Friday, June 6, 2014

Ali’s Issues with the Pretty Little Liars and Others

Ali has made a lot of enemies in the small town of Rosewood.  Sasha Pieterse gave an interview discussing who Ali would want to apologize to.  Given Ali’s complicated past, it’s a long list of people who may have hard feelings toward Ali.  These feelings are bound to come up in season five, when Ali makes her Rosewood High comeback.  The season five premiere is almost here, so here’s a recap of Ali’s complicated relationships.

  • Ali manipulated Aria into trashing her dad’s office.  Aria believes her dad’s affair is over, but Ali won’t let it go.  She tells Aria to save her parents’ marriage.  Ali keeps telling Aria that Meredith is still having sex with Byron (Aria's dad).  She tells Aria that she found Meredith’s earrings on the couch.  Ali gets the ball rolling by pouring coffee on Byron’s desk to make it look like Meredith had a breakdown and trashed the place.  Aria joins her in trashing her dad's office.  Later, when Aria apologizes to Meredith, she gives her back the earring.  Meredith says the earring isn’t hers.  Ali probably planted the earring on the couch in order to convince Aria that the affair wasn't over.
  • Ali would make comments about Hanna’s weight, making Hanna self-conscious about her body. Ali’s nickname for Hanna was “Hefty Hanna”.  When Ali caught Hanna binge eating, Ali taught Hanna how to throw up after eating.
  • Ali and Spencer would fight for power.  When Spencer kissed Ian, Melissa’s boyfriend, Ali kept pushing Spencer to tell Melissa.  Ali even threatened to tell Melissa herself.  Spencer threatened to tell everyone about the Jenna incident if Ali tells Melissa about the Ian kiss.
  • Ali knows Emily has a crush on her and intentionally leads her on.  She kisses Emily, then shoots her down later and tells her the kiss was just practice for the real thing with boys.
  • Ali set off a stink bomb to scare Toby and ended up blinding Jenna.
  • Ali blinded Jenna.  Ali had a tape of Jenna and Toby together, with Jenna saying it would be easy to convince their parents that Toby was forcing himself on her.  Ali uses the tape as blackmail to prevent Jenna from telling people Ali was responsible for blinding her.  Ali also threatened to bury Jenna if she ever came back to Rosewood.
  • Ali blackmailed Toby into taking the blame for blinding Jenna.  Toby ended up in juvie.
  • Ali tried to blackmail Byron Montgomery, Aria’s dad, threatening to tell Aria’s mom about his affair with Meredith unless he gave her money.  Byron refused.
  • Mona was desperate to be friends with Ali.  Ali thought Mona was a loser and would make fun of her.
  • Lucas was bullied by Ali.  Ali would call him Hermie the Hermaphrodite for three years just because she didn’t like his glasses.
  • Ali would call Paige “pigskin” and played a cruel prank on Paige.

In “Close Encounters”, Ali claims that she’s changed and she regrets the things she’s done in the past.  We’ll have to wait until season five of Pretty Little Liars to see if Ali really has changed or if she’s back to her old self.

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