Monday, August 31, 2015

Janel Parrish Attends Brendan Robinson’s ‘The Unauthorized O.C. Musical’ Performance

Ever picture Brendan Robinson, who plays Lucas on PLL, as Seth Cohen from The O.C.?  Over the weekend, Brendan starred in The Unauthorized O.C. Musical as Seth Cohen.  (In the TV show The O.C., Seth Cohen was played by Adam Brody).  The Unauthorized O.C. Musical was a one night only performance at Hollywood's Montalban Theatre and tickets were sold out for the show.

The star-studded cast included Tilky Jones (Sean Butler on ABC’s Nashville) as Ryan Atwood, Molly McCook as Marissa Cooper and Greer Grammer (Lissa on MTV’s Awkward) as Summer Roberts.

Janel Parrish, Mona on PLL, was in attendance to support her PLL co-star Brendan Robinson.  Janel posted this adorable backstage photo before the show.  Janel captioned the photo “Mr Seth Cohen! @brendanrobinson about to kill it in #theocmusical”.

Janel Parrish and Brendan Robinson at The Unauthorized O.C. Musical
Credit: Janel Parrish's Instagram
Janel and Brendan are always supportive of each other’s projects outside of PLL.  Brendan came to watch Janel on Dancing With the Stars and also attended her The Unauthorized Musical Parody of Cruel Intentions performance.

Here’s a teaser for the musical:

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Lucy Hale is Blowpro’s Brand Ambassador

Lucy Hale is Blowpro’s newest brand ambassador.  Lucy thinks Blowpro is a great match for her because she's always trying new things.  She's pretty versatile with her hairstyles.

This isn't Lucy's first time being a brand ambassador for a company.  She’s already a brand ambassador for Avon’s mark. girl cosmetics.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Shay Mitchell’s Perfect First Date

Here’s a behind the scenes video of Shay Mitchell (Emily on PLL) at her Seventeen magazine cover shoot.  Shay talked about her idea of a perfect date (a food tour) and what her superpower would be (flying).  She also talked about her love for snapchat and Instagram filters.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Lucy Hale Done With Filming PLL in October 2016

Despite rumors of a season 8 for PLL, it seems like season 7 will be the last one.  Lucy Hale told V Magazine “I’ll be done next October with ["Pretty Little Liars"] forever, which is exciting, but also scary at the same time because it’s the next chapter of my life, and so I’m really looking forward to exploring different and darker roles”.

Lucy Hale took to Twitter to clarify that she isn’t quitting PLL.  She’s staying on until the seventh season is done.  “Just to clarify ... I am not leaving PLL!! All these rumors. I'm with the show until the 7th and last season”, she tweeted.

The end of PLL is getting closer, but it looks like the cast is ready to move on.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Shay Mitchell Talks About “Game Over, Charles” Reveal

Shay Mitchell talked to Access Hollywood about the season 6 summer finale of PLL “Game Over, Charles”.  She talked about the shocking reveal that CeCe was “A”.  Shay also talked about her new athleisure line at Kohl’s.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

PLL 6x09 Deleted Scene: Aria and Emily Talk About Clark

In this deleted scene of PLL 6x09 “Last Dance”, Emily is sure Clark is working for Charles.  She doesn’t like that Clark is taking pictures of Sara, since Sara doesn’t even go to Rosewood High.  Aria points out that Clark wouldn’t know who is a Rosewood High student, since he doesn’t go there either.

PLL 6x06 Deleted Scene: Lesli Stone’s Pissed

In this deleted scene of PLL 6x06 “No Stone Unturned”, Lesli Stone can’t control her anger after the Liars search her car.  Lesli grabs a pair of her glasses and stomps on them.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

PLL 6x02 Deleted Scene: Alison and Lorenzo

In this deleted scene of PLL 6x02 “Songs of Innocence”, Alison explains why she’s been going to church.  She started going to the chapel as a place to hide while she was in jail. She was afraid in jail, so she tried to make herself small.  Even though she went to the chapel and prayed, she felt like it was a weakness to believe that there could be reasons and purposes for things.

PLL 6x02 Deleted Scene: Caleb and Ashley Marin Talk About Hanna

In this deleted scene of PLL 6x02 “Songs of Innocence”, Caleb and Hanna’s mom talk about Hanna after she returns from the dollhouse.

Monday, August 24, 2015

PLL 6x02 Deleted Scene: Emily’s Mom Worries About Her

In this deleted scene of PLL 6x02 “Songs of Innocence”, Emily checks in with her mom.

PLL 6x02 Deleted Scene: Spencer Can’t Sleep

In this deleted scene of PLL 6x02 “Songs of Innocence”, Spencer has trouble sleeping after the trauma of the dollhouse. 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Vanessa Ray on 'A': CeCe’s a Broken Doll

Vanessa Ray, who plays CeCe Drake on PLL, talked about her complicated character and CeCe’s obsession with dolls.

"She's a broken doll herself, and so she plays with the dolls. Being 'A,' it's cool. I kinda feel like I get to be a little bit bitchy and have a reason for it now!" Vanessa said.

Vanessa was excited about “A”’s nomination at the Teen Choice Awards 2015.  "I can't believe that I got nominated for it! It's cool because it's actually like, the show really is 'A' and I'm lucky enough to get to embody that,” she said.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

“Let It Go” Lucy Hale and Rascal Flatts Duet for 'We Love Disney' Album

Lucy Hale and Rascal Flatts recorded a cover of the popular Disney song “Let it Go” from the movie Frozen.  

Lucy was excited to work with the country group Rascal Flatts.  She wrote “Well...dreams come true. Got to record a duet with my musical idols@rascalflatts for the #WeLoveDisneyalbum coming out October 30! The cold never bothered me anyway...”.

Lucy’s duet of “Let It Go” will be on the We Love Disney album, set to be released on October 30.  Other singers on the album include Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Gwen Stefani.

Lucy’s had practice singing “Let It Go”.  Last year Lucy posted a video of her and her friends singing along to “Let It Go”.  Lucy Hale isn’t the only Pretty Little Liars actor who is a fan of the Frozen song.  Keegan Allen (Toby on PLL) has also posted a video of himself lip syncing the song “Let It Go”.

This “Let It Go” duet with Rascal Flatts is great news for Lucy Hale.  Can’t wait to hear Lucy singing “Let It Go” when the album comes out!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Lucy Hale Spills Season 6B Ezria Spoilers

Lucy Hale, Aria on PLL, gave some spoilers about Pretty Little Liars season 6B in an interview with AOL. 

The second half of PLL season six takes place five years later.  Alison begs the Liars to come back to Rosewood, which is where the remainder of the sixth and the seventh season will take place.  Although the girls have lived an “A”-free life for five years, it looks like “A” is back destroying the Liars.

There is friction between the girls and Alison, but the girls are still best friends.

Don’t expect to see Aria and Ezra back together right away.  After Aria and Ezra say goodbye to each other, they go off and live separate lives.  Ezra develops a relationship with another woman.  Aria is also with someone else. 

There’s still hope for Ezria, though.  When Ezra and Aria see each other again, their chemistry is undeniable.  Lucy is hoping for a big marriage episode on PLL.

Are you supporting Ezria or do you want to see Aria and Ezra move on?

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Keegan Allen Guest Stars on ‘Young and Hungry’

Keegan Allen, Toby on PLL, is making an appearance on ABC Family’s comedy Young and Hungry in the episode “Young & Back to Normal”. 

Keegan Allen will play Tyler, a new love interest for Gabi.

Here’s the synopsis for the episode: “Gabi meets a cute guy named Tyler, but to make sure Josh is cool with her dating someone, she sets him up with her neighbor Sarah. Guest starring Keegan Allen (Pretty Little Liars)”.

Check out the promo for “Young & Back to Normal”:

The star of Young and Hungry, Emily Osment, spoke to AOL Build about Keegan Allen guest starring on her show. 

Emily Osment explained how her character meets Keegan Allen’s character.  "He comes to my door because a piece of my clothing has fallen on his car which is parked outside of my apartment because he lives in his car.  He decides he wants to take me out on a date and I'm completely unaware that he's homeless so it's actually a very, very funny episode."

Emily Osment was impressed that Keegan did so well on Young and Hungry, since filming a sitcom is a lot different than filming a drama like PLL.  "He was so quick and so funny and he fit in really well right away," she said.  She wasn’t surprised to learn that he did a couple episodes of a sitcom a couple years ago.  "The timing is really hard and our schedule is really fast and sometimes it's difficult to get into the swing of things and he caught on really well."

Emily Osment would love to guest star on Pretty Little Liars sometime.

Although Keegan Allen nailed his performance on Young and Hungry, his appearance is only for one episode.  Keegan Allen’s episode of Young and Hungry airs on Wednesday August 26 at 8PM on ABC Family.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Julian Morris Ready to Return to PLL

Julian Morris (Wren on PLL) has been busy filming Hand of God, but he’s ready to return to PLL anytime. 

Julian tweeted a promise to be back on PLL soon.  “So, I’m not Charles. But I will get up to mischief in #HandofGod. And I promise, Wren will be back before PLL is out,” he tweeted.

Julian’s even willing to be in a PLL movie, if the rumors of a PLL movie ever come true.  “I know there’s been talk of a movie, and I know Wren is very much alive in the PLL universe.  Could he come back? Absolutely. Have I spoken with Marlene about coming back? Yes, absolutely,” Julian told Zap2it.

Credit: Instagram
Some PLL fans were disappointed that Wren wasn’t “A” in the summer finale “Game Over, Charles.”  It’s been a while since we’ve seen his character on the show.  If you need a Julian Morris fix, you may want to watch him in Hand of God.

Julian thinks PLL fans may like his Amazon show Hand of God.  “I’m hoping that the fans that have grown up on [Pretty Little Liars] will come to a show like Hand of God.  What attracted me to the pilot of Pretty Little Liars is similar to what attracted me to Hand of God — it’s this ultimate whodunnit. There’s no ‘A’ in this show, but there’s cliffhangers and all the thrills we experience from watching Pretty Little Liars. So just as I made the transition to Hand of God, I’m hoping the PLL fanbase will as well,” Julian said.

If you want to check out Julian Morris in Hand of God, it premieres September 4 on Amazon.  Coincidentally, Elizabeth McLaughlin, who portrays Lesli Stone on PLL, is also in the cast of Hand of God.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

PLL Showrunner Marlene King Defends CeCe as “A” Reveal

A lot of PLL fans were angry and disappointed when they found out CeCe Drake was “A” and took to social media to point out plot holes and express frustration at inconsistencies. 

However, PLL showrunner Marlene King is standing by her decision to make CeCe Drake “A”.  Marlene doesn’t think most PLL fans are upset at the reveal.  “I think the majority of fans really were happy about it. I think no matter who you pick as A there are always going to be the people who want it to be someone else. We had a similar reaction when we revealed Mona was “A” and then as we got to know her character more and got further down the road, I think people couldn’t imagine anybody else being original “A.” We’ll find that the same thing happens with Charlotte,” Marlene told Zap2it.

When asked if fans will find inconsistencies with the CeCe reveal, Marlene said no.  “No, it makes a lot of sense. We knew three and a half years ago that this was going to be who “A” was. I don’t re-watch episodes very often, but when I was getting ready to write this, I went back and watched every Cece scene, every Cece episode and we tell you she’s “A” several times. You will see the clues. I was like, “I can’t believe we did that, I can’t believe we were so bold!”

Marlene also said that she decided Sara Harvey was Red Coat and the Black Widow early on.  “We’ve been looking for a way to play it out for a couple seasons, it really clicked. It was a good time to bring back Sara Harvey.”

Were you happy or disappointed with the reveal that CeCe was “A”?

Monday, August 17, 2015

PLL Cast Wins at Teen Choice Awards 2015

The PLL cast won numerous awards at the Teen Choice Awards 2015.  The show Pretty Little Liars won Choice TV Show: Drama and the cast won individual awards.

A photo posted by Janel Parrish (@janelparrish) on

Here’s a clip of Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, Janel Parrish, Tyler Blackburn and Vanessa Ray accepting the award for Choice TV Show: Drama.

Lucy Hale won Choice TV Actress: Drama, beating out fellow PLL cast mate Shay Mitchell for the award.  Lucy wore a gorgeous blue dress to the award show.

Ashley Benson won Choice Summer TV Star: Female


Tyler Blackburn won Choice Summer TV Star: Male

Ian Harding won Choice TV Actor: Drama

And "A" won for Choice TV Villian

Here’s a backstage glimpse of the seating arrangements for the PLL cast:

Janel Parrish and Lucy Hale:

A photo posted by Lucy Hale (@lucyhale) on
Janel Parrish took a selfie on the blue carpet:

Sasha Pieterse, who was nominated for Choice TV: Scene Stealer, did not attend the award ceremony. Neither did Troian Bellisario, who was nominated for Choice Summer TV Star: Female.

Troian thanked fans for voting for her and wrote “Hey guys! I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who has been voting for this years #TCA I am so honored to be nominated at the #teenchoiceawards I am so thrilled that some of my best friends and favorite people have been too! I wish I could be there but I had to work today on one of my own projects (so excited to share soon) but my heart is with my #pll family. Best of luck @lucyhale @shaym @itsashbenzo @sashapieterse27 @janelparrish @keeoone @tylerjblackburn @ianmharding and a huge hug to my love @vrayskull congratulations @imarleneking you've created such a wonderful world and everyone in it deserves to be celebrated for all their hard hard work. I love you all. And especially our fans. Which are the best in the world.”

Congrats to Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Tyler Blackburn and Ian Harding for their Teen Choice Awards!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

PLL Spoilers: Alison DiLaurentis a Compassionate, Married Teacher in Season 6B

Alison DiLaurentis started off as the mean girl on PLL, but after the five year time jump Alison returns in the second half of season 6 as a totally different person.

Credit: Instagram
Alison is a lot more compassionate than she used to be.  She’s forgiven CeCe and wants to help her.  That’s one reason why she stays in Rosewood even when her friends leave.  “That’s why she stays behind. She said, 'I’ve always wanted to get out of Rosewood, but now it’s the only place I want to be.' And it’s because she wants to take care of Charlotte and be the family to Charlotte that she never had. And I do think Ali has probably changed the most when we come back in five years,” PLL showrunner Marlene King told MTV.

Surprisingly, five years in the future Alison is married and a teacher.  (Maybe Alison marries Dr. Rollins?)  We can also assume that she got her degree at Hollis.  “She’s just this varied person. She likes her life in Rosewood. I think she’s sort of on a mission to give back so it’s very organic. A girl who didn’t get to go to high school is spending her adult time back in that classroom,” Marlene said.

Are you looking forward to a new, compassionate version of Alison or will you miss Alison as Rosewood’s mean girl?

Saturday, August 15, 2015

PLL Season 6B Spoilers: CeCe/Charlotte in Sanitarium and Sara in Hospital

“Game Over, Charles” ended with the Liars happy to be “A”-free, but it wasn’t clear what happened to CeCe (Charlotte) and Sara Harvey.  Looks like we haven't seen the last of either one of them.

Sara Harvey will be sticking around for the second half of season 6.  In the PLL winter promo, we see Emily and Sara at a cemetery.  Plus, we know something happened to Sara, since the Liars said “What happened to her wasn’t our fault” when Emily mentions that Sara is being released from the hospital.  PLL showrunner Marlene Kings told MTV what happened to Sara is “part of the mystery going forward”.

Meanwhile, CeCe ended up in a sanitarium after the game ended in “Game Over, Charles”.  Despite everything she did to the Liars, Alison and Jason want to help CeCe.  This was shown in a scene that ended up getting deleted from the episode.  “And there was a single shot we didn’t get to put in the episode, because we just ran out of time, but I’m sure it will be on the DVD, where Allison and Jason and Dr. Sullivan are visiting Charlotte in the sanitarium — so that’s where she went afterwards,” Marlene said.

You’d think Jason would be upset that he dated his sister and that she tried to kill him, but it looks like Jason has also forgiven CeCe.  “Everything is very complicated in Rosewood, but I think he’s happy to have some closure that he isn’t crazy. Crazy is in the family, but his parents told him that Charles was an imaginary friend, and because of that, Jason grew up to be this tortured soul that always felt that something was missing because his brother was gone. So, he wants to be there for Charlotte now and help to become the family she never had. But thank god they never had sex,” Marlene said.

So we will definitely be seeing more of Sara Harvey when PLL returns for the winter premiere.  And Marlene King has tweeted that we will see Charlotte after the time jump.

Friday, August 14, 2015

PLL Winter Tease Video

The second half of season 6 is still months away, but we already have a PLL winter tease video that gives us a glimpse of what PLL will be like after a five year time jump. 

A lot can change in five years.  Alison is a teacher in Rosewood. 

Is Hanna getting married?  It looks like Hanna is showing a ring to Emily when the girls are at a bar.

Mona asks Spencer if she still has nightmares.

Sara Harvey will still be around after the time jump.  Emily sees Sara Harvey in a cemetery.

Aria says “I know you did this to protect me”.

What do you think of this PLL winter tease video?  Are you excited for the five year time jump?

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Vanessa Ray's Reaction to Being ‘A’ on PLL

Vanessa Ray, CeCe Drake on PLL, talks about her initial reaction to finding out that she is “A”.  She was really excited at the reveal.  She always joked with friends that she might be “A”, but she never actually thought it was true. 

Vanessa felt pressure to give the fans a performance that would help them identify with her character. 

Being “A” was top secret, so she couldn’t even tell her fiancé any details from the PLL script.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Answers to Burning PLL Questions: Who Killed Garrett, Who Killed Ian and Who was in the Barrel

“Game Over, Charles” was supposed to answer all questions, but after the episode there were still some issues that weren’t addressed in the summer finale.  PLL showrunner Marlene King talked to Entertainment Weekly and gave answers to some of those burning questions.

Who killed Garrett and put Aria in the box with his dead body?
“Wilden.  Garrett found out that Wilden was a dirty cop and was going to tell.  [Wilden] was acting on his own”, Marlene said. 

Who killed Melissa’s boyfriend Ian Thomas?
“Ian killed himself but Mona staged the note and the crime scene”.

Whose body was in the barrel?  (The barrel the Liars thought contained Mona’s dead body)
“Charlotte stole a cadaver from a medical school”.

Who tried to kill Jenna the night Emily jumped in the lake and rescued her?
“That was Charlotte because Jenna knew Ali was alive.”

Alison pulled Hanna out of the fire at Thornhill Lodge.  So who pulled out the other Liars?
“Sara Harvey!  And the person who set the fire was Shana.”

What else has Charlotte/CeCe done?
CeCe killed Wilden, almost killed her brother Jason in the elevator, kidnapped Emily and almost sawed her in half, blew up Toby’s house, did creepy dental work on Hanna, put the finger bones in the wedding dresses at the charity fashion show (the bones were from medical school corpses again) and put the snake in Spencer’s dressing room.

Of course, there are still more unresolved questions.  Here are a few unanswered questions. 

Marlene said Wilden acted alone and killed Garrett.  But we heard a guy and a girl’s voice when the box was being pushed off the train.  So who was the girl pushing the box?  And who put Aria in the box if Wilden was just trying to shut Garrett up?  Wilden wouldn’t have a reason to kill Aria, too.  And Aria used a screwdriver to stab whoever was pushing her off the train.  We later saw Jason with an injury.

Why did Ian kill himself?  Since the suicide note was planted by Mona, we don’t know why Ian really killed himself.

Is Wren involved in any of this?  He colored a red coat in an illustration at Radley, implying that he knew more than he let on.  And when CeCe visited Mona in Radley, she was wearing a red coat.  Wren admitted to getting CeCe a visitor’s pass to see Mona.  If CeCe was still a patient at Radley, why would she have a visitor’s pass?
If CeCe didn’t really kidnap Sara, how did Sara end up being Red Coat and the Black Widow?

Spencer’s sister Melissa Hastings was non-existent in “Game Over, Charles”, but CeCe and Melissa were arguing the night Alison disappeared.  What was going on between the two of them?  And what was the significance of the N.A.T. club?

Who killed Jessica DiLaurentis?

Do you have any questions that weren’t answered in the PLL summer finale “Game Over, Charles”?

Sympathy for CeCe Drake in PLL 6x10 “Game Over, Charles”?

In the build up to “Game Over, Charles” the cast and crew of PLL seemed to imply that we would feel sorry for Charles after learning the reasons why he was “A” and that he has a soul.  Sasha Pieterse (Alison on PLL)  thought the “A” reveal was disheartening and sad.  PLL showrunner Marlene King told BuzzFeed “It’s the second-to-last scene in the season finale and the tears started pouring down.”  And when MTV asked if we will empathize with “A”, Marlene answered “All of my favorite villains are not just villains for no reason. There’s always something. And it’s always more interesting to have a reason. For example, when we found out Mona was original A, we understood why. Mona was a villain, but she became a very likable character — before her demise. And we redeemed Paige. We were introduced to Paige in a villainous way. She certainly wasn’t good to Emily. And then she became such a beloved character on our show. So it’s really important for us to show that you’re never really defined by one action, or one motivation. We’re not all a sum of one mistake.”

After watching the PLL summer finale “Game Over, Charles”, did you feel for CeCe or empathize with her?  The DiLaurentis’s family secrets had nothing to do with the Liars.  And CeCe didn’t have much of a personal connection to the Liars or any reason to hate them.  The only reason CeCe gave for hating the Liars is that they were glad Alison was gone.  The Liars had admitted to having mixed feelings towards Alison, since Alison bullied and manipulated them before she disappeared.  However, they all devoted years to finding out what happened to Alison.  They tried to rescue Alison when they found out she was alive.  Even though CeCe knew about that, she still kidnapped the Liars and tortured them.

It’s hard to shed any tears for CeCe after what she put the Liars through, especially when her reason for continuing the “A” game after New York was that it was addictive and she was good at it.  There wasn’t any justifiable reason for what she did to the Liars ever since she took the “A” game over from Mona.  Driving a car through Emily’s house, locking Aria and Spencer in the freezer and all the other times she almost killed the Liars and tried to ruin their lives.  Plus, she blew up Toby's house and went after Aria's brother Mike.

CeCe claimed to love her family, but she almost killed Jason in the elevator in “What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted” episode 3x19, even though Jason hadn’t done anything to deserve her wrath.  She also tried to strangle Alison with a scarf in “Run, Ali, Run” episode 5x06.

Side note:  Does anyone think this timeline makes sense?  In “’A’ is for A-l-i-v-e” episode 4x01 we saw Toby’s mom in a flashback.  In the flashback, we saw Alison and Toby as teenagers in Toby’s room.  They are about to kiss when Toby’s mom comes in.  If Bethany Young really killed Toby’s mom when she and Charles were still young kids, then Toby’s mom wouldn’t have been alive when Toby and Alison were teens.  Charles is a few years older than Alison. 

Did you feel bad for “A” after hearing CeCe’s backstory?  What did you think of CeCe being revealed as “A”?  Did you think Mona being “A” was a better reveal back in the season two finale?  Were you happy with “Game Over, Charles” or were you disappointed?

Recap of PLL 6x10 “Game Over, Charles”: CeCe Drake, AKA Charlotte, is "A"

In Pretty Little Liars "Game Over, Charles" episode 6x10 we finally come face-to-face with “A” and hear “A”’s backstory.  The huge reveal is that “A” is CeCe Drake.  Red Coat and the Black Widow are actually the same person: Sara Harvey.  We find out who killed Bethany Young, who hit Alison on the head with the rock and who murdered Toby's mom.

“Game Over, Charles” starts with the Liars and Alison running to a rooftop.  They find “A”, wearing a black hoodie, ready to jump off the edge.  The police show up on the street below.

Surprisingly, the Liars try to save “A”’s life.  Alison promises to help “A”.  Spencer says that the game isn’t over, even if they now know who “A” is.  Aria knows Charles has spent his whole life trying to get back to his family and it isn’t too late.  Hanna heard “A”’s story and she understands.

Charles prepares to jump off the building and all the girls scream.

Flashback to earlier that night at prom.  The Liars call the DiLaurentis house, but no one answers.  The girls have no idea that their moms are still trapped in the DiLaurentis basement. 

At the dance, Aria realizes that they aren’t alone.  Someone is watching them.  Turns out it is Mona, dressed as Little Red Riding Hood.

Mona has been following Alison since yesterday morning.  She’s been blue snarfing Alison and saw that Alison received texts from Charles.  Unfortunately, she lost Alison when the Liars jumped Clark.  Unlike Aria, Mona already knew Clark was a cop from the bulge in his pants. 

Mona was able to decrypt the signal source.  Charles has his own cellular network.  The servers are located at the Carissimi Group.  The Liars head to the Carissimi office and Sara says she’ll call Lt. Tanner. 

Alison wakes up in Radley.  There are photos on the wall of her with her mom when she was little.  Alison looks through the bars on the door and sees her dad and Jason unconscious on the floor.

At the Carissimi office, the girls try to guess the security code for the door.  They try Charles’s birthday and Mrs. DiLaurentis’s birthday, but those don’t work.  Sara suggests that they try September 7.  Charles gave her a red, white and blue cupcake five days after he took her.  Charles gave her a cupcake every year on 9/7. 

That code opens the door and the Liars enter an empty room.  A secret panel opens and leads them into another room.  Hanna wonders if they just walked into “A”’s brain.  They notice a security camera on the wall and realize that “A” probably knows they are there.  Sara doesn’t come in with them and she waits outside the door.  The door suddenly closes, separating the Liars from Sara.

Credit: Instagram

The Liars watch a hologram showing a live video feed of Alison talking to “A”.  Alison, looking at Jason and her dad, asks “A” why her brother and dad were killed. 

“A” turns around and we see that Charles DiLaurentis is CeCe Drake.  Alison doesn’t understand why CeCe would do this to her.  They were supposed to be BFFs.  Alison risked everything to help CeCe escape the country.  CeCe doesn’t think a passport and a plane ticket amounted to very much.  Besides, she doesn’t want to talk about Alison.  Tonight is all about CeCe Drake.

CeCe looks into the camera and sings to the Liars “Lord help the mister who comes between me and my sister”.

The Liars realize Lt. Tanner won’t show up and help them.  They suspect that Lt. Tanner is working with CeCe, since someone must have helped CeCe escape police custody.

CeCe claims that no one ever understood how much she loved Alison.  Charles never left Alison’s side from the moment she was born.  He viewed Alison as his own living doll.  And when his doll was sad, he was sad too. 

In a flashback, we see Charles having a tea party.  Alison, who is a baby in the flashback, cries in her crib.  Charles tried to get his mom’s attention, but she was outside and couldn’t hear anything.  A bath always made Charles feel better, so he started the water and put Alison in the tub.  He accidentally dropped Alison into the water and their dad rushed in and rescued Alison.

After that incident, Kenneth and Jessica DiLaurentis had Charles commited to Radley.  Jessica DiLaurentis told Charles that she would always love him.  Jessica was clearly devastated to leave Charles at Radley, but Kenneth thought it had to be done.  It wasn’t the first time Charles did something like that.  Kenneth couldn’t risk Charles harming Jason or baby Alison.

Back in the present, CeCe insists that Alison drowning in the bathtub was an accident.  She thinks their dad used that as an excuse to get rid of her.  She always used to ask their mom to buy her dresses, but their dad refused.  She would play dress up in their mom’s closet, but Kenneth caught her one day.  He never visited her in Radley.

CeCe assures Alison that Jason and Kenneth are still alive.  They can hear everything, but they can’t move.  Watching the live feed of this conversation, Mona realizes that CeCe must have used that same drug on her when she was stuffed in the trunk of the car and taken to the dollhouse.  Jason and Kenneth are now in a living nightmare that they can’t wake up from.  The Liars feel sorry for Jason, but not for Alison's dad.

Jessica DiLaurentis and Aunt Carol visited Radley, but CeCe spent the next seven years basically alone.  Turns out one of the yellow dresses Alison found when she was little was for CeCe.  Their mom would buy Alison and CeCe matching outfits.

We get another flashback of a young Charles wearing a dress and a scarf on the roof of Radley.  Charles is talking to Bethany Young and they both think up ways to escape Radley.  Toby Cavanaugh’s mom, Marion, comes up to the rooftop.  Charles hides, since he can’t have anyone see him in a dress.  Bethany Young decides to pushes Toby’s mom off the roof.  Bethany then blames Charles for pushing Toby’s mom off the roof.  No one believed Charles, so Jessica DiLaurentis paid Officer Wilden to make sure the death was ruled a suicide.  Charles was diagnosed with intermittent explosive disorder after that, which would have been an accurate diagnosis for Bethany Young.

Spencer is furious that Mrs. DiLaurentis sacrificed Toby for Charles.  Thinking his own mother chose to leave him traumatized and changed Toby.  Mrs. DiLaurentis treated people like dolls and Charles must have learned that from her.

Charles spent the next two years doped up on tranquilizers.  At that point, Mrs. DiLaurentis decided to help Charles by faking his death.  They had a funeral and symbolically buried Charles in Aunt Carol’s backyard.  Charles became Charlotte and was taken back to Radley. 

Mrs. DiLaurentis convinced Radley to let CeCe (Charlotte) out to attend classes at UPenn.  CeCe quickly became bored of school.  One day classes were cancled because of a bomb threat.  CeCe took that opportunity to sneak back to Rosewood.  She flirted with Jason and ended up dating him.  She’s quick to clarify that she never actually slept with Jason, though.

Jessica DiLaurentis didn’t know CeCe was Charlotte until the day the DiLaurentis family left for their summer trip to Cape May.  Jason invited his girlfriend, CeCe, on the trip.  Jessica is scared of Kenneth’s reaction, but Kenneth doesn’t recognize CeCe.

Alison and CeCe grew close that summer (remember Alison's pregnancy scare?).  Alison doesn’t get why CeCe wouldn’t have told her the truth.  CeCe was going to tell Alison who she really was, but Bethany Young ruined everything.  Bethany found out that Jessica was having an affair with her dad.  She stole CeCe’s clothes and snuck out of Radley to hurt Jessica.  CeCe rushed to the DiLaurentis house to save her mom.  She saw Alison, mistook her for Bethany, and hit her on the head with a rock.

Jessica covered up for CeCe and buried Alison in the yard.  Crying, CeCe begged her mom to forgive her.  Jessica wasn’t ready to forgive CeCe, but she helped protect her.  Once again, Jessica bribed Officer Wilden to keep quiet about Alison's death.  Officer Wilden took CeCe back to Radley. 

CeCe thought it would take a while for her mom to forgive her, but she didn’t realize that her mom wouldn’t ever completely forgive her for killing Alison.

Crying, Mona realizes that she killed Bethany Young.  Mona saw Bethany in the yard, but thought she was Alison.  At that moment, she kept hearing every awful thing Alison ever said to her.  In a blind rage, Mona hit her with a shovel.  If CeCe hit Alison, then the person Mona hit and killed must have been Bethany Young.  Spencer, pissed that Bethany killed Toby’s mom, reassures Mona and tells her that Bethany wasn’t an innocent person.  Spencer doesn’t tell Mona that Melissa was the one who ultimately killed Bethany Young, since Melissa buried Bethany Young alive in a misguided attempt to protect Spencer.

Mona finds out that CeCe had unlimited money to torture the Liars because of some great investments.  Apparently, CeCe is the real Wolf of Wall Street.  Also, Rhys Matthews is legit.  CeCe hired him as a decoy.
CeCe was already locked up in Radley again when Mona was admitted.  Mona was completely drugged, so it was easy for CeCe to manipulate her.  Mona thought CeCe was Alison.  CeCe got Mona to tell her about the Liars.  CeCe was furious when Mona said the Liars were happy that Alison was gone.  The Liars were supposed to be Alison’s friends.  CeCe thinks the Liars got what they deserved. 

CeCe stopped visiting Mona when Mona went off her meds.  She couldn’t trust Mona.  After all, Hanna was Mona’s legit friend.  That didn’t stop Mona from running Hanna over with her car.  Where’s the loyalty in that?  Still, CeCe needed Mona’s help to get out of Radley.  She sent Mona riddles and twisted rhymes and used Mona to carry out her plans. 

Mona apologizes to Hanna for hitting her with her car.  Hanna knows Mona’s sorry.  Looks like everything is forgiven between the former besties.

Eventually, CeCe noticed a blonde in a red coat watching the Liars.  She knew Alison would show up if the Liars were in trouble, so CeCe lured the Liars to the Thornhill Lodge to see if Alison was really alive.

CeCe used a decoy, Red Coat, to distract the Liars.  CeCe reveals that Sara Harvey is Red Coat.  It was Sara’s job to keep Mona busy while CeCe trapped the Liars in the lodge.  Then Shana showed up and all hell broke loose.  Emily, watching the hologram, immediately denies that Sara could be Red Coat.

Alison asks why CeCe kept playing the “A” game if she really did care about her.  New York was the perfect chance to end the “A” game.  The Liars thought “A” was dead and CeCe left the country.  CeCe couldn’t stop playing, though.  The “A” game was like a drug and she was really good at playing.

CeCe attacked Alison in her living room because Alison was about to leave Rosewood and CeCe couldn’t lose Alison again.  CeCe insists that she isn’t a bad person.  She only got mad when Alison didn’t listen.  Even though she crashed a car into Emily’s house and almost froze Aria and Spencer to death, none of them actually died.  CeCe loves all her dolls, which is why the Liars are still alive.

Of course, CeCe isn’t against killing when she thinks it is necessary.  She had to shut Wilden up when he found out Alison was still alive.  In another reveal, we find out that Sara Harvey is also the Black Widow.  CeCe sent Sara to Wilden’s funeral to make sure he was really dead.

At this point, even Emily can’t deny that Sara Harvey can’t be trusted.  Spencer realizes that Sara never called Lt. Tanner because she was working for “A” the whole time.

A motion detector goes off and the Liars see Red Coat setting up a bomb.  CeCe plans to blow up Radley.  The Liars find a way out of the Carissimi room, with a little help from Mona’s awesome stiletto heel that’s actually a weapon.  The Liars race out to get to Alison, but Mona stays behind.  She wants to continue watching the hologram and get more answers.

CeCe continues her story and we find out she didn’t kill Jessica DiLaurentis.  CeCe came home to find Jessica already dead.  CeCe was devastated to lose the only person who ever really loved her.

At this point, CeCe is ready to blow up Radley and take Alison, Jason and Kenneth down with her.  Luckily, the Liars arrive just in time to stop the bomb.

The Liars confront Sara Harvey, who is busy activating the bomb.  Luckily, one of Spencer's many skills includes bomb deactivation.  Spencer successfully deactivates the bomb.  Alison comes running out and begs her friends to help her with CeCe, who is up on the roof.  Sara claims that she tried to keep Emily safe.  Unable to hold back her anger, Emily punches Sara.

The Liars race to the roof and try to convince CeCe not to jump off.  CeCe climbs down from the ledge and says “Game over”.

Guess the Liars really didn’t go to graduation because we skip straight to the girls leaving Rosewood and heading off to college.  Emily is going to Pepperdine University, so she packs tons of flip flops for sunny California.  Aria is heading to Savannah and Spencer is heading to Georgetown.  Alison is staying in Rosewood. 

The Liars exchange heartfelt goodbyes and Spencer quotes Winne the Pooh with “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard”.

Flash forward to five years later.  Alison, now married, is a teacher.  Her new name is Mrs. Rollins.  (Did Alison marry psychologist Dr. Rollins?).  The Liars, who came back to Rosewood to help save Alison from someone who is after her, rush into her classroom.  It’s too late, they say.  He’s already here. 

What did you think of CeCe Drake, aka Charlotte, being revealed as “A”?  Were you surprised that Sara Harvey is both Red Coat and the Black Widow?  Do you think Sara helped CeCe because they were friends or was she coerced?  How could CeCe have kept Sara in the dollhouse while she was also locked away at Radley, assuming Bethany really was kidnapped around Labor Day?  And who do you think really killed Jessica DiLaurentis? 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

GMA Drops PLL Clue About Identity of Charles

Here’s a PLL clue about “A” that Good Morning America revealed.  “#PLL Clue: 'A' has been in MORE than 5 episodes.”

This clue is great news for PLL fans who were worried that Charles will be a minor character or someone that we haven't seen before.

Troian Bellisario Guest Stars on ‘Suits’ Again

Troian Bellisaro, Spencer on PLL, is making a return appearance on her fiance’s show Suits.  Troian first guest starred on Suits back in February.  Troian played Claire in a flashback.  Claire was an ex-girlfriend of Mike's.  Mike is played by Troian’s real life fiancé Patrick Adams.  (Patrick Adams guest starred on Pretty Little Liars to win Troian Bellisario back after a breakup).

Troian Bellisario will be in the August 12 episode “Mea Culpa”.  Troian told TV Fanatic that her character’s return to Suits will cause problems for Mike.  “It’s definitely not a good thing, especially for Mike, and then also for Rachel. But when we now find Claire she’s gone through a huge change in her life. When we first saw her she was working immigration law and she’s working her way up the ranks and now we see she’s getting a lot of power quickly. It’s also Mike’s first case as a partner and I’m the one he’s paired up against so he cannot meet with me because I’m the one person outside of his circle of trust that knows his secret.”

Troian talked about working with her fiancé Patrick Adams.  “It was just so much fun. When we met it was on a play so we started out working together so whenever we get to return to that, it’s such a wonderful and creative place for me to grow because I feel like there’s such permission whenever I’m working with him. He’s got a really good barometer and he’ll let me know definitely when something is or isn’t working.”

Here’s the promo for Suits “Mea Culpa” episode 5x08:

You can watch Troian Bellisario on Suits “Mea Culpa” on USA at 8PM on Wednesday, August 12.

Monday, August 10, 2015

PLL 6x10 Canadian Promo

Here is the Canadian promo for the PLL summer finale “Game Over, Charles” episode 6x10:

PLL Summer Finale Message From Marlene King

PLL showrunner Marlene King promises we will get all the answers we’ve been waiting for in “Game Over, Charles” episode 6x10.  We will finally see “A”’s face and hear “A”’s story.

PLL Special Message From Cast & Crew

Here is a message from the PLL cast and crew about the upcoming episode “Game Over, Charles”:

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Shay Mitchell and Marlene King Talk Emison and Paily

Shay Mitchell (Emily on PLL) and showrunner Marlene King talked about Emily’s love life and what to expect after the time jump.

Shay acknowledged that there are die-hard Emison PLL fans.  Marlene King said there are Emison moments in a lot of the episodes.  They don’t have to be a couple to be Emison.  They will always have a connection because Alison was Emily’s first love.

Marlene has previously said that Lindsey Shaw (Paige) will appear on PLL in season 6.  In this new interview, Marlene said there may be a story that puts Emily and Paige in the same state over the time jump. 

They also touched on Sara Harvey.  Neither Marlene nor Shay think Sara Harvey has made it to girlfriend level for Emily.  Maybe Sara will just be a friend?

Who do you think is best for Emily?  Previously, Shay Mitchell has said that she thinks Paige is good for Emily.  Do you think Emily should be with Paige, Alison, Sara or someone else?

Janel Parrish Talks “A” Reveal and Time Jump on PLL

Janel Parrish (Mona on PLL) was shocked when she found out who “A” is and what “A”’’s motives are.

She also talked about the upcoming time jump on PLL.  All the girls will be dealing with post-traumatic stress after what “A” did to them, but they’ve been living an “A” free life for a few years.  Trouble starts up again when Alison asks the girls to come back to Rosewood.

Unfortunately, Janel Parrish doesn’t have any spoilers on Mona’s love life.  She hopes Mona will still be with Mike after the time jump.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

PLL 6x10 Sneak Peek: Red Cloak Mystery Person

Here's another sneak peek of the PLL summer finale 6x10.

In the  video of the first two minutes of “Game Over, Charles”, Aria thought she saw someone watching them.

In this sneak peek, the Liars try to find the person watching them.  It is someone wearing a mask and dressed in a red cloak.

Who do you think this mystery person is?   Maybe Mona?

PLL 6x10 Official Preview

Here’s the official preview video for the PLL summer finale “Game Over, Charles”:

Friday, August 7, 2015

Lucy Hale Discusses PLL Summer Finale and Finding Out Who “A” Is

Lucy Hale talked about the upcoming PLL episode “Game Over, Charles” and her reaction to “A”’s identity on Late Night with Seth Meyers.  (Ashley Benson was also on Late Night with Seth Meyers recently and talked about her craziest PLL fan experience).

Lucy Hale wasn't told in advance who "A" is.  (Seems like Lucy was the last PLL cast member to find out "A"'s identity).  She has had a lot of theories about “A”, but finding out who “A” actually is blew her mind.  Lucy said she has no idea how they came up with it.  “A”’s identity is completely out of left field.

“A”'s Creepy Messages on PLL

“A” has left a lot of creepy messages for the Liars over the last few years.  Here’s a video of some memorable messages from “A”:

Thursday, August 6, 2015

A's Most Memorable Moments on PLL

Here’s a video of “A”’s most memorable moments on PLL:

Which “A” moment is your favorite?

PLL 6x10 Synopsis

Synopsis for PLL 6x10 “Game Over, Charles”:

“Who killed Toby’s mother? Who hit Alison in the head with the rock the night she went missing? Who is Red Coat? Who killed Bethany? Who is the Black Widow? Why has “A” been targeting the PLLs all this time? After years of torture, Alison, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer finally come face-to-face with their tormentor and learn the story of how and why Charles became ‘A’.”

Glad we will finally get all the answers we’ve been waiting for!  Can't wait until Tuesday?  Watch the first couple minutes of the PLL summer finale "Game Over, Charles".

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

PLL 6x10 Sneak Peek: First Two Minutes of “Game Over, Charles”

The Liars try to save Charles’s life in this awesome sneak peek of the PLL summer finale 6x10 “Game Over, Charles”.  This sneak peek is the first two minutes of the season six finale episode.

“Game Over, Charles” starts off with the Liars and Alison chasing “A”.  They get to the rooftop to find “A” ready to jump off the building.  The police show up on the street below, ready to fire at Charles.

Alison promises to do whatever it takes to help Charles.  Spencer tells him that the game isn’t over, even if they now know who he is.  Aria knows Charles has spent his whole life trying to get back to his family and it isn’t too late.  Hanna heard his story and she understands.

Charles prepares to jump and all the girls scream.

Flashback to earlier that night.  The prom is in full swing.  The girls call the DiLaurentis house, but no one answers.  Their moms are still trapped in the basement. 

Aria spots someone in red and realizes that they aren’t alone.

You can watch the first two minutes of PLL 6x10 "Game Over, Charles" here.

What did you think of the first couple minutes of “Game Over, Charles”?  The Liars went from wishing Charles was dead to pleading with him not to jump off the roof.  Who do you think Charles is?  Why do you think the Liars actually care about him now?

PLL 6x10 Promo

No more lies.  “A” will tell all on the PLL summer finale “Game Over, Charles” episode 6x10.

Recap of PLL 6x09 “Last Dance”: Alison Sees Charles Unmasked

PLL 6x09 "Last Dance" is all about prom for the Liars.  The Liars crash their own prom, the PLL moms drink wine and act just like their daughters, and Alison finds out who Charles DiLaurentis really is.

Principal Hackett has made it official.  The Liars have been disinvited to their own prom.  Rosewood High doesn’t think the other students will be safe if the Liars go to the dance.  The PLL moms are sympathetic, but they do think there are valid security risks after the gallery incident.  Charles won’t have any problem crashing a school party.

Veronica Hastings, Spencer’s mom, offers to let the Liars use the backyard barn to have their own prom.  Spencer isn’t enthusiastic about a party in a small room stuffed with Melissa’s stuff.  The barn isn’t big enough for the girls, their dates and their poufy dresses.  Twinkle lights hanging on Melissa’s shower isn’t exactly a prom.

The Liars are also getting kicked out of the commencement ceremony.  Spencer wasted time writing her graduation speech, since the Liars won’t be allowed to walk across that stage and get their diplomas.  The valedictorian offer has gone from a pity toss to a humiliation hurl.

At The Brew, the Liars vent about getting disinvited to prom and try to look on the bright side.  Prom wouldn’t have been that great anyways.  Everyone would stare at them all night.  And they wouldn’t be safe from Charles.  The Liars already attended one psycho prom that Charles hosted.

Aria hasn’t heard from Clark, but she’s left him five messages.  They still don’t know why Charles was meeting up with Matthew Rhys at the abandoned doll warehouse.

Lorenzo comes in and he’s clearly still upset that Alison stole his police key card.  Spencer thinks Lorenzo will eventually forgive Alison.  Alison gets a text from Charles that says “Better be at prom.  It’s our last chance to dance.  Come alone”.

Aria makes another call to Clark.  Ezra wonders why Aria hasn’t told the police about him if she thinks he is connected to Charles.  Aria doesn’t want to do that unless she’s sure.  It wasn’t too long ago that she accused Andrew Campbell of being “A” and it turned out Andrew was trying to rescue the Liars from “A”.

Aria’s mom, Ella Montgomery, rushes over to The Brew with good news.  Aria won the photography contest.  Aria will get a cash prize and an internship at a magazine in Los Angeles.  Aria’s mom and Ezra are thrilled, but Aria isn’t.  She can’t leave Rosewood with “A” still on the loose.  “A” would probably wait for her at the baggage claim.

Aria’s mom suggests that Aria live in the moment.  She should focus on the barn prom.  Ezra offers to go to the prom with Aria.  He wasn’t eager to share a punch bowl with former students at Rosewood High, but he doesn’t mind attending a prom in Spencer’s barn.

Hanna won’t have a date for the barn prom.  Caleb is heading to New York to visit his dad.  Hanna doesn’t believe him when she sees that Caleb is taking an industrial strength laptop with him.  She suspects Caleb is tracking down “A” himself.

Emily also won’t have a date to the prom.  Emily asks Sara Harvey to prom, but Sara’s old school has prom on the same night.  Sara already has plans to go to that prom with Claire and some of her other friends.

Toby has to deal with the fallout from the failed attempt to catch Charles at the arcade.  He faces disciplinary action at the Rosewood police department.  Spencer feels guilty for everything that happened to both Toby and Lorenzo.  She asked Toby not to tell the police that Charles was heading to the arcade.  And Lorenzo never would have gotten hurt if Toby hadn’t eaten her pot candies.  She should have told Toby how messed up she was after the dollhouse.

Toby isn’t holding a grudge against Spencer.  She didn’t force him to go to the arcade that night.  Maybe what happened was for the best.  The police will catch Charles even if Toby isn’t on the force anymore.

Lorenzo tells Toby that his suspension is for an indefinite amount of time.  There will be an investigation and a hearing.  Spencer wants to say something to the police department in Toby’s defense.  Lorenzo, still angry about getting hurt and Alison’s betrayal, tells Spencer that no one is interested in what she has to say.

Emily hangs out at Hanna’s house while Hanna repeatedly calls Caleb.  Since Caleb isn’t answering his phone, Hanna decides to call Caleb’s dad.  She finds out that Caleb lied about visiting his dad.  Now Hanna is sure Caleb is hunting down “A” himself.  

While Hanna is out of the room, Hanna’s mom comes in.  Emily tells Hanna's mom that she doesn't feel like dressing up for the pity prom.  Emily and Hanna won’t even have dates.  Hanna’s mom advises them to dress up, dance and feel beautiful.  Senior prom only comes once.

Alison gets a call from Charles.  She tells him that she can’t go to the school prom.  She begs him to talk to her, but he hangs up on her.

Spencer asks Lorenzo to meet her at The Brew.  She understands why Lorenzo is angry at Alison.  Stealing his police key card was stupid, impulsive and put Lorenzo in a terrible position at work.  Even so, Spencer wants Lorenzo to give Alison another chance.  Alison has never had someone like Lorenzo who saw something vulnerable and genuine in her.

Lorenzo is starting to think everyone was right about Alison being a master manipulator.  He gave her a chance and he got screwed over.  Spencer knows how he feels.  She’s been used and abused by Alison more times than she can count.  Spencer believes Alison has changed after everything she’s been through, but Lorenzo isn’t ready to forgive her.  Spencer invites him to the barn prom, in case he changes his mind.

While the Liars have their prom in the barn, the moms stay close by in Spencer’s house and have a few glasses of wine.  They wonder how Jessica and Kenneth DiLaurentis could keep their son a secret for so long.  Veronica Hastings, who clearly had a bit too much wine, almost spills about Jason not knowing Kenneth wasn’t his biological father.  The other mothers immediately pick up on that slip and ask for details.

Alison is heading to Spencer’s barn when she sees someone in a red cloak and mask watching her.  Alison sneaks off to the Rosewood High prom to meet Charles.  When she arrives, she spots Clark taking photos at the prom.

Ezra snaps photos of the Liars, who look gorgeous in their prom dresses.  Aria accidentally sees an airline confirmation for Ezra on his phone.  Aria isn’t happy when she sees that Ezra is flying to Los Angeles.

Since the Liars are stuck in Spencer’s prom, they spend most of the time looking at photos of their classmates at the real prom.  Bridget Wu, Noel Kahn’s date, has her dress on backwards and is 85% tequila.  Hanna is disturbed to see Lucas took Jenna as his date.  Spencer thinks Lucas and Jenna were just near each other and didn’t actually go to the dance together.  The Liars are shocked when they see Alison in the background of one of the prom photos.  They realize that Charles lured Alison to the prom.

The Liars immediately rush to the prom to rescue Alison.  The Rosewood High prom is fairy tale themed, so the Liars are dressed perfectly.  Spencer's dress is inspired by Ariel, Emily is the Evil Queen, Hanna has a Rapunzel dress and Aria’s dressed like Snow White.

Aria asks why Clark is at the Rosewood High prom.  He isn’t even a student.  Clark claims that someone on the prom committee saw his photos at the gallery.  Aria asks why he was at the old doll factory, but a chaperone interrupts before Clark can answer.  The chaperone rudely tells Aria to leave with her friends.

Alison gets a text from Charles that says “Don’t look for a wolf, seeing red is enough”.  Alison starts looking for someone dressed in red.

The PLL moms continue to drink in Spencer’s kitchen.  Veronica Hastings vents about Jessica DiLaurentis.  She stole Veronica’s husband and then Jessica’s sick son buried her in the backyard.  The deranged freak tried to frame her family.

Pam Fields wonders if Charles wasn’t the one who buried Jessica in the Hastings backyard.  Maybe it was Alison’s dad Kenneth DiLaurentis.  He could have killed his wife to get revenge for keeping Charles a secret all those years.  Maybe Kenneth wanted Peter Hastings to find the body.

Veronica Hastings, now drunk, decides to go over to the DiLaurentis house and confront Kenneth.  The other moms follow Veronica and find the DiLaurentis front door open.  Veronica calls out for Kenneth.  She knows he’s home because there is a glass of scotch on the table.  Pam notices a police envelope used for evidence next to the scotch. 

Veronica opens the envelope and the moms stare at the photo of Jessica DiLaurentis with Charles and Jason at the Campbell Farm.  While they are looking at the photo, Matthew Rhys comes in.

The Liars finally find Alison, but Alison isn’t happy that they showed up at the prom.  She thinks the Liars will scare him away, just like at the arcade.  Alison tells her friends to leave her alone.  She knows what she’s doing.

Sara Harvey shows up at the Rosewood High prom.  She decided that she wanted to dance with Emily at prom.  Whatever happens, she wants Emily to know that she means a lot to her. 

Spencer begs Alison to leave the dance while they still can.  Alison still thinks Charles won’t hurt her.  The text he sent her wasn’t threatening.  Alison turns on Spencer.  She says that Spencer never understood her and never liked her.  Charles is her brother, not Spencer’s.  Alison isn’t leaving until she asks what she did to make him hate her.

Matthew Rhys asks if Kenneth DiLaurentis is at home.  Matthew explains that he is from the Carissimi Group, which was sponsored by Jessica DiLaurenitis.  Since Kenneth isn’t around, Matthew leaves.  The PLL moms have the same idea as their daughters.  They think Matthew Rhys is Charles DiLaurentis.

The Liars dance with their significant others while keeping an eye on Alison and Clark.  Spencer wonders why Alison said she never liked her.  They all came to protect Alison.  The Liars missed out on the typical high school experience because they tried to solve the mystery of Alison.

Aria tells Ezra not to come to Los Angeles with her over the summer.  She needs to go by herself.  Ezra isn’t planning to go to Los Angeles, though.  He bought a ticket to Thailand.  He decided to do the Habitat for Humanity trip.  His flight has a layover in LA.  Ezra isn’t going to follow Aria, but he also isn’t going to stay in Rosewood.  Aria is glad that Ezra is heading to Thailand.  He needs to move on.  Ezra agrees that change could be good for both of them.

Spencer tells Toby what she wrote in her commencement speech.  She wrote what it means to support someone unconditionally even if that person hasn’t been honest.  The importance of having someone who inspires you and puts your needs before their own without resenting them for it.  Someone who always expects you to do the right thing and then forgives you when you don’t.  Spencer wrote that speech about Toby.  Toby and Spencer kiss while Alison slips away.

The moms search the DiLaurentis house for more photos, but they hear a noise coming from the basement.  They assume Kenneth is down there.  When they go to investigate, someone locks them down there.  Unfortunately, they didn't bring phones with them.

Caleb surprises Hanna at prom.  He’s even wearing the suit she picked out for him.  Hanna demands to know what Caleb was doing in New York.  Turns out his trip had nothing to do with “A”.  Caleb was making Hanna’s dream of New York a reality.  Caleb got a job as an information risk analyst.  He can’t tell her the name of the company, but it’ll be his job to keep hackers out.  The job will pay enough to cover Hanna’s college tuition and a place to live.

Alison gets another text from “A” following the Little Red Riding Hood theme.  It says “My, what big eyes you have.  Use them.  Time’s almost up.”  Alison follows someone in a red cloak.

Clark follows Alison, but the Liars stop him before he can reach her.  Toby takes a gun from Clark and they demand to know who Charles is.  They all think Clark was hired by Charles, but they are way off.  Clark is actually an undercover police officer.  He has a badge to prove it, but it’s too late to protect Alison.  She’s already gone.

Alison ends up alone, surrounded by mirrors.  She gets another text that says “Now it’s just the two of us”.  “A”, wearing a black hoodie and mask, grabs Alison and drags her away.

Meanwhile, the Liars are trying to find Alison.  Clark and Toby already called the police for backup.  Lorenzo shows up and asks where Alison is. 

Still locked in the DiLaurentis basement, the PLL moms wonder how their daughters managed to survive everything “A” put them through.  The moms are just getting a taste of what the Liars have lived through the past few years.  The moms were supposed to keep the girls safe that night, but they failed.

Alison runs from “A”, but suddenly stops and faces him.  Alison begs Charles to talk to her.  Charles takes off his mask and Alison finally comes face-to-face with him.  Alison says “Oh my god” when she finally sees who her brother is.

It was great to see all the PLL moms get drunk together, but were you disappointed that the moms didn’t deal with “A” any better than their daughters do?  Spencer’s mom, usually the cautious lawyer, didn’t have any problem trespassing on the DiLaurentis property and opening the police evidence envelope.  And it was so easy for “A” to trap them in the basement.  It would have been nice to see Noel, Lucas and Jenna at the prom since we know they attended it.  Do you think Alison is in danger?  Who do you think Charles is?  One more week until we finally see “A” unmasked!