Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pretty Little Liars doing the Good Morning America Happy Dance

Sad that Pretty Little Liars is on break? Need a pick me up? Maybe watching the GMA happy dance will do the trick. Watch Lucy Hale (Aria), Ashley Benson (Hanna), Troian Bellisario (Spencer), Shay Mitchell (Emily), and Sasha Peiterse (Alison) dancing the GMA Happy Dance.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Spoilers

With the spring finale over, it’s time to start obsessing over season five of Pretty Little Liars.  To get some spoilers, head over to to hear some juicy gossip from Marlene King.  Enter the codeword “Marlene TellsAll”.

Major Clues Revealed (Spoiler Alert – don’t read if you don’t want to know the details):

à   Lucas will be returning to Rosewood

à   Now that Ali is back, an army will be mobilized, but “A” won’t be in it

à   An unexpected Pretty Little Liar will spiral with her boyfriend

à   Tune in to the spring premiere to see if the Pretty Little Liars escape from New York

What do you think about these season five details? 

An army will be mobilized.  Is this army going to be against “A” or against Ali and the other pretty little liars?  Will this army include Lucas?  We know he hates Ali and he did get coerced into helping Mona while she was “A”.  And what role will Mona play next season?

A pretty little liar spiraling with her boyfriend.  Aria and Ezra?  Spencer and Toby?  Hanna and one of her love interests?

Any thoughts?

All these spoilers make it hard to wait for the season five premiere on June 10th.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Burning Questions from Spring Finale of PLL "A is for Answers"

The Pretty Little Liars spring finale answered some questions, but also brought up a whole bunch of new ones.

What we learned:

    Ali was the one who pushed Ian off the bell tower, but she didn’t kill him.  Ali’s been trying to protect her friends from “A”.

    Ali pulled Hanna out of the lodge fire, but someone else pulled the other girls out

    Noel has been helping Ali hide because he has secrets of his own

    Mona was obsessed with Ali before her disappearance and Mona manipulated Ali into disappearing

    Ali’s mom knows who tried to kill her

    Ezra knows who “A” is

New Questions:

    Who tried to kill Ali?  Ali’s mom has been protecting whoever it was, so it would make sense that it is someone in Ali’s family.  Who else would Ms. DiLaurentis be willing to cover for?  If it wasn’t someone she loved or feared, then she would have called the police instead of burying Ali’s still breathing body.  In “She’s Come Undone”, we see in Ezra’s notes that he considers Jason a suspect.  And at the end of “A is for Answers”, Ezra says that he knows who “A” is.  Of course, it could also be someone that Ms. DiLaurentis was afraid of and she was too scared to tell the truth.  And what was up with that cryptic conversation with Mr. Hastings at the police station?

    Is Ezra dead?  He’s been trying to make up his wrongdoing in order to win Aria back and he got shot trying to protect the girls, so let’s hope that Aria and Ezra reunite in season five.

    Who killed the blonde in Ali’s grave and why does Melissa know who did it?  Since she never talked to the police, is she protecting a murderer too?

Any thoughts or theories?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ashley Benson on Cover of March Issue of Cosmopolitan

Fan of Ashley Benson?  Ashley Benson graces the cover of Cosmopolitan in this month’s issue.  In the article, she talks about how she’s different from her character Hanna, how the cast of Pretty Little Liars gets along, her movie Spring Breakers, and what she looks for in a guy.  Great interview to read!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Recap for "A is for Answers" PLL Episode 4x24

The spring finale of Pretty Little Liars arrived and we finally got some more answers about what really happened the night Ali went missing.  Melissa’s back in town, Noel makes a surprise appearance, we get some horrific insight into Ms. DiLaurentis, and there is a huge Ezra shocker.

Last episode, we left off with the girls surprised by the arrival of a mystery person.

Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily watch the clock and wait in silence.  The mystery person from last episode?  Noel, of course.  Noel’s taken them somewhere else to meet Ali.  Noel answers his cell phone and tells the girls to stay there.  He’ll be right back.  He leaves and Aria expresses her disbelief that they let Noel bring them to this room.  Spencer and Hanna wonder if it is some kind of trap.  Emily wonders why Ali would trust Noel.

Ali suddenly comes in and says she trusts Noel because he has some secrets, too.  The girls all stand and stare at Ali.  Hanna says she wants to hug and slap Ali at the same time.  Ali says that she could use a hug.  She hugs Hanna, Emily, and Aria individually.  Ali doesn’t hug Spencer, but she says that she’s glad Spencer is here.  She needs her help.

Now that the cops are looking for her, she really needs help figuring out who “A” is.  She can’t go home until she figures it out.  Hanna tells Ali that they think “A” is her mom.  Ali doesn’t look surprised and she says it’s complicated.  She’s finally going to tell them everything they need to know.  Spencer tells her to start at the beginning.  Ali says that she is ready to talk.  If the girls can’t figure out who “A” is tonight, then she will have to disappear again.  This time for good.

Officer Holbrook questions CeCe in an interrogation room.  The police are filming the interview.  CeCe asks if the police got lucky or if someone turned her in.  Officer Holbrook asks who would have done that.  He gives her a chance to use self-defense as an explanation for murdering Wilden, but CeCe doesn’t bite.  Officer Wilden says that they have an eye witness who can place her at the scene of the crime.  They are waiting for him to come to the police station and identify her.

CeCe decides that she wants to make a deal.  Officer Wilden doesn’t know what she has to bargain with, since they have her on the hook for murder.  CeCe says that she knows who killed the girl that was in Ali’s grave.  It is the same person who is still trying to hurt Ali.  She’s seen Ali alive more than once and she can prove it.

Ali says that her story starts at Hilton Head.  “A” had been terrorizing her every since Halloween.  She figured a weekend away with Ian would do her some good.  Ali is waiting for Ian in the room when she hears Melissa and Ian arguing outside the door.  Melissa insists that she knows Ali is there.  Ian tells her that Ali doesn’t mean anything to him.  After hearing this, Ali deletes footage on the camera set up in the room.  Outside the room, Ian tells Melissa that he will take care of the situation so that Melissa doesn’t make a scene.  Melissa tells Ian that he can never see Ali again because someone will get hurt.  Ian tells Melissa that he was just killing time waiting for Melissa to come back to him. Melissa doesn’t want to lose Ian again.  Melissa and Ian kiss.

In the room, Ali looks through Ian’s laptop.  He has videos on his computer, including videos of Alison and a Toby/Jenna video.  Ali copies the videos onto a USB and is gone by the time Ian comes into the room.

Ali figures that the videos are everything she needs to shut “A” down.  Jenna was at the top of her list of suspects.  She had every reason to hate Ali and she had Garret to do her dirty work.  Ali brings the tape to Jenna and threatens to bury her if she gets one more threat or if Jenna ever comes back to Rosewood.  As Ali is leaving Jenna’s room, she gets a text message that says “Bitch can’t see you, but I do.  Tonight’s the night I kill you”.

Ali is convinced that Jenna wouldn’t have sent that text message after finding out Ali had a tape of Jenna and Toby’s relationship.  So Ali realized that Jenna wasn’t “A”.

Ms. Hastings is busy talking to all the girls’ mothers.  The mothers are all concerned because the girls are missing and the police are at their houses.  None of the mothers have since the girls since thenight of the fundraiser. 

The police have a search warrant to search Spencer’s house.  Ms. Hastings asks what they are looking for.  Maybe she can help them find it.  Officer Holbrook informs Ms. Hastings that Spencer knows the whereabouts of a missing person.  He shows her a photograph of Ali with the girls taken the night the girls returned from Ravenswood.  Ms. Hastings is surprised when Melissa suddenly appears at the door.

Ali remembers that she went home after confronting Jenna.  She tried on a shirt that her mom left for her.  She turns around and sees a message from “A” scrawled on her mirror.  It says “I’m everywhere and soon you’ll be nowhere”.

Ali goes downstairs and sees her mom having a heated conversation on the phone.  Her mom asks how this could happen.  She doesn’t understand.  When she sees Ali, she tells Ali not to go outside.  Ali is upset because her sleepover with the girls was planned ages ago and her mom had said it was fine.  Ali asks if this is about her mom thinking Spencer is the one bullying her.  She tells her mom that she has everything under control.

Ms. DiLaurentis says that she knows things about the Hasting family that Ali doesn’t.  She’s seen what they are capable of.  Don’t ever turn your back on a Hastings.  She demands that Ali go back to her room.  She then resumes her phone conversation, asking if there is any news and saying to please hurry. She’s very worried. 

While her mom is distracted, Ali digs through her mom’s purse and swipes some sleeping pills.

Ali heads to the barn where the girls are waiting for her.  Toby calls her cell phone, but she doesn’t pick up.  When the girls are not looking, Ali slips the crushed sleeping pills into the alcohol cup and passes it to Aria.  She tells Aria to drink up.

Ali waits for the girls to fall asleep.  Once they are knocked out, she drops Aria’s stuffed pig and goes outside.  She calls Toby and asks what he wants.

Back in the present, Emily can’t believe that Ali drugged them.  Ali thought that she could cross them off the suspect list if she got another threat when the girls were asleep.  Emily still can’t believe that Ali suspected them, but Ali acknowledges that she wasn’t the best friend to them.  Spencer points out that Ali’s plan didn’t work.  She didn’t fall sleep. 

The girls got downstairs.  Hanna can’t believe that Ali works here.  Ali says the owner travels a lot and she watches the place upstairs when he is gone. 

Emily tells Ali that Toby wanted Ali to know that she did him a favor.  He was free at last.  Ali says that she knew he wasn’t “A” because the time in juvie got him away from Jenna and grateful to her.  The day he told her that was the last time she saw him. 

On the night Ali went missing, Ali texted Ian to meet her at the kissing rock.  A car pulls up to the barn and Ali gets in the car.  It’s Ezra’s car.  Ali asks if they had a date that she forgot.  Ezra is furious that Ali lied to him.  Ali tries to leave, but Ezra grabs her arm and tells her that she isn’t going anywhere.

Officer Holbrook is busy interrogating Ms. Hastings.  He asks where Spencer was when she was gone a few days earlier.  Ms. Hastings asks if he is questioning all the parents.  He tells her that she is free to leave, but there are reporters waiting outside.  Ms. Hastings doesn’t know why her husband isn’t at the police station yet and says that she wants to call him.  Officer Holbrook leaves to give her privacy, but Ms. Hastings can’t get any cell phone reception. 

In the lobby of the police station, another police tells Officer Holbrook that he got a warrant to track the GPS on the all the girls cell phones and Spencer’s car.  They’ll have a location within the hour.  Officer Holbrook heads to another interrogation room.  He passes Melissa, who is being questioned by police.  Melissa is explaining that she ran into Spencer’s boyfriend in London, who said that Spencer missed her.  So she decided to come home.

Officer Holbrook starts his interrogation of Spencer’s dad, who wants to know if Ms. Hastings is on her way to the police station.  He doesn’t answer Officer Holbrook’s questions and demands to know what they are doing to find Spencer.

Noel gives Ali cash and a passport.  She needs to leave for the airport in an hour.  The girls overhear this and don’t want Ali to leave.  They are determined to figure out who “A” is so that Ali doesn’t have to run anymore.

Aria asks Ali if Ezra has been telling her the truth.  Ali says that Ezra believed her when she told him that CeCe and her were roommates at UPenn.

Ali met Ezra at a pub near Hollis.  Ali was bored while CeCe was making out with a guy.  Ali noticed Ezra reading across the room.  She went over and sat near him, ordering a gin and tonic with her fake I.D..  She notices what book Ezra is reading and does a quick web search on her phone to get the basic summary of the book.  She starts up a conversation with Ezra, telling him that she’s read that book three times while sunning in the French Riviera.  Ezra knows that Ali is lying and calls her on it.  Ali admits that lies are more interesting than the truth.

Ali tells Aria that Ezra wanted to write a story about her.  He thought Ali reminded him of Holly Golightly from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.  Ali thought it was a compliment until she found out that Holly Golightly was too stupid to even name her cat.  Aria tells Ali that Holly Golightly didn’t name the cat because she didn’t think she deserved to be loved.  Ali tells Aria that she is sorry for everything.

Flashback to the night Ali went missing.  In Ezra’s car, Ezra is furious that Ali said she was 21 when she was still in high school.  Ali doesn’t get what the big deal is, since she and Ezra never actually did anything together.  Ezra admits that he likes Ali and doesn’t want to see her get hurt.  Ali kisses him on the cheek and tells him that he is a great guy.  She says that she’ll see him around, but he tells her that she won’t.  Before Ezra drives off, Ali tells him that he better spell her name right if he ever gets that story published.

After Ezra drove off, Ali went to the kissing rock to meet up with Ian.  Ian asks if there are no hard feelings.  Ali says that she was just killing time for someone better to come along.  She says that he deserves Melissa because Melissa is such a bitch.  Ian tells Ali to watch her mouth.  Ali threatens Ian with jail time.  Ian points out that they didn’t have sex, so he didn’t do anything wrong.

Ali lets Ian know that she saw all his home videos on his computer.  What does N.A.T stand for?  Need a therapist?  Ian tells Ali that she is not going to blackmail him.  Ali says that someone is threatening her, either Ian or Melissa.  And those threats stop tonight.  She made copies of every video on his computer, so she’s going to use those videos if she gets one more text message.

Ian tells Ali that she has no idea how much trouble she will be in if she shows the videos to anyone.  They could bring everyone down, including her family.  Ali tells Ian to go back to his posse of pervs and tell them to leave her alone. 

Back in the present, Ali tells the girls that Ian was more freaked out than she thought he would be.  He took off like a plucked peacock.  Hanna scares the girls when she drops the lid of the cookie platter as she grabs some cookies and brings them to the table.

Spencer asks Aria if she is okay.  Ali tells Aria that Ezra is looking for her, but not because of the book.  He found Shauna in Georgia and offered to help find Ali.  Ezra thinks that he will win Aria back if he saves Ali. 

Aria asks Ali if she wants to be saved.  Ali knows how she treated people in the past and deserved a lot of what she got, but she thinks she deserves a second chance. Spencer asks what happened after Ian left.  Ali went back to the barn, where Spencer was waiting for her.

Back in the interrogation room, Mr. Hastings asks Officer Holbrook to check if Ms. Hastings has arrived yet.  Officer Holbrook asks him why he hired a private eye after Ali went missing.  Mr. Hastings says that it was for business.  Officer Holbrook is convinced that it was actually related to Spencer.  He takes out the confidential papers that Marc Pope, the private eye, gave Mr. Hastings.  Officer Holbrook says that Spencer’s name is all over the file.

Officer Holbrook says that in hindsight, Mr. Hastings knew it was drugs.  It was a rough summer, with Spencer’s erratic behavior and violent outbursts.  Mr. Hastings decides to call his attorney.  Officer Holbrook lets him know that cell reception is better in the lobby.

CeCe is taken through the lobby in handcuffs.  She exchanges a look with Ms. DiLaurentis as she passes.  Officer Holbrook tells Ms. Hastings that they are using all of their resources to locate Ali.  A cop tells Officer Holbrook that they have locked on Spencer’s GPS.  The girls are in Philadelphia. 

Mr. Hastings steps into the lobby and sees Ms. DiLaurentis.  He tells her that the police are asking pointed questions about Spencer.  He wants to know if they still have an understanding.  Ms. Hastings says that all she is thinking about is the fact that her daughter is still alive.  She leaves. 

Spencer’s dad is surprised to see Melissa at the police station.  Melissa explains that Toby came to London to tell her about Spencer’s relapse.  She and Ms. Hastings have been questioned for an hour by the police separately.  Mr. Hastings says that the police know.  He must have missed something.  He is devastated that he couldn’t protect Spencer.  Melissa cries as she asks if he thinks that Spencer killed the girl in Ali’s grave.

Spencer tells Ali that she remembers bits and pieces of the night Ali went missing, but she’s not sure what she made up and what is real.  Ali says that she had been pushing Spencer to tell Melissa about Ian because she wanted Ian and Melissa to break up.  Ali and Spencer got into a huge fight in the kitchen.  It was like Spencer bottled up every fight they ever had and exploded that night.

Spencer explains that she thought Ali was threatening her even after Spencer told Ali that she would tell Melissa the truth.  Ali says that she told Spencer to forget it, but Spencer just wouldn’t let it go.  Spencer followed Ali outside and grabbed the shovel.  After yelling at Ali, Spencer slipped and the pill bottle fell out.  Ali grabbed the bottle and asked Spencer if she was speeding.  Ali realized that Spencer wasn’t asleep like the other girls because she was wired.

Spencer continued to walk, dragging the shovel with her.  Ali chased after her.  Spencer begs Ali not to tell anybody about the pills.  She’ll do anything, even get on her hands and knees and beg.  Ali tells her not to take any more pills that night and to never take them with alcohol.  Ali promises that it wil be their secret.  After all, that’s what friends are for.  She tells Spencer to go back to the barn and sleep it off.

After that, Ali went to see Aria’s dad.  Byron tells Ali that she know how much it will hurt Aria if she makes that call and he doesn’t think that she’s that horrible.  Ali didn’t think Byron was “A” but she needed him to know that she had the tapes.  Ali went back to the barn and waited for text from “A”, but nothing came. 

Ali went home thinking that she had won.  Her mom watches her from the window.  Suddenly, her mom covers her mouth and gasps as Ali is hit on the head with a rock. 

Back in the present, Ali assures Spencer that it wasn’t her.  Spencer was sound asleep when she was attacked.  Spencer is still devastated by the thought that she could have killed the girl in Ali’s grave.  Aria reminds Spencer that she was asleep, so she couldn’t have killed anyone.  Spencer starts to sob on Emily’s shoulder, relieved that she is not a murderer.  Hanna asks why Ali’s mom didn’t tell the police who attacked Ali.  Ali tells them the horrifying truth: her mom buried Ali alive.

Ali cries as she explains that her mom thought she was dead, but Ali tried to tell her that she was alive.  She tried to scream, but words didn’t come out.

Aria grabs Ali and tells her that they are all there for her.  Hanna can’t believe Ali’s mom buried her alive.  Aria asks if Ali is sure her mom thought she was dead.

Ali says that her mom was hysterical that night, repeating over and over “what have you done?”.  Spencer realizes that Ms. Hastings was pointing the finger at her in order to cover for the person who attacked Ali.  Ali says that after Ms. Grunwald took her to the hospital, she was so scared that she ran.  Mona pulled up in her car and asked if she was okay.

In a room at the Lost Woods Resort, Mona presses a wet towel against Ali’s head.  Mona tells Ali that she checked into the hotel room under the name Vivian Darkbloom, just like Ali told her to.  Mona tells Ali that she is scared for her.  If “A” was willing to bash Ali’s head in, what would stop “A” from trying again?  Mona tells Ali that she should fake her death and disappear.

Mona tells Ali to rest.  She lays Ali down and strokes her hair, telling her everything is going to work out exactly the way it is supposed to.  Mona kisses Ali on the forehead.  While Ali is sleeping, Mona is in another room.  Mona hums as she brushes a blonde doll’s hair.  The walls in the room are covered with photos of Ali. 

Mona gets Ali new clothes and Ali, now a brunette, prepares to leave.  Ali tells Mona that she saved her life and doesn’t know how to thank her.  Mona tells Ali that she can thank her by staying gone and by being safe.

Ali tells Mona to come over to the mirror and look at herself.  She tells Mona to ditch the glasses and barrettes.  She tells Mona where to go to get a makeover and new clothes.  She tells Mona that she doesn’t have to be a loser.  Mona thanks her and eyes the purple Alison bracelet on the table.

Mona watches as Ali drives off.  Mona smiles slightly once Ali is gone.

Back in the present, Ali realizes that Mona played her like a fool and got exactly what she wanted.

Melissa tells Mr. Hastings that Ms. Hastings is talking to Sandra King, the best criminal defense lawyer in the state.  Melissa tells him that Spencer didn’t kill that girl.  She leans in and whispers something to him.

The girls tell Ali that they will protect her, but Ali doesn’t feel safe going back to Rosewood because of her mom.  Ali says that it was easy to stay away until Hanna got hurt.  She was so scared that Hanna was going to die.  It was worth the risk coming back to Rosewood after seeing what Mona did to Hanna.  Ali stopped running and focused on keeping the girls safe. 

Ali saw Ian attacking Spencer in the bell tower.  Ali was the one who pushed him, but he wasn’t dead after the fall.  She saw him in the back of the tower later. 

Ali admits that she was at the lodge the night of the fire.  She saved Hanna, but the rest of the girls were already out of the lodge by the time she got back.  She didn’t see who pulled the girls out of the fire.

The girls get scared when they realize someone is outside.  Glass shatters and the girls see a person dressed in all black point a gun at them.  The girls run up the fire escape, but they can’t call the police because Noel has their phones.  The girls get trapped on the roof.  QA door opens and Ezra appears.  Another door opens and the figure dressed in black points the gun at them again. 

Ezra tells the mystery person that he knows who it is and the police are on the way.  Ezra gets shot at.  He lunges at the gunman and they fight.  The gun drops and Hanna grabs it.  They yell for the gunman to take off the mask.  The gunman almost does, but then jumps to the rooftop of the building next door.  After seeing that athletic jump, Hanna says that there is no way that is Ali’s mom.

Aria calls out Ezra’s name.  Ezra says that it is so beautiful.  He turns around and we see that he has a gunshot wound.  Aria screams and grabs him as he falls.  Ezra says sorry and reaches out for Aria.  The rest of the girls surround him and Ali screams for someone to call the police.  Aria begs Ezra to stay awake and not close his eyes, but he closes his eyes and becomes unresponsive.

Ms. DiLaurentis is dragged across a lawn, either unconscious or dead.  She is put in a grave and someone buries her.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spoilers for the Summer Premiere of Pretty Little Liars

Can’t get enough of Pretty Little Liars?  After the spring finale episode ends, head over to to unlock exclusive spoilers about the summer premiere of PLL. 

You are going to need two code words.  The first code word is “Marlene”.  The second code word will be revealed on screen near the end of tonight’s spring finale episode.  Put the codes together to get juicy spoilers.

Pretty Little Liars Good Morning America Appearance

Did you catch the Pretty Little Liars actresses on GMA this morning?  In case you missed it, here’s a clip of Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Troian Bellisario, Shay Mitchell, and Sasha Peiterse on Good Morning America. 

They tell us that the spring finale will answer a lot of burning questions, but it will also bring up new questions.  There’s also a funny question and answer segment at the end.  Apparently Shay spends the most time getting ready in hair and makeup and Ashley is the biggest prankster on the set.

(Spoiler Alert: There is a short clip of the spring finale episode shown in the video).

Monday, March 17, 2014

Pretty Little Liars Stars Will Appear on Good Morning America March 18th

The Pretty Little Liars actresses will be on Good Morning America March 18th.  Hope they give us some juicy spoilers for the spring finale episode.  Who’s going to watch?


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Recap for “Unbridled” PLL Episode 4x23

Lots of drama this week on Pretty Little Liars.  Jason is back in town, Ms. DiLaurentis gets a little bit scarier, and the girls get one step closer to getting answers from Alison.

Spencer is running through the woods in a wedding dress.  She stumbles and falls as she is being chased by someone in a black hoodie.  Spencer stops suddenly.


Flashback to 48 hours earlier.

The girls are at The Brew discussing the note that Paige gave the police.  Hanna asks if Emily has spoken to Paige.  Emily explains that Paige is in Maine visiting family.  The girls are worried about what will happen now.  The police will probably suspect them for the murder of whoever is in Ali’s grave.  Emily is more worried about Ali instead of themselves.  Spencer thinks the police will come after her, since she may have bashed in the skull of a stranger. 

Aria, concerned about Spencer’s state of mind, tells Hanna to give Spencer her cookie.  Hanna is hungry, so she tells Aria to give up her own cookie.  Aria expresses doubt that Ms. DiLaurentis is “A”.  She thinks Ms. DiLaurentis is scary, but not the devil.  Emily agrees with Aria.  She doesn’t get why Ms. DiLaurentis would waste her energy torturing them instead of trying to bring Ali home.  Emily reminds them that Ms. DiLaurentis has been going through hell with the divorce.

Hanna relents and gives her cookie to Spencer, figuring she needs it more.  Hanna doesn’t have a hard time believing Ms. DiLaurentis is “A”, since she’s always been a witch.  Ezra’s theory simple confirms it.  (Remember all those pointed comments Ms. DiLaurentis made about Hanna’s weight?)

Emily doesn’t want to have this conversation anymore.  She is angry at Spencer and storms off.  Spencer, who is Emily’s ride, chases after her.  Outside, they see Jason DiLaurentis.  They call out to him, but he gets in his car without acknowledging them and drives off. 

Spencer tells Emily to hurry and they jump in the car, intending to chase Jason.  However, Spencer’s car won’t start.  They find a photo strip in the car.  The photos are all of a blonde girl with the face blacked out.  At the bottom of the photos, someone has written in red “You know me, Spencer.  You killed me”.

Back at home, Aria is in her bedroom talking on the phone with her mom.  Her mom is questioning the hotel room charges from Aria’s weekend in Syracuse.  Her mom says it is not an issue of money, but the fact that she was wasted in the hotel room.  Aria denies drinking and claims it was a friend.  Aria’s mom asks if it had anything to do with Ezra resigning from Rosewood.  Aria says she can’t talk about it now.  Her mom asks if it would be easier if she was there.  The bedroom door opens and Aria sees her mom, back from Vienna.  Aria, surprised, rushes over to hug her mom.

Spencer, getting ready to go to school, sees Jason next door unloading boxes from his car.  Spencer thinks it is the perfect chance to talk to him.  Her plans are delayed when she runs into Dean, who insists on coming with her.  Spencer begs him not to.  Since Jason just got out of rehab, it would make him uncomfortable if Dean came with her.  Spencer promises that she’s just wants to talk to Jason and is not planning to cook meth behind a dumpster.  Dean finally agrees, but demands that she first give him her urine sample.

The kitchen table at Hanna’s house is completely covered with bridal magazines and papers.  Her mom, Ms. Marin, is helping plan the charity bridal show that Ms. DiLaurentis is hosting.  Hanna asks her mom why she thinks Ms. DiLaurentis offered her a job, since they weren’t friends.  Hanna warns her mom that she doesn’t trust Ms. DiLaurentis and she doesn’t think her mom should, either.  Ms. Marin doesn’t listen to Hanna and focuses on the fact that Ms. DiLaurentis helped them through a difficult time.

In the school bathroom, Spencer tells Emily that she didn’t get talk to Jason.  He was already inside by the time she got out of the house.  Paige comes in and explains that she got back to Rosewood late last night.  Spencer makes a quick exit to give Emily and Paige some privacy.  Emily confronts Paige about the note left for the police stating that Ali is alive.  Paige insists that she was just trying to protect Emily.  Emily asks who is going to protect Ali.  Paige doesn’t think Ali needs any protection.  Emily accuses Paige of trying to get revenge on Ali for all the mean things Ali did to her in the past.  Ali’s been in hiding for two years and Paige sent out a search party.  Paige tells Emily to just let the cops protect Ali.  Emily wants to know what will happen if the police don’t get there first.


At school, Aria promises Hanna that she won’t tell her mom the complete truth about Ezra.  Aria takes off and Hanna runs into Travis.  Hanna apologizes for the other night and asks if they can have a do over. They don’t even have to call it a date. She just wants to have dinner with him again.  Travis doesn’t seem interested and says that he is busy.

Ms. DiLaurentis is snapping at everyone as she prepares her house for the charity event.  On the phone with the caterer, she demands that different food be at the event.  After all, seafood parfait is completely unacceptable.  People don’t want to ruin their manicures by digging shrimp out of a skinny cup.

Ms. DiLaurentis sees a cop car pulling up to the house.  She asks Ms. Marin to go upstairs to get the place cards that are in the guest room.  Once Ms. Marin is gone, Ms. DiLaurentis goes outside.  Officer Holbrook asks to come inside, but she says that now isn’t a good time.  Officer Holbrook wants to give her an update on the investigation.  Annoyed, Ms. DiLaurentis asks that they just let her daughter rest in peace. 

Officer Holbrook expresses his uncertainty that Ali is the grave, but Ms. DiLaurentis says that she is certain.  Officer Holbrook says that when Ali first went missing, Ms. DiLaurentis gave the police a file of family photos.  In one of the photos, he noticed that Ali had broken her right arm.  However, the coroner didn’t report a fracture in that bone.  Ms. DiLaurentis insists that the coroner just made a mistake.  Officer Holbrook says that they need to exhume the body to make sure that it is Ali.  Ms. DiLaurentis says that is never going to happen, but Officer Holbrook already has the judge’s order.  He didn’t come to get her permission.  He just wanted to keep her updated on the case.  He hands her a folder.

Ms. Marin, looking for the guest room, ends up in Ali’s bedroom.  The room looks as if Ali still lives there.  Ms. Marin sees a bag at the foot of the bed. She looks in the bag and pulls out new clothes with the tags still attached.  At the bottom of the bag is a receipt and Ms. Marin realizes that Ms. DiLaurentis bought the clothing yesterday.  Ms. DiLaurentis comes in and asks if this room looks like a guest room to her.

Emily is still trying to track down Ali using the email addresses that were with Ali’s cash.  Using the email address, she gets a message that she is not authorized.  Another dead end.  She sees Jason as he is leaving Rosewood High.  Emily asks him what is going on.  She hasn’t seen him since the night they almost died in the elevator shaft.  Jason says he feels bad about that, since he was the one Wilden was after.  Emily is surprised to hear that Jason thinks Wilden was responsible for that night, but Jason doesn’t know who else it could be.

Emily lets Jason know that Spencer knows about Jason’s relapse and the divorce.  Jason says that his mom has a lot going on and needs space away from Spencer.  So Jason doesn’t want Spencer around harassing them.  He mentions that this is not the first time that Ms. DiLaurentis thought that Spencer was messing with them.

Flashback to before Ali went missing.  Jason is laying down on the couch when Ms. DiLaurentis and Ali come in.  Neither of them see Jason.  Ali tells her mom to drop it.  Ms. DiLaurentis tells Ali that she can’t let someone walk all over her.  Ali asks how she can do that.  She doesn’t know who is harassing her since the text messages are anonymous.  Ms. DiLaurentis tells Ali that Spencer has always been jealous of her and has plenty of reasons to hurt the family.  You fight fire with fire and smoke her out.  Jason sits up and Ms. DiLaurentis realizes that Jason overheard them.

Jason explains to Emily that his mom was there for him when he was in rehab. The only reason he is back in Rosewood is to help his mom.

Aria and her mom are about to have a heart-to-heart about Ezra.  Aria’s mom asks if Aria wants to go to the charity bridal show, but Aria isn’t interested.  Her mom asks if it brings up bad memories because of the Ezra, Maggie and Malcolm situation.  Aria says that is not the reason they broke up. 

Aria’s mom is distracted by her phone.  Zach keeps calling.  He won’t sleep until he talks to her and it is already three in the morning in Vienna.  Aria tells her to take the call.  Her mom goes outside to talk to Zach.

Spencer is on the couch downstairs when she gets a text message from Emily that says “Spoke with Jason.  You’re right.  Ali’s mom has it out for you.”  Dean comes in for some tea, which scares Spencer.  She quickly hides her phone under the blanket.  Dean thinks he has been pretty generous with Spencer.  He let her hang out with her friends last night and he isn’t questioning the vibrating phone under her blanket.  He wants Spencer to talk to him and explain why she isn’t sleeping and doesn’t feel safe in her own home.  Is it because her parents aren’t home? 

Spencer tells Dean that her parents are the reason she can’t sleep.  She has huge holes in her brain about the summer Ali was killed and her parents refuse to tell her what happened that summer.  Dean is reading a book that sounds boring to Spencer.  Dean offers to read to her as a way of getting her to fall asleep.

Aria’s mom comes back inside as Aria is getting up from the couch.  Aria says she is going to bed.  Her mom is surprised.  She thought they were going to talk about the Ezra breakup.  Aria says the moment passed.  Her mom is confused as to what just happened.  Aria says that nothing happened.  Her mom went to Vienna and found bliss while she stayed in Rosewood and got kicked in the teeth.  Her mom isn’t really in the room with her if there is someone more important, Zach, that takes her attention.

Aria completely goes off on her mom for not being around.  Her mom reminds her that Aria was the one who convinced her to go to Vienna.  Aria practically packed a suitcase for her.  Aria admits that she was wrong to do that and maybe her mom should have packed for a shorter trip.  Aria and Mike were both in Rosewood, not Vienna.  Her mom realizes that Aria is lashing out in pain over Ezra and asks if the person she is really angry at is Ezra or herself.  Aria tells her mom that she must be pleased to know that she was right and it was a mistake to be with Ezra.  She tells her mom to send her a told-you-so card when she gets back to Austria.

Spencer’s mom comes home and is horrified to find Dean asleep on Spencer.  She yells at Dean to start packing.  He can spend the night in the barn, but tomorrow he has to leave.  Spencer wakes up and tries to convince her mom that nothing happened between her and Dean.  Her mom ignores her and continues to kick Dean out.

Spencer, Emily and Aria get together at The Brew to discuss everything that’s been going on.  Aria tells them that her mom is spending some time with Mike.  Spencer says her mom is disinfecting the house of Dean.  Emily tells them everything that Jason said.  The girls question Jason’s memories, since he was always drinking.  They wonder about Jason’s memory of seeing CeCe in Ali’s clothes the night she went missing.  CeCe is not dead and the person who went after Ali could still be out there.

Hanna joins them and announces that they are all going to be participating in the charity bridal show.  The girls don’t want to do it, but Hanna tells them about the bag of clothing that her mom found in Ali’s room.  If Ms. DiLaurentis is buying clothes for Ali, then she would have an address to send the clothes to.  The girls just need to find the address, which must be in the house.  Hanna volunteered all of them for the charity so that they have an excuse to be in Ali’s house.

Officer Holbrook comes up to the girls to discuss the anonymous tip that Ali is alive. He doesn’t want to give them false hope, but if Ali is alive there will be a lot of questions.  Mainly, who is the dead girl in Ali’s grave.  If they have any thoughts, they know where to find him.

Spencer comes home and catches her mom looking through her drawers.  Her mom demands to know where she has been.  Before Dean left, he mentioned that Spencer doesn’t feel safe in her bedroom.  Spencer’s mom figured that was because there was a hidden stash of pills that she would be tempted to take.

Spencer accuses her mom of being the one who is keeping secrets.  Spencer can’t get any answers about the summer that Ali went missing.

Her mom says that they don’t want to talk about that summer because it was a harrowing time.  It was like there were two Spencers in the house.  The Spencer they all knew and an evil twin.  Her mom made Melissa promise not to bring up the incident that happened that summer.

Flashback to the summer Ali went missing.  Spencer’s mom is in the yard cleaning up clothing and a teddy bear outside.  Ali comes in the yard, scaring Spencer’s mom.  Ali says it is past her curfew, so she was cutting through Spencer’s yard to go home.  Looking at the mess, Ali asks if Melissa and Spencer had another fight.  Ali offers to help clean up, but Spencer’s mom snaps at her and says she doesn’t need any help.  Spencer’s mom then breaks down in tears.  She wants to understand this and she can’t figure out why Spencer is acting like this.  What is happening to her?  Ali wishes she knew, but Spencer might turn on her if she asks.  Spencer’s mom tells Ali to go home.  As Ali is leaving, she sees Spencer, who is lurking in the shadows.

Spencer’s mom explains that she and Spencer’s father didn’t know what to think when Ali went missing.  They know that Spencer is not a monster, but the pills were poisonous.  She begs Spencer to please leave that summer alone.  She kisses Spencer before leaving.

Spencer looks out her window and sees Ms. DiLaurentis staring back at her from Ali’s room.  Ms. DiLaurentis pulls the blinds down.  Spencer cries.

The day of the charity bridal show, Hanna drives to the DiLaurentis house and asks where to park her car.  She is surprised to see Travis working as a valet for the day.  The pretty little liars all get dressed in gorgeous wedding dresses and complete the look with rings and flower bouquets. 

Spencer asks the girls if Jason is at the house.  Hanna doesn’t think they will be able to sneak upstairs with Ms. DiLaurentis watching them.  Ms. Marin, clearly under a lot of pressure, comes by to check on the girls.  She notices that Spencer has left her veil off and asks her to go get it. 

Spencer goes to the living room to get her veil and sees Jason.  She wants to make it clear that she is there to help Hanna’s mom, not to harass Ali’s mom.  She’s been shaky because of her recent stint in rehab.  Jason says he was at the Clark Center rehab.  She tells Jason that they have more in common than he thinks.  Before he leaves, she wants to ask him one thing.  Jason had said that he saw CeCe in Ali’s clothes the night Ali went missing.  Could he have seen another blonde girl and mistaken her for CeCe? 

Before Jason can answer, Dean comes in.  Spencer introduces them and Jason takes off.  Dean just came to say goodbye to Spencer and to let her know that she can call him 24/7.  They hug awkwardly.  When Spencer mentions that Jason was at the Clark Center rehab for a few months, Dean tells her that the Clark Center has been closed for two years.  He tells her to be careful.

An angry Ms. DiLaurentis confronts Ms. Marin about Hanna and her friends modeling in the show.  Ms. Marin says that there wasn’t much time and the girls offered to do it.  Ms. DiLaurentis wants to clarify if they offered or if Ms. Marin asked them.  Ms. Marin, clearly intimidated by Ms. DiLaurentis, apologizes.  Spencer comes back in the room and Ms. DiLaurentis stares at her.

Spencer tells the girls that Jason lied about being at rehab.  Maybe he was in Rosewood the whole time helping Ms. DiLaurentis.  Hanna is now more determined than ever to get into Ali’s bedroom.  She leaves right before her mom comes to check on them.  Ms. Marin tells them that it is almost time for them to come out and model the dresses.  Spencer goes outside and sees Ms. DiLaurentis giving a suitcase to someone.  Spencer decides to follow Ms. DiLaurentis into the woods.

Hanna asks Travis to stall Ms. DiLaurentis if he sees her.  She needs to avoid Ms. DiLaurentis because her and her friends are going to sneak into Ali’s bedroom.  Travis asks if this is going to end up with him in a police lineup.  He doesn’t think Ms. DiLaurentis will have much to say to him.  Hanna begs him to help her.  Travis doesn’t need Hanna to explain why she needs his help.  She had his help as soon as she asked.

Another valet asks Travis to help him back up.  Travis tells him to keep backing up until the car smashes into the mailbox, giving him something for Ms. DiLaurentis to talk to him about.  Travis thinks Hanna is intimidating in the bridal veil and she tells him to get over it.  They kiss.

Aria’s mom comes joins her and tells her that she was breathtaking on the runway.  She’s glad Aria’s dad isn’t there because he would have cried.  That would have made her bawl and embarrass Aria even more.  Aria tells her mom that she doesn’t embarrass her.

Aria’s mom realizes that she may never know the details of the Ezra breakup, but she knows that he broke Aria’s heart.  Aria, with tears in her eyes, says that she is not ready to hear this.  Aria’s mother, also in tears, explains that she met Aria’s dad as a teenager and thought he would be the one she would spend the rest of her life with.  Things change and even though it’s over, it still hurts.  It’s like a broken bone that heals and still throbs every time it rains.  Aria doesn’t feel like the pain will ever go away, but her mom promises her that it will. 

Her mom says that she didn’t think she would ever find someone who would make her smile again, but she did.  Zach kept calling last night because of Aria.  He wanted to know her reaction.  Aria’s mom pulls out an engagement ring.  Zach proposed to her in two different languages.  Aria, crying, asks why her mom didn’t tell her earlier.  Her mom says it was more important to discuss Aria’s issues first.  They both hug.

Emily and Hanna look under Ali’s bed, but they can’t find the shopping bag.  Hanna opens the closet and sees something on the floor.  She sees the name Mama Gabusi.  Emily uses Mama Gabusi as the password for the email address to reach Ali.  The password works.  Emily sends Ali a message that she is in danger and needs to call them.
Meanwhile, Spencer is in the woods following Ms. DiLaurentis.  Spencer calls out for Ali.  A person in a black hoodie is  running in the woods.  Spencer trips and falls.  She hears her dress rip and looks back.  Her dress is caught in an animal trap.  She eventually pulls her dress out and runs back toward the house.

Aria goes to Ali’s room and explains that she was with her mom.  She asks where Spencer is.  Emily and Hanna thought Spencer was with her.  Emily gets a call from a blocked number.  She answers the phone and it is Ali.  Ali demands to know how they found her. Hanna tells her that the police know she is not buried.  Aria asks if Ms. DiLaurentis knows.  Ali says that her mom can’t know anything.  No one can know.  Ali tells them that they need to hurry and come see her.

The girls, still looking for Spencer, find her phone at the house.  They know Spencer wouldn’t have left without her bag.  Spencer comes back, crying.  She tells them that she saw Ms. DiLaurentis in the woods handing a suitcase to someone.  She assumed it was Ali, so she tried to follow them.  The other girls say that they just talked to Ali.  Ali is in Philadelphia and they need to go see her.  The girls help Spencer out of her wedding dress.  They find human finger bones attached to the inside of the fabric.  The message says “What will you do when the rest of me comes out of the grave?”

Emily is outside her house with an extra jacket for Spencer, waiting for the girls to come pick her up.  Paige shows up wanting to talk, but Emily says she can’t talk right now and doesn’t want to hear more excuses.  Paige didn’t come to make excuses.  She wants Emily to know that she was right.  She didn’t tell the police just because she cares about Emily.  She also doesn’t care what happens to Ali.  Emily can’t believe that Paige is so angry at Ali that she would let someone kill her. 

Paige says that she loves Emily and asks for her forgiveness.  Emily forgives Paige, but she doesn’t think she can ever trust her again.  Aria, Hanna and Spencer pull up and Emily gets in the car.  Paige watches at the girls drive off.

The girls go to a dark and abandoned building.  They are surprised that Ali is hiding there.  Aria asks Emily if she is okay.  Aria thinks it is a good thing that Emily dealt with Paige before seeing Ali.  Spencer knocks and calls out for Ali.  They hear a noise and turn around.  We don’t see who is there, but Spencer asks “What are you doing here?” to the mystery person.

At the Red Finch Inn, the black hoodie person checks in and the hotel clerk leaves to get a bellboy for her bags.  Black hoodie grabs the room key and flips through the inn’s record book.  CeCe Drake is signed in.  Black hoodie person calls the Rosewood Police Department and grabs a butterscotch candy from the table.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Preview Video for “Unbridled” PLL Episode 4x23

It’s going to be a white wedding tomorrow night for the Pretty Little Liars.  The girls are all decked out in gorgeous wedding dresses.  Here’s the preview video for the episode, titled “Unbridled”.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Recap for “Cover For Me” PLL Episode 4x22

This week on Pretty Little Liars, Aria has a weekend fling, Mike gets dumped, and we learn Ezra’s theory on the identity of the new “A”.

Spencer’s back home from a three day stint in rehab.  She’s gone through a medical detox, so she’s irritable.  She keeps getting flashes of the last time she saw Ali and threatened her with a shovel.  Spencer’s mom asks if she is okay.  She tells Spencer to get some rest because they have things to discuss in the morning. 

Meanwhile, Aria is at a fraternity house making out with a mystery guy.

The next morning, Spencer can’t find her car keys.  She goes downstairs and sees a guy in the kitchen.  Spencer’s mom explains that the guy’s name is Dean.  He’s going to be staying with them for a few days.  She tells Spencer that she is not allowed to go to school for a few days.  She also needs to hand over her cell phone and computer, which are things she can earn back over time as long as she follows Dean’s program.

Dean tells Spencer that he is a drug and alcohol counselor.  Spencer can’t believe that her mom doesn’t trust her.  She reluctantly hands over her electronics.  She asks if she can call Toby and explain things to him, but Spencer’s mom says that she already talked to Toby and he understands that she will be out of touch for a while.  Dean then hands Spencer a cup to pee in.  Apparently his plan includes urine testing.

Aria, taking some time away from Rosewood and Ezra, is in Syracuse for a prospective student week.  Her dad thinks she’s there for some father-daughter bonding time and campus tours.  Over the phone, Emily tells Aria that the girls will all head over if she wants them there.  Aria declines, saying she’s not alone.  She hangs up when the mystery guy she was making out with, Riley, comes over.  Both of them are pretty hung over.  They decide to bail on the campus tour and grab some pancakes for breakfast.

Emily tells Hanna that she finally talked to Aria.  Hanna wonders if Aria is still mad at her.  Emily doesn’t think Aria is mad, she’s just hurting.  Emily asks if they are still going over to Spencer’s place.  Hanna says that she called Spencer, but Spencer’s mom picked up the phone.  Emily mentions that she saw Ezra’s car in the parking lot.  Hanna doesn’t understand why he came to school.  
The conversation is interrupted by a loud argument between Mona and Mike nearby.  Mike, furious, tells Mona that she should have told him before he bought the tickets.  Does she even want to go at all?  He storms off and leaves Mona standing in the hallway.  Ezra is standing near the door of his classroom, watching Mona.  Hanna and Emily wonder if Mona was dating Mike to spy on Aria for Ezra.  Emily decides that now is the perfect time to confront Ezra.  Hanna’s all for slashing Ezra’s tires, but she’s not ready to be in the same room with him.

Emily goes to Ezra’s classroom alone.  She doesn’t say anything at first.  She just stands there and stares at him until he speaks.  Ezra assumes that Aria told Emily everything.  He wants to talk to her, but he’d like to outside of the classroom.  Emily says that is not going to happen.  She says that Ezra did plenty of talking outside of the class.  He helped her with her college essays, he tutored her and he helped her when she lost her girlfriend.  What did he get out of doing all that?  Emily turns in her assignment and says that she won’t be staying for class.  She asks that he make sure a real teacher reads her assignment.

Hanna runs into Officer Holbrook at The Brew.  She apologizes for kissing him before, which she describes as accidently running into his mouth.  Officer Holbrook shows Hanna the letter that Paige left for the police in “She’s Come Undone".  He wants to know if she recognizes the handwriting.  Hanna denies that she wrote the note and asks if he’s going to start looking for Ali.  Officer Holbrook says that the note is probably from another crackpot.  Hanna quickly leaves, stating that she has to have dinner with her mom.  Officer Holbrook thinks it’s strange that Hanna is leaving for dinner so early in the day.  After Hanna leaves, Officer Holbrook seems to wonder about Hanna’s behavior.

Aria wakes up in bed.  Riley is in the room playing guitar.  Aria’s pretty hung over and is just grateful that she didn’t puke all over her shoes.  They totally ransacked the mini bar the night before and Riley estimates that tab must be a couple hundred dollars.  Aria wonders how she’s going to explain that to her dad, who is staying in the room next door.  Aria and Riley kiss.

Spencer, ready for bed, gets under the cover and discovers dirt in her bed.  There is a piece of paper on the dirt.  The note says “I know you dug her grave.  Now I’m digging yours.  A”.

At school, Hanna tells Emily that someone else knows Ali is alive.  Emily wants to know if it a guy or a girl, but Hanna explains that the note was anonymous.  Travis waves at Hanna, so she heads over to talk to him.  Hanna invites Travis and his family over to her house for dinner.  Hanna’s mom wants to thank his family.  Travis asks if the two of them could have dinner alone, on a date.  Hanna agrees to a date for the following night.

Dean serves Spencer green juice as part of his program.  Spencer doesn’t see how drinking a glass of salad is supposed to help her get her life back.  Dean says that it will help her sleep and be healthier.  He heard Spencer doing laundry at two in the morning.  Usually people going through withdrawal sleep a lot.  He asks if she has nightmares.  Spencer asks about hallucinations.  Dean explains that hallucinations are possible, but they aren’t anything to worry about.  take away the drugs and things long forgotten and suppressed may resurface.  He says that healthy diet and exercise worked for him.  He suggests Spencer try yoga.  Spencer admits that she doesn’t excel in sports unless there is someone to beat.  Dean thinks her competitiveness may have contributed to her addiction issues. 

Spencer says that she is going to take a quick shower.  While Dean is distracted, she grabs the phone on the table and takes it to her room.  She calls Toby and leaves him a message, saying that she is starting to worry and needs him to tell her that she is not a horrible person.  Dean comes in, wondering why he doesn’t hear running water, and catches Spencer breaking the no phone rule.

Hanna is leaving The Brew with a skinny latte when Officer Holbrook and Lt. Tanner come up to her.  Lt. Tanner tells Hanna that it will not be hard to match the handwriting on the note to Hanna’s handwriting.  Once again, Hanna denies writing the note and leaves.  Lt. Tanner thinks that Hanna is putting the police through hell as payback for the police accusing her mom of murdering Wilden.  She tells Officer Holbrook to keep an eye on Hanna.  Maybe she’ll lead them to her friends, who could all be in on it.  Officer Holbrook is the only one that thinks the note is legit and he doesn’t think Hanna is messing with them.

Riley tells Aria that he doesn’t want to go to Syracuse University, but his family expects him to.  He wants to go to Berklee College of Music.  Aria admits left Rosewood because some jerk broke her heart into thirty three thousand million pieces. 

Spencer and her mom are washing dishes when there is a knock at the door.  It’s Ali’s mom, who came by asking if Ms. Hastings got the flyer in her mailbox about a charity event.  Ms. Hastings says that she needs to check the calendar. 
Alone with Spencer, Ms. DiLaurentis says that Spencer’s mom explained that Spencer was been sick.  Her outburst the other day was a reaction to an over the counter medication.  Spencer apologizes for everything she said that night and for grabbing Ms. DiLaurentis.  Ms. DiLaurentis says that there is no need for an apology.  She explains that the charity event is for starving children.  No mother should have to watch her child die.  Uncomfortable, Spencer says she needs to take laundry upstairs and head to bed.  Ms. DiLaurentis makes a cryptic comment about the laundry.  Spencer’s mom comes back and gives Ms. DiLaurentis a check for the charity, but says they can’t attend due to other commitments.  Of course, Ms. DiLaurentis knows that the real reason for not coming is because of the affair she had with Mr. Hastings.

Riley stops by Aria’s room and lets her know that he is leaving early.  He is going home to discuss Berklee College of Music with his family.  He tells her that the week was pretty great and thanks her.  He hands her a note before leaving.  Aria opens the note, which says “Beat up a jerk card.  But I have a feeling you can handle this one”.  After reading the note, Aria pulls out a suitcase.

Emily is at work when Mike storms in, asking if Emily’s heard from Aria.  Aria isn’t answering any of his calls or texts.  Emily asks what is going on.  Mike says that Aria got what she wanted.  Mona dumped him.  Emily tells him that she doesn’t think Aria was involved.  Mike can’t think of any other reason why Mona would dump him.  Emily offers to talk to Mona and find out what happened.  Mike tells Emily to tell Aria to call him.

Dean and Spencer are on a grueling three mile jog.  Dean wants to start a fourth mile as punishment for the phone stunt.  Dean says that Spencer is smart and has a sharp tongue, but getting under his skin isn’t the goal.  The goal is getting under her skin so that they can address what is going on.  As they jog through the woods, they pass a shovel, which triggers Spencer’s memories of chasing Ali with a shovel the night Ali disappeared.  Ali trips on the ground and Spencer raises the shovel and brings it down hard.  Spencer stops running, suddenly afraid that she’s the one that tried to kill Ali.

Back at home, Spencer sits on the couch.  She asks Dean if he ever thinks people see you more clearly than you see yourself.  Dean doesn’t understand what Spencer is asking.  Spencer admits that things have happened that other people remember, but she doesn’t.  She’s been using other people’s memories to fill in the blanks.  What else can she do?  Dean says that recalling what really happened might be too much to handle right now.  Spencer thinks she should have known she was capable of this.  She’s done bad things before.  Dean suggests that she look at today as a positive.  Now she is ready to take responsibility for her actions.  Spencer cries and asks how she can do that.  Dean gives her space and hands her a letter from Toby.

Hanna and Travis are on their date when Ali’s mom runs into them.  As she is leaving, Officer Holbrook and his partner pull Ali’s mom aside to talk to her.  Hanna texts her friends that the cops are talking to Ms. DiLaurentis.

Mona is backing her car out, when she sees Emily in the rearview mirror.  She slams on the breaks to avoid hitting her.  Emily says she needs to talk and asks if Mona is on her way to meet Ezra.  Mona tells her to get in the car. 
Emily asks Mona why she helped Ezra.  Mona is surprised it took them so long to figure it out.  She thought it would be Aria.  She says that Ezra should have told Aria about the book.  Mona found about Ezra around the time she bought Jenna’s car.  She wanted to stop him from writing about her, since she did things that could land her in jail.  They made a deal.  She would answer his questions and he would edit out the things Mona did that were less than legal.  Mona hasn’t read Ezra’s book, only the parts that she was written into.  He never let her read the whole thing.

Mona dated Mike to spy on Aria, but Mike was so sweet that Mona really fell for him.  She told Ezra that she wanted out of their deal, but he wouldn’t agree to that.  Mona didn’t want to drag Mike into her mess, so she broke up with him.  Mona says that Ezra has a theory on who the second “A” is.

Aria shows up at Ezra’s apartment.  She tells Ezra that he needs to leave.  He says that he understands that she needs space and that he already requested a leave of absence from Rosewood High.  Aria says that is not enough.  Ezra needs to leave town for good.  Ezra wants them to work through their issues, but Aria doesn’t want to.  She doesn’t want to run into him around town.  She doesn’t ever want to see or hear from him again.  Ezra gives Aria a copy of his manuscript.  He says that she should read it because he found out some stuff that could help her.  He also mentions that the only reason he was in New York was to return his publisher’s advance.  Aria says it is too late.  She takes the manuscript and leaves.

Spencer is reading Toby’s letter when she hears her phone ring.  Spencer breaks into a locked desk to take her cell phone.  Aria has texted Spencer with an SOS. 

Hanna gets a text to meet up with the girls.  Hanna apologies to Travis, but says that she has to leave.  Travis says that Hanna has been distracted all night.  Hanna promises it won’t happen again.  Before leaving, she kisses Travis and tells him that she had a really great time.

At Emily’s house, Hanna notices a blue envelope in Emily’s room.  The handwriting matches the anonymous note that the police have.  Hanna asks about the envelope and Emily says it is from Paige.  Aria comes in with big news.  Before she can tell them about it, Emily blurts out that Mona dumped Mike.  Aria asks if Spencer is better and Spencer claims that she is. 

Aria tells the girls that Ezra thinks “A” is Ali’s mom.  Emily and Hanna think that is ridiculous.  Hanna thinks Ms. DiLaurentis is too old to even know how to text.  Since “A” wants to bring Ali home, Aria doesn’t get why Ms. DiLaurentis would think the girls are standing in the way of that.  Spencer thinks that would make sense if Ms. DiLaurentis thinks that Spencer tried to kill Ali.  She tells the girls about the dirt in her bed and the cryptic comments from Ms. DiLaurentis. 

Emily gets upset that Spencer is trying to pin that on Ms. DiLaurentis.  Spencer admits that she argued with Ali and had been both drinking alcohol and on pills that night.  She doesn’t remember everything and she has been seeing things, which she thinks could be due to a guilty conscious.  CeCe and Ms. DiLaurentis witnessed the fight.

Emily points out that Ali is alive.  Spencer says that Ali is not here to help them.  Emily gets upset with the conversation and leaves to get snacks.  Hanna follows her out.  Alone with Emily, Hanna asks if Emily told Paige about Ali being alive.

Mike is watching television on the couch when Aria comes home.  Aria tells him that she heard about Mona.  Aria is really sorry and she knows how much it hurts.  She wants Mike to know that she would never be the one to make Mona dump him.  Mike says that he knows that, but it was easier to blame Aria than to admit that she was right all along.  Aria lets him know that there are plenty of things she’s been wrong about.

Spencer’s mom catches her sneaking back into the house at night.  Her mom asks if she has to resort to locking Spencer in her room at night.  Spencer says that it was really important.  Her mom thinks that she was out looking for drugs.  She demands that Spencer hand over her phone and she looks at Spencer’s texts.  Spencer blurts out that her mom should stop protecting her.  Her parents covered for her the summer that Ali went missing.  Spencer wants to know what they were covering up because she doesn’t remember.  Spencer’s mom says that it is a blessing that she doesn’t remember.  She tells Spencer to go to bed.

Spencer checks under her covers to make sure there are no surprises from “A”.  Spencer notices the light come on in Ali’s bedroom.  For one second, we see Ms. DiLaurentis standing behind Spencer. Then we see Spencer’s mom behind her.  Her mom asks if she is okay.

“A” finishes sewing a wedding dress.  “A” zips the dress into a black garment bag.