Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Janel Parrish’s Quickstep Ends With a Kiss on DWTS

Janel Parrish and Val Chmerkovskiy danced the quickstep to Louis Prima and Keely Smith’s “Hey Boy, Hey Girl”.  Their dance was spectacular and it ended with a kiss between Val and Janel.

Val apologized to Janel for messing up during the dance, when his patent leather shoes stuck together.  Luckily, the judges were still impressed by their dance.

Julianne didn’t care about Val’s mistake.  She thought their dance “was the best dance of the night so far”.  Carrie Ann agreed with her.  Bruno thought the dance was high quality and that “it was almost flawless”.  Len said the quickstep is about hold, posture, and movement.  He said Janel had them all. 

Carrie Ann and Bruno gave 9s and Len and Julianne gave 10s.  That gave them a total score of 38 for the dance.

Each team also had to perform a second dance last night.  For their trio dance, Janel and Val danced the salsa with DWTS pro Keo Motsepe. 

Julianne didn’t think there was a lot of salsa content in the dance, but she thought it was fun to watch and she loved it.  Bruno called Janel a jungle queen.  Carrie Ann said Janel is a superstar with star quality like Beyonce.  She thought the dance was fearless and flawless.

Len gave a score of 9, which Carrie Ann, Julianne and Bruno all gave 10s.

Congrats to Team Janelskiy for their awesome DWTS quarterfinal performance!

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