Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sasha Pieterse in Inherent Vice

Want to see Sasha Pieterse in a role completely different from her role as Alison DiLaurentis on Pretty Little Liars?  Check out Sasha in Inherent Vice, a movie also starring Martin Short, Joaquin Phoenix, Owen Wilson, and Reese Witherspoon.  Sasha plays a druggie in the movie.

Here’s the trailer for Inherent Vice.  You can catch a glimpse of Sasha around the 1:04 on the video.

This movie might not be for all PLL fans, though.  Sasha told Cosmopolitan “I don’t suggest all the fans of Pretty Little Liars see this one”. 

Inherent Vice will have a limited release date of December 12, 2014 and it will go wide on January 9, 2015. 

Are you planning to watch Sasha Pieterse in Inherent Vice?

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