Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sneak Peek of “The Silence of E. Lamb” PLL Episode 5x07

What's going to go down on Pretty Little Liars in "The Silence of E. Lamb"?
Emily runs into Mona outside the Cavanaugh house, which is being repaired.  Mona says things change so quickly.  One day there’s a house, then the next day … poof. 

Hanna can’t seem to fight her feelings for Caleb.

Ali and Caleb just met each other, yet they aren’t getting along at all.  Is Caleb being protective of Hanna?  Ali tells Caleb that he doesn’t know her at all.  Caleb says he just knows her from what she leaves behind, like a tornado.

Emily tells Hanna that the cops have been breathing down her (Ali’s?) neck.

Spencer is busy getting answers with Ezra’s spy equipment and sees someone in her backyard on the security camera footage.

Aria is trying to get answers as a volunteer at Radley, where the police are already questioning staff members.  However, Aria has problems dealing with an aggressive patient (Big Rhonda).

Spencer says this is about lies.  It’s about what happened to that poor girl who ended up in the ground.  Spencer and Aria look at more of Bethany’s drawings.  In the drawings, it looks like a girl is being carried away by a demon. 

 Spencer and Melissa finally get the chance to talk. 

Do you think Aria’s infiltration of Radley is going to give the Liars any answers?

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