Friday, November 28, 2014

PLL Season 5 Finale “More Demented” Than Season 4 Finale

Looks like this season’s Pretty Little Liars finale will be more twisted than last season’s. 

When asked if PLL episode 5x25 is better than 4x24, showrunner Marlene King tweeted “Comparing 525 and 424 is like apples and oranges. Two very difference beasts, 525 is more demented for sure”.

However, there will be some similarities between the season 5 finale and the season 2 finale.  (The season 2 finale was “unmasked” 2x25.  In that episode, the girls found out Mona was “A”).

And if we weren’t already excited enough for the season 5 finale, Marlene tweeted “525 will leaving you clutching your chest and gasping for breath.  And then maybe you’ll say “OH NO THEY DIDN’T”.

Can’t wait to see what “A” has in store for the Liars in the season 5 finale “Welcome to the Dollhouse” 5x25!

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