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Recap of “A Dark Ali” PLL Episode 5x10

Former besties Hanna and Mona find common ground, Spencer confronts her sister, Aria is pressured to come clean about New York, Emily is finally done with all Ali’s lies and Ali secretly schemes.

Cyrus Petrillo, the man who confessed to kidnapping Alison, stares through the two-way mirror in the interrogation room.  Ali’s dad and Lt. Tanner are on the other side.  Tanner explains that Ms. Marin’s neighbor reported a man lurking in the yard.  Tanner says Cyrus’s story matches Ali’s story.  She says Ali and Ali’s dad can’t say a word about Cyrus until they have enough evidence to press charges.  She needs to make sure Cyrus is who he says he is.

Ali’s dad and Tanner join Ali, who is looking at photos of Cyrus in another room.  Ali says she doesn’t know if he is the one who hurt her.

When Ali tells the Liars what happened at the police station, Spencer is shocked that Ali said she didn’t know if Cyrus was the kidnapper.  Ali says she was blindfolded and Spencer reminds her that she was never really kidnapped.  Emily thinks this is the work of “A”.  Cyrus knew all the details of Ali’s fake kidnapping story.  Ali thinks this can help them.  If she makes Cyrus think he is going down for this crime, then they can follow him back to “A” and win.  Aria asks what happens when they lose.

The Liars leave Ali’s house, concerned about Ali’s story.  Aria is worried that the police will find out Cyrus couldn’t have done it, right after Ali identifies Cyrus for the imaginary kidnapping.  Emily doesn’t think Ali will walk into “A”’s trap.  Hanna, Spencer, and Aria all nominate Emily to make sure Ali doesn’t pin the kidnapping on Cyrus.  Emily wants Spencer to do it, but the girls say Emily’s eyes make it hard for people to disappoint her.

Hanna asks about Aria’s mom.  Aria says her mom is heart-broken.  Aria offers Hanna a ride home.  Spencer brings up Noel’s insurance against Ali.  The photos show Ali talking to Shana when she was supposed to be dead/kidnapped.  Spencer plans to hide the evidence in a spot no one else knows about.

Emily tells Ali that Aria is right.  “A” can prove Ali is lying if Ali identifies Cyrus as the kidnapper.  Ali says she can’t say Cyrus is innocent.

Ali’s dad comes in and stresses the importance of putting Cyrus away for his crimes.  He thinks Cyrus also killed Ali’s mom and Bethany Young.  He looks to Emily for support, so she’s forced to say that they all want Ali safe.  Ali’s dad tells Ali that she has nothing to be afraid of.  Cyrus is already behind bars and they just need to keep him there.

Aria’s mom is stuck with the painful task of cancelling all her wedding reservations.  Aria is worried when Mike tells her that their mom hasn’t eaten all day, so Aria makes her mom’s favorite pesto mozzarella sandwich.  However, Aria’s mom can’t eat.  She blames herself for not seeing this coming.  She thinks she was too old for Zach and too trusting.  Aria tries to reassure her mom that the Zach situation had nothing to do with her age and wasn’t her fault. 

Aria’s mom saw the warning signs, but she wanted to believe that Zach could change.  Aria says her mom was the one who taught her that second chances exist.  Aria’s mom says that she was talking about Zach when she told Aria that.  Wanting to make her mom feel better, Aria offers to make the rest of the cancellation calls.  The last thing her mom needs to do is recount the breakup to a bunch of strangers.

Caleb wonders how “A” got someone to confess and what Ali plans to do about it, but Hanna is busy cleaning Caleb’s apartment.  Hanna decides to purge Caleb’s fridge of all “poisonous” junk food like soda, beer and soggy nachos.  Hanna wants to eat a vegetable that isn’t battered and fried.  Caleb knows this new health kick of Hanna’s is because something is bothering her. 

Hanna admits she’s sick of letting Ali steer her off a cliff.  Caleb begs her to toss Ali out instead of his fried zucchini.  Hanna wants to be a normal girl who goes to football games, waves pom-poms, and freaks out of a chorus solo audition.  Caleb says normal people aren’t haunted by “A”.  He points out that Hanna doesn’t care about that stuff, anyway.

Hanna stuffs vegetables in Caleb’s fridge.  She doesn’t know what to do about Ali, but she is definitely going to the chorus audition.

Spencer and Emily talk on the phone.  Emily isn’t sure how things went with Ali, since Ali’s dad kicked Emily out.  Spencer needs a permanent hiding place for Noel’s insurance, but she has a temporary one.  Spencer pulls the cushion off her red chair and finds her hiding spot empty.  (The same place “A” took something from in “Scream for Me” 5x08).  Spencer realizes the recording Ali gave them of her medical examination is gone. 

Melissa comes in and sees Spencer frantically searching the room for the recording.  Melissa wants to know if Spencer needs anything from the grocery store.  Spencer’s phone rings and Melissa hands the phone to her.  Spencer thinks it is Emily calling back, but she hears the recording of Ali’s medical examination.  When Melissa leaves the room, Spencer gets a text that says “Check mate. –A”.

Hanna and Caleb are out jogging when Hanna sees Spencer’s car pull up.  Spencer wants to talk about the surveillance footage from the barn, but Hanna isn’t interested.  When Spencer won’t give up, Hanna runs off.  Caleb tells Spencer to lay off.  He says he is trying to help Hanna. 

Spencer shows Aria the footage from the barn camera.  Melissa can be seen giving something to a man.  The camera angle doesn’t show the man’s face, but Spencer’s theory is that Melissa gave the medical examination recording to Cyrus, 24 hours before he confessed.  Since Melissa was working for Mona, Spencer figures she may also be working for “A”. 

Aria asks if Melissa sent Spencer the “Check mate” text.  Spencer says Melissa always liked chess.  Spencer thinks they need to cut the cord with Ali before she drags them down.  Spencer wants to show Noel’s photos to Tanner.  They can tell Tanner they thought Ali was dead until they went to Ravenswood.  Aria is worried about New York and Shana’s death coming out.  Spencer thinks they should come clean and tell Tanner the truth, that Aria killed Shana in self-defense.  Aria perceptively points out that the truth doesn’t amount to much when it comes from a bunch of liars.  Spencer still thinks it will be better if they tell Tanner the truth before it’s too late.

Hanna signs up for the chorus audition and is annoyed to see Mona there.

Aria goes to Ezra’s apartment to update him on Ali’s plan to let Cyrus lead them to “A”.  Ezra doesn’t think Ali will be stupid enough to falsely accuse a man in the fake kidnapping, but Aria isn’t sure.  After all, Cyrus is still sitting in jail.  Ezra wants to talk to Ali, but Aria makes him promise not to.  He just recovered from the shooting and Aria wants to know that he is safe.  She doesn’t want him jumping back on Ali’s crazy train, especially with Tanner and “A” watching everything. 

Emily knows Ali’s dad is pressuring her to identify Cyrus as the kidnapper.  Emily is worried that Ali seems to love how everyone now believes her story.  Emily doesn’t want Ali to let a stranger go to jail, just so she can cover up her lies.  Ali says Cyrus isn’t a stranger.  She doesn’t know how “A” found him, but he was the one who gave her the scar on her thigh.

Ali says Cyrus knew she was on the run and he could tell that she was special.  Cyrus didn’t want her, he just wanted her money.  He looked at her like she was nothing to him.  Emily feels awful for Ali, but she still thinks “A” is setting up a trap.  Emily says “A” wants Ali to identify Cyrus as the kidnapper, so Ali needs to let him go.

Mona practices her singing, which annoys Hanna.  Hanna snaps at Mona to can it.  When the girls get up to start their auditions, Mona faints.  Hanna runs toward Mona, concerned.

Emily is annoyed that Spencer brought Noel’s Ali photos into her bedroom.  Noel Kahn calls Spencer.  Emily wants Spencer to ignore Noel, but Spencer thinks they may need him on their side. He may have more pictures they can use.  Emily gets upset that Spencer wants to use the photos against Ali.  Emily wants to burn the photos.

Spencer tries to convince Emily that Ali isn’t their friend right now.  Ali is dangerous and doesn’t have a problem gambling with their lives.  Spencer is in disbelief when Emily says that Ali is not dangerous, just hurt.

Emily can’t explain things to Spencer, since Ali doesn’t want Emily to tell her.  Spencer observes that it is always the same with Emily and Ali.  Emily pleads with Spencer to trust her.  Soon the 48 hour hold will be over and the cops will have to let Cyrus go.  Spencer asks how Emily can still believe Ali after all the lies.  Emily says they are all in this together.  Emily is sure that Melissa is the problem, not Ali.  Emily tells Spencer to talk to her sister.

Hanna stays by Mona’s side.  After a minute, Mona regains consciousness.  Mona panics when her bag isn’t near her and she asks Hanna to get it for her.  Hanna looks in Mona’s bag and sees Cyrus Petrillo’s mugshot. 

Ezra sees Ali when he stops to get a coffee.  Ezra is about to keep his promise to Aria and walk away, but he changes his mind.    Ezra tells Ali that she isn’t in this alone.  A lot of people have supported her, done everything she asked and have gone along with her stories.  Ali takes this as a threat, but Ezra says it’s just an observation.  Ali asks if Aria told him to talk to her.  Ali says if one more person tells her what to do, she’ll scream.

Ali’s dad rushes over to protect Ali from Ezra.  Ezra leaves and runs into Aria, who is doing errands for her mom.

Mona is doing a stakeout with her computer, checking for discoverable blue tooth devices.  Hanna, who followed Mona there, gets in the car.  Hanna lets Mona know that she saw Cyrus’s mugshot in her purse.  Hanna asks if Mona is blue scarfing and Mona tells her that it is blue snarfing.  Hanna suspects that Mona orchestrated Cyrus’s false confession.  Mona denies setting this up and says that she’s trying to find out who did.  Mona demands that Hanna get out of her car.

Hanna knows Ali brings the “A” out in Mona.  She doesn’t trust Mona, so she’s not leaving until she gets answers.  Mona is about to leave when Lt. Tanner comes out.  Tanner gets in a car with Ali and her dad.  Hanna yells for Mona to chase them, but Mona’s got a more sophisticated plan in mind.  Mona accesses Tanner’s phone and listens as Tanner says she is transporting the witness.  Mona tells Hanna that they are not there to follow Ali.  They are going to follow Cyrus.

Aria stuffs her mom’s wedding things in the trunk of her car.  She’s furious at Ezra for breaking his promise and talking to Ali.  Ezra explains that he just told Ali that actions have consequences.  He didn’t track Ali down.  He saw her and made a split second decision.  Aria asks what would happen if Tanner saw him and made a connection between him and Ali.

Aria won’t let go of the fact that Ezra lied to her and broke his promise.  Ezra, sensing there is something else bothering Aria, asks why this makes her so upset.  Aria stares at a framed photo of her mom and Zach.  She doesn’t answer Ezra’s question.

Spencer comes into the kitchen after searching Melissa’s barn.  Melissa’s already there.  She confronts Spencer about searching her room.  Spencer tells Melissa that she saw the flights Melissa was looking up to London, Zurich, and Taiwan.  Spencer thinks Melissa is running away.  Spencer admits that she knows Melissa has been working with Mona.  She asks if someone is making Melissa do something she doesn’t want to do.

Melissa says she only helped Mona in order to show Spencer that Ali hasn’t changed and is as toxic as ever.  Melissa knows Ali wasn’t kidnapped.  Sooner or later Ali will get what she deserves and Melissa doesn’t want Spencer standing to close when that happens.  Spencer asks what Melissa did, but Melissa can’t tell her yet.  Melissa says it is not safe here for her or Spencer.  She suggests that Spencer run away with her.

Tanner takes Ali to an abandoned property where Cyrus claims to have kept her.  Tanner says that they don’t have physical evidence, so Ali needs to remember the scene of the crime.  The 48 hour hold is almost over, so they are short on time.

Ali remembers this room and flashes back to when she was there before.  We learn that Cyrus wasn’t a random guy that stole her bag.  Ali was holding hands with Cyrus when she brought him to the basement to meet her friends.  We also see the “Isle of the Dead” painting in the background.  Ali woke up to find her bag gone and Cyrus leaving.  She chased him and he shoved her against the wall and took out his knife.  Cyrus ran off with another girl.

Ali tells Tanner that she remembers this place.  She can never forget it. 

Mona says Cyrus will be released any minute.  Hanna doesn’t want to split up, since she can’t trust Mona to tell her what she sees.  Mona says the feeling is mutual.  Hanna asks why Mona said she fainted because of a panic attack.  Mona admits that she’s been having panic attacks ever since Ali returned.  She’s been scared to death.  That’s why she went on the offensive.  She didn’t want to face Ali alone. 

Caleb calls and Hanna lies about where she is.  When Mona makes a comment about that, Hanna reminds Mona that Mike Montgomery probably doesn’t know a single real thing about her.

Mona and Hanna listen to Tanner's call.  Tanner says the witness identified the suspect.  Tanner says not to release the suspect. 

Over the phone, Aria admits to Emily that she can’t trust Ezra.  People don’t change just because you want them to.  Aria’s mom comes in after a day of retail therapy.  Her mom pleads with Aria to open up to her and talk about Ezra. 

When Aria thought Ezra was dying and she was waiting at the hospital, she made up a list of things she would tell him if got one more chance.  Aria is glad Ezra is okay now, but she’s stuck with that list.  Thoughts and feelings keep bashing around in her head when she sees him.  She wants to trust him again and start over.  However, seeing how Zach hurt her mom made her realize that people don’t change. 

Aria’s mom says that people can change.  Aria, Aria’s dad, and Aria’s mom herself have all changed.  Aria’s mom doesn’t know what happened with Ezra, but she doesn’t want the Zach situation to mess up Aria’s relationships.  Aria gets a text from Hanna that says “SOS Ali ID’d Cyrus. Need to meet”.

Emily waits outside Ali’s house to confront her.  Emily doesn’t understand why Ali identified Cyrus as the kidnapper.  She thought they were all in this together.  Emily tells Ali that “A” hurt all of them, not just Ali.  Ali claims that she held off as long as she could, but everyone was looking at her.  Ali says that Emily doesn’t understand because she wasn’t there.

Emily reminds Ali that she’s always been here.  She was there when Hanna broke her leg because of “A”.  Emily herself almost died in an elevator while trying to find out who killed Ali.  And Spencer ended up in Radley after everything they all went through. 

Despite all the pain, the one thing that made it okay was sticking together.  They never turned on each other.  Emily tells Ali that she always stuck up for her.  She stuck up for her against Paige, Spencer, and everyone else.  Emily realizes that she wasted so much time on Ali.  Ali says she can still find out who “A” is, but Emily is done with Ali.

Hanna tells Caleb about the stakeout she had with Mona.  She has no idea how they missed Cyrus.  Once it was 8:10 PM, Cyrus was free and “A” must have had getaway car.  Hanna says Spencer has an awful plan to try next. 

Hanna apologizes for lying to Caleb.  After everything Hanna said yesterday about being a normal teenager, she didn’t want to tell Caleb that she was in a car with Mona spying on Ali.  Caleb doesn’t think they can get control back by avoiding what’s going on.  To show Hanna that she isn’t the only one who went back on her word, he admits that he had a bacon calzone for lunch instead of a kale salad.

Spencer tells Aria that Melissa basically admitted “A” has something terrible in store for Ali and the rest of the Liars.  Spencer brings up her plan to tell Tanner the truth about Ali.  Aria still isn’t on board with that plan, since it means coming clean about killing Shana. 

Emily comes in and says Spencer was right.  They can’t trust Ali after tonight.  Emily knows this affects Aria more than the rest of them, but she hopes Aria can get on board with the plan.  Emily says they need to cut ties with Ali tonight.

Ali, wearing a brown wig, meets Cyrus in the woods.  Cyrus is furious at her.  There is a warrant out for his arrest and he barely made it out in time.  That wasn’t part of the deal he made with her.  Ali says she should have left him for dead when she found him.  No one would miss him.  Ali gives him a plane ticket.  Cyrus says he could have told the police the truth about her and the fun they had together.  Ali threatens him, saying that she found him before and she can find him again. 

Melissa records a message for Spencer and says Spencer needs to know the truth before it is too late.

“A” watches a dog show while folding black hoodies next to black gloves.  “A” also folds a candy striper outfit (the same kind Alison, Emily, Spencer and Hanna have worn in the past).

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