group, Creative Commons

Her hair is like her security blanket, since she’s always had it long.  She recently went lighter and chopped it off, which feels more mature to her.  She wouldn’t mind trying blue, pink or purple hair sometime.  Now that she is more comfortable with herself and older now, she would love to do crazier hair.

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