Monday, August 25, 2014

Lucy Hale Excited to Meet Taylor Swift at VMAs

Lucy Hale was a host for the VMA pre-show last night. She was busy on the red carpet, interviewing stars like Miley Cyrus and handing out awards. However, she was most excited to meet country singer Taylor Swift.

Here’s a video of Lucy Hale meeting Taylor Swift for the first time.  Lucy Hale had a bit of a fangirl moment.  Lucy's co-host Sway tried to set up a song collaboration between Lucy and Taylor, which Lucy said she'd be honored to do.

Lucy Hale was also excited to see Miley Cyrus.  Lucy and Miley have known each other for ten years.  Lucy was Miley’s first friend when she moved to Los Angeles. 

Lucy Hale gave a Moonman award to “5 Seconds of Summer”, who beat out Demi Lovato and won for best lyric video.

Adam Levine stopped by to chat with Lucy and showed off his Lakers shirt.

And Austin Mahone told Lucy about the craziest dares his fans came up with, which included coming to the VMAs on a tank and dropping in from a helicopter. 

What do you think about a music collaboration between Taylor Swift and Lucy Hale?

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