Monday, October 20, 2014

Janel Parrish in ‘High School Possession’ Lifetime Movie

Just in time for Halloween, Janel Parrish stars in Lifetime’s movie High School Possession.  Janel stars as Lauren, a high school girl who tries to help her possessed friend Chloe (played by Jennifer Stone).

Here is Lifetime’s movie synopsis:  “Lauren is your average high school student. Intelligent and gifted, she’s the student editor of the school newspaper, and as part of her senior year project, she’s doing an expose on each of the school cliques. Her next assignment is to follow Olivia and her church youth group known as “The Chosen”. One night after interviewing them, Lauren stumbles onto The Chosen performing an exorcism on a girl led by Reverend Young. Lauren is horrified but intrigued so she begins to investigate and it seems to have really helped the girl. Meanwhile, Lauren’s best friend Chloe is having trouble and spiraling out of control at home and at school. Her mother has taken her to countless doctors and none of them can clearly diagnose her. The only option remaining is for Chloe to be hospitalized. Lauren realizes that Chloe might be possessed and needs an exorcism. But when Reverend Young refuses to help them Lauren and The Chosen decide to take matters into their own hands…except not all of the girls may be doing this to save Chloe and when it becomes evident that Olivia is performing the ritual to hurt her it’s up to Lauren to truly save Chloe.”

High School Possession airs on October 25 at 8 PM on Lifetime.  In case you miss it, Lifetime plans to replay the movie on October 26 at 12 AM and 5 PM, and November 3 at 8 PM.

So if you’re looking for a scary movie to watch for Halloween, check out Janel Parrish in High School Possession

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