Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ezria Not Getting Back Together Soon

Don’t expect to see Aria and Ezra back together anytime soon.  PLL showrunner Marlene King told Yahoo!TV that Ezra and Aria’s breakup was a decision she feels strongly about.

"Some of our older, more mature viewers [agreed] that if you’re ever going to succeed you’ve gotta take a break and come at this relationship again post-college, or at least after Aria has a chance to go experience young adult life. The younger fans were really upset about it. It was a group divided. But we really still feel strongly about that creative choice and that it’s important. If Ezria does ultimately get back together, it will be because of this decision" Marlene said.

Do you agree that Aria and Ezra need to take some time apart from each other?  Do you eventually want to see them get back together?

Monday, March 30, 2015

PLL Season 6 Spoilers: Parents Become More Involved


The Liars have tried to protect their parents by keeping them in the dark about “A”.  After all, “A” dug up a lot of secrets about the parents.  However, in season 6 of Pretty Little Liars all the parents will finally realize that “A” has been terrorizing the Liars.

Marlene King told Yahoo!TV that the parents will finally be able to help the girls fight “A”. “Based on what you’ll see in the finale, we’ve reached this sort of critical mass on Pretty Little Liars: There’s no turning back and, without giving too much away, it’s a world where these girls are not going to have to just carry this burden around all by themselves anymore,” Marlene said.

PLL executive producer Oliver Goldstick also told TVLINE that it won’t just be the parents that realize why the Liars were always lying.  “Not just the families, but the school — everybody — will have to look at these girls differently. All of the crying wolf and strange, erratic behavior starts to make a lot of sense. So they’re thrown a big pass because of this now; there’s reason to believe these girls have been lying for a legitimate reason, out of fear and self-preservation. But that doesn’t mean they’re suddenly going to start sharing everything with mommy and daddy. There are still things you can’t tell them, as we all know.”

Looks like the Liars will finally get some much needed help taking “A” down.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Photos of PLL Cast Shooting 6x01

The PLL cast is back and busy filming the Pretty Little Liars season 6 premiere “Game On, Charles”.  Here are some photos from the Pretty Little Liars set.

Here’s a group photo of the PLL cast and crew.  Looks like Lucy Hale (Aria on PLL) is having a good time on set.  (Looks like that's "A"'s dollhouse).  PLL showrunner Marlene King captioned it “Best cast and crew!”  Lucy Hale also posted this photo with the caption “...I love these people with my absolute whole heart. 6 years strong !”.

Lucy Hale PLL Cast and Crew Filming Season 6 Premiere
Credit: Marlene King's Instagram

Mona’s dress looks dirty after the attempt to escape the dollhouse.  Marlene posted this photo with the caption “Our official PLL ‘Morning after’ look.”

PLL Mona's Dress 6x01
Credit: Marlene King's Instagram

Sasha Pieterse (Alison on PLL) posted this photo of Ian Harding (Ezra on PLL) getting hair and makeup done.  She captioned it “@ianmharding getting pretty.”

Ian Harding PLL 6x01
Credit: Sasha Pieterse's Instagram

Troian Bellisario (Spencer on PLL) up early for hair and makeup.  She wrote “Wow. Haven't gotten up this early in a while. Here we go season 6! Just in time to get you guys a premiere for tonight's finale!”.

Troian Bellisario PLL 6x01
Credit: Troian Bellisario's Instagram

Buttahbenzo reunited!  Ashley Benson (Hanna on PLL) posted this photo with Shay Mitchell and captioned it “Buttahbenzo is back ”.

Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell Buttabenzo
Credit: Ashley Benson's Instagram

Can’t wait to watch “Game On, Charles” PLL 6x01 in June!

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Interested?  Submit your PLL art by 4/7/15 and check out the official rules.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

PLL Season 6 Spoilers: Paige Returns

Credit: Lindsey Shaw's Instagram

Paige McCullers will return to Rosewood in season 6 of Pretty Little Liars, though not right away. 

PLL showrunner Marlene King told Zap2it that we will definitely see Paige return eventually.  “Not right off the bat in Season 6, but I will say that you will see Paige.  I don't want to give away the story -- she's not in the first couple episodes, I'll say” Marlene said.

Shay Mitchell (Emily on PLL) has said that the Paily relationship is the one she's most attached to.  She's also said that she loves Lindsey Shaw (Paige on PLL) and was sad about the Paily breakup.

Are you excited to see Paige return to Rosewood?  Are you hoping for a Paily reunion?

Friday, March 27, 2015

Mona Didn’t Leave the Charles Anagram for the Liars?

Did someone else leave the Charles anagram for the Liars in Mona’s bedroom?  When Spencer told the girls that she figured out the alphabet blocks spelled Charles, Mona didn’t mention leaving them a clue about his name.  It seemed like she was hearing the name Charles for the first time. 

People asked Marlene King about the anagram found in Mona’s mirror.  “Well, we're going to get into that next season because last night, as you watched, it seemed like that was new information to Mona. So she might not have been aware of those anagrams left at her house” Marlene said.

Did “A” leave the anagram for the girls to find?  Or did Andrew leave it as a clue for the Liars?  Andrew was watching Mona’s house while the Liars were searching it.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Did “A” Try to Kill Maya?

A video posted by @imarleneking on

Maya’s sudden death back in season 2 of PLL left us with some unanswered questions.  Maya seemed to know what was going on, but we never really found out exactly what she knew.  Did “A” actually try to kill Maya?

TVLine asked PLL executive producer Oliver Goldstick about the significance of Spencer mentioning Maya on the Pretty Little Liars season 5 finale “Welcome to the Dollhouse”.  (Spencer called Emily a quitter when they staged their fight to distract “A”.  Spencer said Emily quit the swim team, quit Maya and quit Paige).

Oliver said “I think that’s a word that would make ‘A’ perk up, just as it made you perk up. Given Maya’s history with the series — she was sort of clued in by the end, and possibly had some answers — it was not ‘A’ that killed her, but that doesn’t mean ‘A’ didn’t try.”

Do you think Maya figured out who “A” was before she died?  Or do you think Maya is still alive? 

Watch These PLL Episodes to Figure Out Who Charles/“A” Is

Can’t wait until Pretty Little Liars returns in June to find out exactly who Charles is?  Maybe rewatching some PLL episodes might help.

PLL showrunner Marlene King gave E! Online a list of five episodes that she would recommend rewatching.

1. "It Happened 'That Night'" (3x01)

2. "A Dangerous Game" (3x24)

3. "A Is for Answers" (4x24) 

4. "Taking This One to the Grave" (5x12) 

5. "How the 'A' Stole Christmas" (5x13)

Catch any clues in those episodes?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Janel Parrish Talks About Mona’s Return

Mona Vanderwaal, the original “A”, turned out to be alive in the Pretty Little Liars season five finale “Welcome to the Dollhouse”.  Janel talked to E! Online about the shocking revelation that Mona wasn’t really dead.


Janel really did believe her character died.  “Honestly, when Marlene told me I was going to die, I thought I was dead. And then a couple of weeks before we filmed the finale, she called me and was like, ‘OK, you're actually alive.’ So I was like, ‘Yeah, I'm alive!’” Janel said.

Mona certainly looked dead when “A” stuffed her in the trunk of a car after attacking her, but Janel has an explanation for that.  “I believe Mona was drugged by "A" and so that's why she looked like she was dead. She was drugged.”

Janel isn’t a huge fan of Mona’s new blonde hair.  “Let's talk about the fact that I look terrible as a blonde. I will never be blonde ever again! I'm dreading myself seeing myself in that wig, in that scene being creepy and strange!”

Janel is happy that Mona’s alive, since that means she’ll get to be in more scenes on the show.  “Flashbacks are all fun and good, but it's nice to be back and have more than one scene every few episodes. I love doing what I do and I love being on set and being with the cast and playing Mona. I really prefer Mona alive, so I'm very happy” Janel said.

Were you surprised to find out Mona wasn’t really murdered by “A”?

Charles DiLaurentis is “A” and Jason’s Brother

Turns out Mona’s anagram was a code for “Charles DiLaurentis”.  In “Welcome to the Dollhouse”, Spencer finds alphabet blocks in the house they are trapped in.  She realizes the blocks spell out “Charles”. 

We also saw an old family video of Alison’s mom holding a baby girl.  She tells two boys to kiss their sister.  Does Jason have a brother, possibly a twin?


We don’t know of any characters named Charles, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t already met this character.  PLL showrunner Marlene King tweeted “Are you sure Charles is not a cast member you have already met?”

And we should have enough hints to figure out who Charles is.  Marlene also tweeted “I have given you a ton of hints in seasons 3-5. A is not a stranger.”

Who do you think Charles is and why do you think he's been tormenting the Liars?

Recap of PLL 5x25 "Welcome to the Dollhouse"

The season five finale of Pretty Little Liars “Welcome to the Dollhouse” 5x25 features the biggest reveal ever.  “A” goes beyond blackmail and text messages when “A” kidnaps the Liars.  “A” throws a creepy prom, Mona’s alive (and blonde), and we find out that “A” is a guy named Charles DiLaurentis.

Hanna, Emily, Aria and Spencer are all being transported to a different prison because the wardens got an anonymous tip that the girls were plotting something.  The prison wanted to keep the Liars away from Alison, who they think is the ringleader.

Hanna warns the girls that they will be split up when they get to the prison.  Emily asks Hanna what it will be like.  Hanna says they will feel ashamed, even though they are innocent.  They will be treated like criminals and it will be hard to remember they didn’t do anything wrong.  The first night will be the hardest.  It will be the loneliest feeling that they can ever imagine. 

The girls are determined to stick together, regardless of how far apart they are.  They lean on each other and hold hands.

The transportation van suddenly crashes.  The door opens and “A” stands in front of them.  “A” launches a smoke bomb in the van.

Toby tells Spencer’s parents, Veronica and Peter Hastings, that the Liars have been taken.  The transport officers were injected with the date rape drug and have no memory of the incident.  Spencer’s parents think Alison is behind the abduction. 

Toby acknowledges that Alison is a master manipulator.  However, she doesn’t have access to pull off this elaborate plan.  Lt. Tanner wants this incident out of the press, so she hasn’t told anyone about it.  The other girls’ parents have no idea their daughters were abducted.  Lt. Tanner wants to avoid a civilian mob.  She is acting like the Liars are fugitives and escaped police custody.

Spencer wakes up in what looks like her own room.  She is still in her prison orange jumpsuit.  “A” has written ‘Welcome Home’ on her whiteboard. 

Hanna, Emily and Aria also wake up in what looks like their own rooms.  There are cameras in each room.  They all desperately try to get out, but the doors won’t open.

Spencer takes a chair, which still has a product number sticker on it, and throws it at the window.  Realizing there is no way out, Spencer sits on the floor in shock.  A recording plays over the intercom, welcoming the girls in different languages. 

The bedroom doors open and a buzzer sounds.  The recorded voice says to exit the rooms and follow the lighted pathway.

The Liars realize that they are trapped in a dollhouse that “A” has created.  They walk down the hallway and enter a room that has been recreated to look like Alison’s living room. 

A blonde girl wearing an Alison mask is playing music on the piano.  The girl pulls off the Alison mask and we see that it is Mona.

Shocked, Hanna says Mona’s name.  However, Mona claims that she is Alison.

Caleb, Toby and Ezra work together to try to find the girls.  Caleb puts his hacking skills to use and finds out that the transport van went dead at route 30 near the railroad crossing.  “A” gained remote control of the van.  Ezra asks Caleb to hack into the traffic cameras.  All they need is one frame of “A” to prove to Lt. Tanner that the girls are in trouble.

Mona, still acting like Alison, pours the girls tea.  Emily frantically looks for a way out, but a cement wall is behind the door she opens.  The Liars want to know where they are, but Mona insists that they are in her living room.

Emily tells Mona that they thought she was dead.  Mona, keeping up the charade, says that she owes Mrs. Grunwald for saving her life the night she was buried alive.  Hanna tells Mona that she is happy to see her.  Mona demands that they never used the name ‘Mona’ again.  She loathes that bitch.  Emily examines Mona’s blonde hair and is surprised that it really is her hair.

A bell chimes and Mona suddenly goes to another room.  The Liars follow her.  Mona says that they need to play the Mystery Date board game.  The Liars don’t understand and Mona tells them that four chimes means it is game time.

Mona explains that the object of the game is to find out who your mystery date is.  The board game has a photo of Ezra and Caleb from the Ice Ball.  A chime rings again and Mona opens a small mailbox.  Each girl has an envelope.

Inside each envelope is an invitation to senior prom, an evening to die for.  The Liars realize they are supposed to play the game to see who their prom dates will be.

Furious, Hanna yells at the camera.  She says that “A” has won and can keep them as dolls.  However, she won’t let “A” do anything to hurt Caleb.

Fed up, Hanna yells that Mona isn’t Alison.  She tells Mona that she isn’t alone anymore.  There are five of them and together they can find a way to get out.  Mona continues to insist that she is Alison. 

Suddenly, a siren starts to blare.  Mona says that she tried to warn them.  She says the siren won’t stop until they are all in their rooms.  The girls race back to their rooms.  The bedroom doors shut automatically and the siren finally stops.

When Caleb tries to get the traffic camera videos, a cartoon plays on the computer.  “A” found a way to override the camera and is mocking them with the cartoon.  Frustrated, Ezra punches the wall. 

Caleb plans to pinpoint the source of the hacker.  If he can do that, then they can prove to Lt. Tanner that “A” took control of the prison transport van.

In the middle of the night, Mona leads all the girls into the hallway.  The generator shuts down each night and they have three minutes before the backup power turns on.  Mona has tried to run in each direction for 90 seconds, but she hasn’t found a way out.  She has found a steel door, like a vault, but she’s never made it inside.  It’s too far to make it back to her bedroom by the time the three minutes are up.

If they don’t make it back in their rooms within the three minutes, “A” will leave them for days without food and water.  “A” will blast the siren until you’d rather die than listen to it for one more second.  “A” also plays a loop of loved ones crying at her funeral.

Mona asks Hanna if her mom is okay.  Hanna realizes that Mona isn’t crazy.  She knows she isn’t really Alison.  Mona just pretends that she is Alison when “A” is watching. 

Hanna hugs Mona, relieved that she is alive.  Their reunion is cut short when Mona hears a noise.  She tells the Liars they have 17 seconds to run back to their room.

Spencer’s parents know what Alison is capable of and still fear that she is behind the abduction.  They visit Alison in jail.  Alison asks if Spencer is okay and Spencer’s parents tell her to drop the caring friend act.
Alison admits that she has done some bad things in the past, but she is still Spencer’s friend.  She forced Spencer to lie for her because she was desperate. 

Spencer’s parents threaten her and demand the truth.  They tell Alison that the girls never made it to the penitentiary.  Crying, Alison tells them that “A” took the girls.

Alison explains that Mona was “A”, but someone else took the “A” game from her when she was locked in Radley.  It was the same game, but the stakes were higher than ever.  “A” killed her mom and Mona.

Hanna tried to tell the cops about “A”, but she didn’t have any proof.  Spencer’s parents don’t understand why this is happening.  Mona was “A” because she was sick.  Why would someone else target the girls?

Alison swears that she is telling the truth.  She is stuck in prison for the rest of her life.  She doesn’t have anything else to lose, but Spencer’s parents do.

“A” uses the video surveillance to keep an eye on the girls while they are sleeping.  Spencer, thinking about the alphabet blocks, realizes that the blocks can be rearranged to spell the name ‘Charles’.  She realizes that Charles is “A”.


Mona wakes up and smiles at the camera in her room.  She opens a present “A” has left for her, which turns out to be a gas mask.  The card says “Because you’re my favorite - A”.

Toby tells Lt. Tanner that someone hacked the transportation van and kidnapped the girls.  Lt. Tanner agrees that the van was hacked, since she saw an analyst report that came to the same conclusion.  However, she thinks Caleb Rivers hacked the van to let his girlfriend escape.

Spencer tells the girls that the blocks in the playroom spell the name ‘Charles’.  The girls are all assigned to different stations in a large room.  Aria is assigned to the music committee, Emily and Spencer are on the decorating committee, Hanna is in charge of food and beverages and Mona is on the prom queen election committee.

The theme of the prom is a night at the opera and the Liars realize this is the same theme from a prom that took place seven years ago.  Spencer's sister Melissa took Ian to that prom. 

Mona asks the Liars to help her with the election process.  Once the girls crowd around her, Mona writes on a piece of paper “Did you guys get a gas mask from ‘A’?”  None of the Liars received one.  Hanna writes that she is scared.

Spencer complains that the prom will be lame with construction paper decorations in an ugly room.  Spencer asks if they can use the staircase as a grand entrance for Mona to walk down.  They can rig a camera to go off as she walks.  Mona, getting Spencer’s plan, joins in.  They can use copper pipes and they can hang shapes to create shadows.  Then it will really be a night at the opera.

Spencer’s parents show up at Toby’s place and say that they know about “A”.  Spencer’s parents want to tell the other parents about “A”.  Caleb, Toby and Ezra agree, but they hoped they would have more answers before they spoke to the other parents.

Spencer’s parents want to tell the police, but Toby warns them that Lt. Tanner twists everything to fit her own theories.  Going to the media may also backfire, since “A” always retaliates.

Ezra tells them about the boxes of research he has on “A”.  Spencer’s parents want to look through the boxes.  Ezra warns them that they will find secrets of their own in the boxes.  Spencer’s parents don’t want to keep any more secrets from each other.

The police show up downstairs looking for Caleb.  Spencer’s parents warn Toby that he can’t be caught harboring a fugitive.  Caleb goes downstairs to meet the police.  Toby tries to stop him, but Spencer’s parents think Caleb is doing the right thing.  They also need Toby to stay on the right side of Lt. Tanner.

Spencer’s mom gets a call from Melissa.  As she explains the situation to Melissa, we see Andrew using his computer to listen to their phone conversation.

Mona says that Alison is “A”’s favorite.  She thinks that “A” gave her a gas mask because Alison is the only one “A” wants to keep after the prom.  She’s worried “A” plans to kill the other girls.

Spencer explains that the materials she requested from “A” to decorate for prom are materials that will help her build a machine to temporarily stop the electricity.  Mona hopes “A” will show up at the prom.  As Hanna said, it will be five against one.

The next morning, the girls go back to the prom room and find all the materials they requested from “A”.  Spencer and Emily stage a fight to keep “A” distracted.  The two get in a shoving match and Aria and Hanna try to play peacemaker.  With “A” watching the fight, Mona grabs the supplies they need and hides them.  Mona also breaks open a digital camera.

Luckily for Caleb, Spencer’s parents take him on as their client.  They sit in as Lt. Tanner interrogates him.  Caleb admits to hacking, which is a federal offense.  If he had access to the police computer system, he could override the jamming signal and find the location of the jam.


Lt. Tanner isn’t buying Caleb’s story, but Spencer’s parents ask how four teenagers could be this good at evading the police.  Caleb says Hanna would have called him if she could.  If he really did help the girls escape, then he would already be with Hanna.

Lt. Tanner reluctantly allows Caleb to use their computers to hack.  He finds a location at 1423 Clark Road.  He is sure the coordinates are correct, so Lt. Tanner sends a team to the location.

At the location, they find the transportation van.  Lt. Tanner has the officers search the perimeter and warns them that this may be a hostage situation.

The Liars arrive at the prom wearing dresses that “A” has picked out for them.  Mona isn’t there yet.  There are numerous mannequins in the room.  The mannequins are dressed in prom outfits and are wearing masquerade masks.  “A”, wearing a red, black and white mask, stands among the mannequins.


The intercom announces the entrance of the Prom Queen.  Mona comes in, wearing an Alison mask. 

The Liars join Mona and reveal a prom king crown.  Spencer says that Charles should come up and be crowned Prom King.  “A” steps forward.  Aria holds up the camera that Mona modified and pushes the button.  The flashing light momentarily blinds “A” and the electricity goes out.

Spencer’s parents arrive at the scene of the abduction and immediately recognize the place.  They are at the old Campbell Farm.  They used to bring Spencer and Melissa there to go apple picking.

Toby and Lt. Tanner go inside a cellar.  There are a bunch of screens and computers down there.  Toby says that this is “A”’s lair.

Spencer, separated from her friends, wanders into a room with a mannequin family.  The mannequins are two adults, a girl and a boy.

Spencer realizes “A” has kept treasured personal things in the room.  She turns on a projector and an old family video plays.  The video, taken when Alison was a baby, shows Alison’s mom holding Alison at the Campbell Farm.  She tells two young boys to kiss their sister good night.

“A” comes up behind Spencer.  Spencer asks “Is that you Charles?”  She comes face-to-face with “A”, who is still wearing a mask.  Spencer turns when Mona calls her.  When she looks back, “A” is gone.


Mona comes in and sees framed photographs of a little boy.  Mona is shocked to see what “A” has kept in the room.  Mona realizes that “A” has a soul.

Tanner turns on the screens in the lair and sees the rooms the Liars have been kept in.  She watches a recording of Hanna telling Mona that she isn’t Alison and that the five of them can beat “A”.

Toby says that they haven’t found anyone at the farm.  Lt. Tanner asks where “A” is keeping the girls.  They both watch the video of “A” blasting the siren and the girls running to their rooms.

Back at “A”’s dollhouse, the girls run out the door just as the electricity comes back on.  The song “Don’t Fence Me In” plays on the speakers.  The girls are about to climb over the huge fence that surrounds them, but Spencer stops them.  The fence is an electric fence.  As the camera pans out, we see that the fence is completely surrounded by trees.  The dollhouse is completely isolated.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

PLL 5x25 Spoilers: ‘A’ Has a Soul

We are going to start seeing "A" as a human with a soul in Pretty Little Liars 5x25 “Welcome to the Dollhouse”.

Credit: Marlene King's Instagram
Marlene King, PLL showrunner, talked to ETonline about the season five finale and what we will learn about "A".

“There's a line and I'll tell you what it is -- it's a spoiler and I don’t think we've told this line to anyone. A certain character in this finale says something like, "Oh my God, 'A' has a soul." That to me tells us yes we're ramping up to the end of this story -- but it's not just pulling off the mask of 'A', it's really finding out that 'A' is human too and 'A' has a soul like anyone else,” Marlene said.

Sasha Pieterse, Alison on PLL, has also said that ‘A’ has a sad and disheartening story.

Any theories on why "A" hates the Liars?

PLL 5x25 Clue: Demented Prom

Marlene King, PLL showrunner, spilled a cryptic clue to POPSUGAR for the Pretty Little Liars season five finale “Welcome to the Dollhouse”.

Marlene’s clue was “demented prom.”

This isn’t Marlene’s first reference to a PLL prom.  Marlene has also tweeted that “there may be 2 proms.  Hmmmm.”

Monday, March 23, 2015

PLL 5x25 Canadian Promo

Here’s the Pretty Little Liars Canadian promo for the season five finale “Welcome to the Dollhouse” 5x25.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Photo of the Week: Ashley Benson Shows PLL ‘Injury’

Here’s a behind-the-scenes photo of Ashley Benson (Hanna on PLL) showing Hanna’s hand injury.  (Alison slammed a dryer door on Hanna’s hand in “I'm a Good Girl, I Am” 5x24).

Ashley Benson PLL BTS Jail
Credit: Ashley Benson's Instagram

Saturday, March 21, 2015

PLL Spoilers: Pig Mask and Alison Present

Are we going to see someone in a pig mask on Pretty Little Liars?  Marlene King, PLL showrunner, posted this photo of a pig mask.  She captioned the photo “Just another day in Rosewood.”

PLL Pig Mask
Credit: Marlene King's Instagram

Seems like the pig may be significant.  Remember Aria's pig puppet Pigtunia?  Marlene has said “You have not seen the last of #Pigtunia. Beware of the pig.”

Marlene also posted this photo of a mask next to a present for Alison.

Credit: Marlene King's Instagram

Friday, March 20, 2015

Ian Harding on 'The Chew'

Ian Harding, Ezra on PLL, made an appearance on ABC’s The Chew.  (Shay Mitchell also was on The Chew recently).

Ian played The Chew 'Five in Fifteen' challenge and answered five questions in fifteen seconds.

What was his dinner last night?

Instagram or Twitter?

Favorite karaoke song?
"I’m a Believer"

Sweet or savory?

Favorite dance move?

A video posted by ABC's The Chew (@abcthechew) on

Ian helped cook Welsh Rarebit. Part 1:

Ian was asked about the season five finale of PLL. Ian couldn’t say much without getting fired, but he did say the episode is intense. He watched the final scene of the episode being shot. They used a technocrane to get the full scope of the last image. Part 2:

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Will We Feel Sorry for “A” on PLL?

Once we find out “A”’s identity and reason for torturing the Liars, will we feel sorry for “A”?

Credit: Marlene King's Instagram

Sasha Pieterse, Alison on PLL, spoke to People about “A”.  "I'm just really excited for the fans to see this ‘A’ in a new light," Sasha said.  "It's more disheartening and sad than anything."

Sasha already knows who “A” is and she doesn’t think PLL fans will see it coming.  “It's not something that you would expect or even that the viewers would be like, 'Oh, that makes sense.' It's actually very dark, especially for this kind of TV show.”

Sasha was also asked about Mona’s secret message being an anagram for ‘Charles DiLaurentis’ or Rachel S. DiLaurentis’.  Unfortunately, Sasha wasn’t able to tell us much about that.  “I actually don't know how much I can say about that, but I would say that they're getting warmer.”

Sasha also talked about her thoughts on Emison.  Does Sasha think Alison and Emily’s kiss was genuine?  And does she see a future together for Emily and Alison?  “I think that Alison was so confused in her state, too, and I think she was just manipulating Emily to a degree but also trying to figure out her own feelings. I don't think it was genuine in the fact that she was really looking for a relationship, and after everything that happened and all the trust that was broken, I don't think realistically that they would ever have a relationship, which is going to crush all of our Emison fans.  But I kind of do agree with Shay in the fact that looking at the history these two have had with each other, I think it's toxic more than anything.” 

Although we don’t know much about “A” right now, it’s hard to imagine a justifiable reason for “A” to torture the girls.  Do you think you will feel bad for “A” or are you Team Liars all the way?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

PLL 5x25 Trailer: Liars Kidnapped

Did “A” kidnap the Liars and trap them in a dollhouse?  In the trailer for the season 5 finale of Pretty Little Liars “Welcome to the Dollhouse”, it looks like the Liars never make it to prison.

Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily, still dressed in orange jumpsuits, find themselves in rooms that have been recreated to look like their own bedrooms.  A voice says ‘Welcome’ in different languages over the intercom.

Aria finds a picture of a doll family (parents and two kids) in her room.  The picture frame has words like ‘family’ and ‘cherished memories’.

We also see a product number sticker (JN-49162-B).

Spencer’s mom visits Alison, who is still in jail, and asks where Spencer is.  Alison tells Spencer’s mom that “A” took the girls.

Now that “A” has the Liars in his/her own dollhouse, what do you think “A” is going to do to them?

Recap of PLL 5x24 “I’m a Good Girl, I Am”

Pretty Little Liars “I’m a Good Girl, I Am” episode 5x24 didn’t end well for any of the Liars.  Mona’s BFF Lesli makes the Liars look bad in the courtroom, Aria’s brother Mike is attacked by “A”, the jury reaches a guilty verdict in Alison’s murder trial and Lt. Tanner arrests the Liars.

Sara Shepard, author of the Pretty Little Liars books, makes a cameo as an analyst on a local news station.  She talks about Alison’s trial, which has been going on for two months.  The prosecution has a surprise witness. 

Lesli Stone, Mona’s BFF, enters the courtroom as the surprise witness.  Leslie tells the court that she and Mona constantly texted each other.  Mona mailed her a card two weeks before Thanksgiving.  Mona was having a hard time because of Alison’s threats.  Alison said Mona would be eaten by worms if she told anyone the truth about Alison’s fake kidnapping story.

Lesli regrets that she didn’t take Mona’s card seriously enough.  It was only after she came to Rosewood to help Mona’s mom that she realized something weird was going on.  Even though Alison was behind bars, the Liars were on edge.  Mona’s boyfriend, Mike, attacked her for borrowing Mona’s book.  Hanna stalked her and wouldn’t let her go in Mona’s room alone.  Lesli thinks the Liars were hiding things to protect Alison. 

Andrew sits with Aria and holds her hand.  Spencer leaves the courtroom to call Caleb and tell him that Lesli just threw Hanna under the bus.  Spencer runs into Toby in the hallway.  She thought Toby would have called her as soon as Hanna was arrested, but he didn’t. 

Spencer tells Toby about her disastrous Oxford interview and the blood vials “A” planted in her purse.  She hints at her kiss with Melissa’s roommate, Colin.  He helped her get through her panic attack, since Toby hasn’t been there for her.

Hanna, Alison, Aria, Spencer and Emily all talk on the phone.  Alison has never heard of Lesli.  She’s convinced that she’s about to go to prison for life.  She tells the girls that she may have a witness who can verify her alibi.  While she was waiting at the playground on Thanksgiving, she thought someone else was there.  Maybe someone was sleeping in the pipe at the playground.  She saw a black jacket with red flowers on it.  She thought “A” was watching her, so she ran.

Aria tells Mike that Lesli trashed him in the courtroom.  She’s worried that Mike will be called in to testify.  Mike is ready to talk.  He wishes that he’d talked to the police right after he saw Mona’s blood vials.  If he had, she might still be alive.

Aria is worried that the truth will end up putting him in danger.  Mike doesn’t want to lie under oath.  Aria tells him to only answer questions with ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘I don’t remember’.

Under constant supervision, Hanna and Alison have to secretly communicate.  Hanna gives Alison a copy of the secret message the Liars found in Mona’s room.  Hanna doesn’t know what Mona’s message means.  Alison gives Hanna a note that says “Come back tomorrow.  8:05 PM”.

Lt. Tanner isn’t including Toby in investigations at the police department.  Instead, Toby has to make copies and fetch coffee.  Toby thinks he’s being punished for arresting Johnny after the art gallery break-in, but Lt. Tanner claims that she isn’t punishing him for that.

Mike finds a box on the porch.  He has decided to talk to the cops.  He might be able to help Hanna and Alison.

Aria opens the box, which smells bad.  Mike looks inside and pulls out a huge animal tongue.  Freaked out, Aria tells Mike that this is a message.  If he talks, it will be his tongue in a box on the porch.

Aria tells Ezra about the tongue left on her porch.  Ezra wants her to tell the police, but Aria doesn’t think that’s a good idea.  Hanna tried to tell the police the truth and she ended up behind bars. 

Aria wants Ezra to get Mike out of town.  Although they can’t stop him from being subpoenaed, Ezra might be able to convince Mike not to talk.  Aria’s parents are worried about Mike, so they also want Ezra to get Mike far away from Rosewood.  Ezra is reluctant to agree to Aria’s plan.

Emily and Spencer go to the playground to look for clues that might help Alison and Hanna.  Matt Buckler, a volunteer who cleans the park with a church youth group, catches them looking in the pipe.  He’s always at the playground, but he’s never seen anyone there besides the volunteers.  He mistakenly thinks they want to help the homeless, so he asks them to volunteer on Easter Sunday.

Aria is helping her mom with yearbook stuff when Andrew stops by.  He gets upset when he finds out Aria asked Ezra to take Mike to his cabin in the Poconos.  Andrew wants to be the guy Aria goes to for help.  He has offered to be there for Aria 24/7, but somehow she never hears him say that.  Aria kisses Andrew and assures him that she does know he is there for her.

Caleb visits Hanna in jail.  He wants Mike to tell the court everything he knows about Mona’s plan.  Hanna doesn’t want Caleb to get Mike involved.  Mike is still just a kid who has two more years of high school left.  She doesn’t want Mike to be tortured by “A” for those two years.

Caleb only cares about Hanna getting out of jail.  He loves her and he isn’t ever going to leave her.  Caleb is determined to make Mike talk.  Hanna cries and repeats that Mike is just a kid.

At school, Emily and Spencer spot a girl with a church youth group bag and the black and red jacket that Alison saw at the playground.  They ask the girl, Kendra, if she was at the playground on Thanksgiving.  She says no, but she looks uncomfortable.  When Kendra sees Aria’s mom, Ella, she accuses her of telling Aria her secret.

At home, Aria’s mom says that Spencer and Emily had no right to corner Kendra.  Kendra is a good girl who made a big mistake and she promised not to tell Kendra’s secret. 

Aria is more worried about Hanna and Alison, who are sitting in jail for a crime they didn’t commit.  Aria’s mom says that Kendra went to a party the night before Thanksgiving.  She experimented with some drugs and had a bad reaction.  She was afraid her parents would find out, so she hid in the playground until she was sober.

Aria’s mom wants Aria to separate herself from Alison.  Aria refuses to abandon Alison and Hanna.  She tells her mom that Kendra isn’t the only good kid who has made a big mistake.

Mike and Ezra make it to the cabin and are surprised to find Caleb sitting in the dark.  Caleb demands that Mike come back to Rosewood with him.  Mike wants to go back and tell the truth, but Ezra doesn’t want Mike to act recklessly.  Mike goes outside while Ezra and Caleb argue.

Caleb doesn’t care that Mike is only 16.  When Caleb was his age, he was living on the street.  He’s going to drag Mike back to Rosewood regardless of the danger.

Ezra accuses Caleb of only caring about Hanna and not caring what happens to Mike.  Ezra doesn’t think Caleb will be there for Mike during the fallout.  Caleb threatens to tell the police about Mike himself.  While they are arguing, Mike drives off in Ezra’s car.

Emily wants Toby to question Kendra.  Maybe she’ll talk to a police officer.  Spencer doesn’t want to get help from Toby, especially after her spontaneous kisses with Johnny and Colin.  Emily is shocked, but Spencer felt good being with someone who actually wanted to be with her.  Toby hasn’t made her feel that way ever since he joined the police force.

Kendra knocks on the door.  Aria’s mom convinced her to talk to Emily and Spencer.

Hanna meets with Alison in the laundry room at 8:05.  Hanna tells Alison about the possible witness Emily and Spencer found.  Alison doesn’t have time to explain her thoughts on Mona’s secret message, so she finds another way for them to meet up. 

Alison intentionally burns her hand on a hot iron.  She tells Hanna to slam her hand in the dryer door.  When Hanna can’t go through with it, Alison slams the door on Hanna’s hand.

Alison’s lawyer (Rebecca) thinks someone hurt Alison, but Alison insists that it was an accident.  Hanna comes in and Alison slips her a note.  Alison’s lawyer catches them passing the note and demands it, which turns out to be Alison’s thoughts on Mona’s secret message. 

Ezra and Caleb find Ezra’s car abandoned on the side of the road.  Someone has shot an arrow through the windshield. 

Alison’s lawyer meets with Kendra, Emily and Spencer.  Kendra tells the lawyer that she heard a girl’s voice while she was at the playground, but she doesn’t know what was said.  Emily and Spencer are upset when Alison’s lawyer quickly lets Kendra go.

Alison’s lawyer is not going to put Kendra on the stand.  No jury will be swayed by a witness who was high earlier that day.  Besides, Alison’s lawyer plans to put Alison on the stand.

Ezra and Caleb search for Mike at a Scouts Pathfinders Camp.  While they are searching, “A” shoots arrows at them.  Caleb and Ezra throw rocks, but they can’t see in the dark.

Toby stops by Spencer’s house.  He’s sacrificed a lot to become a cop.  He fought with his dad about his decision, he went through the academy and even got a buzz cut.  He did all that because he wanted to protect Spencer.  However, he won’t choose between Spencer and the badge.

Spencer has never asked Toby to make that decision, but Lt. Tanner is.  Toby is going to tell Lt. Tanner to kick him off the force if she isn’t okay with his relationship with Spencer.  Toby and Spencer kiss.

“A” pepper sprays Mike, so he can’t see.  “A” then knocks Mike unconscious. 

Aria is worried when she can’t reach Mike or Ezra.  Desperate, she leaves a message for Andrew and asks him to drive up to the cabin.  She knows something is wrong and she really needs his help.

Ezra and Caleb find Mike tied to a tetherball pole.  Ezra starts to free Mike, but Caleb stops him.  Caleb takes a picture as evidence of what “A” did to Mike.

Alison’s lawyer tells the jury that Mona’s killer was strong enough to hurl Mona like a rag doll.  Alison doesn’t have that strength.  She asks Alison to toss her a piece of grapefruit.  It’s painful for Alison to throw the fruit because of an elbow fracture that never healed properly.  She’s had that fracture since she was three years old.  Alison’s lawyer doubts Alison could have viciously attacked Mona, given her injury.

Ezra and Caleb tell Lt. Tanner that Mike was attacked.  Since it was dark, they don’t have any details to give her.  Lt. Tanner clearly doesn’t believe their story.  She tells them that they had to file a police report in the county that the attack occurred in.

Caleb snaps, furious that the police refuse to believe them even with the photo Caleb took of Mike tied to the pole.  Lt. Tanner thinks it’s odd that Caleb would stop to take a photo instead of untying Mike right away.

The prosecutor is surprised to hear about Alison’s injury.  Apparently, her injury didn’t stop her from participating in physical education or sports at camp.  Alison was so good at archery that she even got an archery award at camp.

The Liars all get a text from “A” that says “Bullseye, bitches.  – A”.

When Toby arrives at the police station, the other officers are packing up evidence.  Lt. Tanner says that he is too late.  His friends chose to help the wrong person.

Alison and her lawyer talk while the jury is deliberating.  Her lawyer wonders how the prosecutor was able to dig up Alison’s archery award in such a short amount of time.  Alison admits that she didn’t even win the award.  She got her bunkmate to help her rig it, but it’s too late to tell the truth now.

Aria asks Andrew where he was last night.  Andrew says his phone died while he was finishing his yearbook page.  Aria looks at his page and is surprised that Andrew is an award winning pathfinder scout.  Andrew says that you never know when those skills come in handy.

The jury comes back with their verdict.  They find Alison guilty of murder in the first degree.  The Liars are shocked, but are in trouble themselves when Lt. Tanner arrests them.

“A” pushes a small Department of Corrections van towards a model castle.  “A” takes one doll out of the van and puts it in the castle.  “A” picks up a bouquet of red roses and holds it next to a men’s black dress suit.

Monday, March 16, 2015

PLL Sneak Peek 5x24: Hanna and Alison Exchange Messages in Jail

Hanna and Alison secretly exchange messages without the guards noticing in this sneak peek of Pretty Little Liars “I’m a Good Girl, I Am”.

Hanna slips Alison a piece of paper with the words the Liars found in Mona’s mirror.  Hanna hasn’t been able to make sense of Mona’s secret message.

Alison hands Hanna a note that says “Come back tomorrow.  8:05 PM”.

What do you think Alison and Hanna have planned?

Sunday, March 15, 2015

PLL 5x25 Spoilers: Emily in Jail?

Will Emily end up in jail in the season 5 finale of Pretty Little Liars “Welcome to the Dollhouse” 5x25?

PLL showrunner Marlene King posted this 5x25 sneak peek photo of Emily and Hanna in handcuffs and wearing orange jumpsuits.

She captioned the photo “Welcome to the PLL finale. Get ready. Prepare.”

PLL Emily and Hanna in Orange Jumpsuits 5x25
Credit: Marlene King's Instagram

How does Emily end up in jail?  Do you think Aria and Spencer will also get arrested?  Marlene has said that “A” won’t stop until all the Liars are behind bars.

Photo of the Week: Brendan Robinson Gets “A” Message at Starbucks

Brendan Robinson (Lucas on PLL) got a message from “A” when he stopped by Starbucks.  Brendan posted a photo of the message on his coffee cup that said "It's Friday the 13th, better watch your back!  Kisses -A".

Brendan Robinson with Starbucks coffee PLL "A" Message
Credit: Brendan Robinson's Instagram

Brendan captioned the photo “WTF?!?! "A" works @ #Starbucks?!?! #PLL #bigareveal #PrettyLittleLiars”.

Friday, March 13, 2015

PLL Spoilers: “A”’s Motivation and a Twin

PLL showrunner Marlene King hinted at a twin on Pretty Little Liars.  She also talked about “A”’s desire to see all the Liars behind bars.

Previously, Marlene said that only one PLL fan knows who “A” is.  Have more fans correctly guessed “A”’s identity by now?  “Yes, but not for the right reasons and not for the correct motivation”, Marlene said.  So now some more fans do know who “A” is, but for all the wrong reasons.

“A” must really have a grudge against all the Liars, since “season five really is about 'A' wanting to punish all the pretty little liars.  Alison is behind bars, rotting away in that orange jumpsuit, but 'A' is not happy just to have one little liar there – 'A' wants them all there”.

Ever since Tammin Sursok (Jenna on PLL) dropped hints about a twin sister on PLL, we have been wondering who has a twin sister.  Marlene makes it clear that we won’t see Alison’s twin sister Courtney like in the Pretty Little Liars books.  However, "there is a reason why we keep dropping these not-so-subtle clues about a twin, so I would say wait for it.  Wait for it. You're not going to see Courtney, but you may see double of someone."

Do you think “A” will succeed in getting all the Liars behind bars?  And what are your theories on the mysterious twin?

Shay Mitchell’s Fashion Advice: Spring Jackets

Want to dress like Shay Mitchell this spring?  Here are some of her jacket ideas for spring.

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PLL Sneak Peek 5x24: Lt. Tanner Punishes Toby?

Looks like Toby is being iced out at the Rosewood Police Department in this sneak peek of Pretty Little Liars “I’m a Good Girl, I Am” episode 5x24.

While all the Rosewood police officers are working on a case, Lt. Tanner has Toby photocopying parking tickets and fetching lattes.

Toby asks if he is being punished for the night of the gallery break-in (when Toby arrested Johnny without even checking if the art gallery stole his work).  As far as Lt. Tanner is concerned, she doesn’t have a reason to punish him for making an arrest that night.

Why do you think Lt. Tanner is excluding Toby?

PLL 5x24 Canadian Promo

Aria asks Ezra for help in the Pretty Little Liars Canadian promo for “I’m a Good Girl, I Am” 5x24.

Aria goes to Ezra for help and asks him to do something.  Caleb tells Ezra that they all have crap to face that they don’t feel ready for.

Alison is worried that she’ll get life in prison and Hanna passes her a note in the prison laundry room.

What do you think Caleb and Ezra are up to?

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

PLL 5x24 Trailer: Caleb and Ezra Dodge Arrows

Get ready for some Ezreb action.  In the trailer for Pretty Little Liars “I’m a Good Girl, I Am”, Ezra and Caleb are finally working together.

Caleb finds an arrow stuck in the windshield of his car.  If that wasn’t bad enough, an arrow later gets shot near his head as he and Ezra do some sleuthing. 

Aria freaks out over something (does that look like a piece of raw meat?).

The jury has reached a verdict in the Alison DiLaurentis murder trial.

Do Hanna and Alison have a plan?  Alison burns her hand, and then slams a washing machine door on Hanna’s hand.

Do you think the jury will find Alison innocent or guilty of murder?

Mona’s Secret Message Anagram for Charles or Rachel DiLaurentis?

Mona left the Liars a cryptic message in PLL “The Melody Lingers On” 5x23.  The Liars find a hidden card in Mona's room with the message “Chandelier’s rituals.  Sister launched lair.  A ruler’s list chained.”

Interestingly, those sentences are all anagrams for “Charles DiLaurentis”.  However, they are also anagrams for "Rachel S. DiLaurentis". 

PLL showrunner, Marlene King, retweeted this theory.

Do you think this anagram is a clue about the mysterious twin we’ve heard about?

Mona was always fond of secret messages and codes.  Remember when Mona created a secret way to communicate with Hanna in “Crazy” episode 3x07?  She told Hanna to take the first letter of each word to spell out a new word.  She used that to secretly give Hanna the message “Maya knew”.

What do you think Mona’s secret message means this time?

Recap of PLL 5x23 "The Melody Lingers On"

In Pretty Little Liars “The Melody Lingers On” episode 5x23, the Liars are desperate to help Hanna get out of jail, Jason’s secrets get revealed on the witness stand, and Alison's lies are unraveled by the prosecution at her murder trial.

Alison’s lawyer preps her for her murder trial.  Alison still wants to tell her story to the jury, but her lawyer doesn’t want her to tell a desperate story of being plotted against. 

Hanna’s mom and Pastor Ted visit Hanna in jail.  Despite Ted’s concerns, Hanna’s mom wants to attend Alison’s murder trial.  She thinks Alison is setting Hanna up.  She pushes Hanna to speak up about Alison.  Hanna gets frustrated that her mom doesn’t believe that both she and Alison didn’t have anything to do with Mona’s death.  Hanna’s mom doesn’t care about the truth.  She just wants to get Hanna out of jail.

Spencer realizes that Varjak’s pizza receipt phone number is the same number that appeared in newspaper personal ads they found in Alison's house.  If the Liars can prove Alison is not guilty, then Hanna will not be charged as an accessory to Mona’s murder. 

Spencer’s mom strongly suggests that the girls skip Alison’s trial.  She can’t force Emily and Aria not to go, but she won’t let Spencer attend the trial.  The girls realize that skipping the trial will give people the impression that Alison is guilty.  And they don’t want to turn their backs on Hanna when it’s time for her trial.  Spencer’s mom asks Spencer to promise not to go near the courtroom

Caleb and the girls meet up at The Brew.  Caleb was unable to trace Varjak’s the phone number.  No one picks up when the Liars call Varjak’s number.  Spencer uses Caleb’s burner phone to text Varjak “Did you miss me?  Love, Holly”.

Spencer sees Jason, but he doesn’t want to talk to her.  He’s now a prosecution witness because Spencer insisted that Alison murdered Mona.

Alison’s dad orders Jason to get in the car.  He blames Spencer for Alison ending up in jail.  They are neighbors, but he wants Spencer to stay away from his family.

Aria tells Andrew that her brother Mike is away with the lacrosse team.  Luckily, he’ll miss Alison’s trial.  The trial is happening fast because Mr. DiLaurentis didn’t want any motions and no delays.

Andrew is sick of everyone at school memorializing Mona.  Mrs. Horowitz, a Rosewood High teacher, acts like Mona should be nominated for sainthood.  Mrs. Horowitz considers Mona the best scholar and a martyred hero, as if Mona won every championship on her own.

Aria knows Mona was an aggressive competitor, but Andrew thinks she was vicious.  Mona kneecapped dozens of kids.  The only thing Mona likes more than winning is taking credit.  Andrew thinks they are lucky Mona didn’t go off to college and eventually run for president.

Aria doesn’t like what Andrew is saying.  It sounds like he’s saying the world is better off without Mona.  Andrew just says that there are other people on the team.

Alison calls Emily the night before her trial.  They both apologize to each other.  Alison asks if Emily will be at the trial. Emily isn’t sure, but she eventually agrees to be there.

On the day of Alison’s trial, her brother and dad sit behind her.  The twins Cindy and Mindy (girls in Alison’s army) also come to the trial.  Aria and Emily come in, but Spencer is a no-show.

The prosecutor starts with a convincing opening argument.  He asks the jury to remember high school.  Every slight seemed like an assault.  Allegiances and enemies were magnified.  It’s a world where opponents are dealt with quickly, without remorse.  He believes that describes what Alison did to Mona.

The prosecutor brings up Alison’s kidnapping lie.  He says Alison created this lie, but he also blames the Liars for perpetuated the lie.  He tells the jury that Alison killed Mona because she knew about Alison’s lies.

Aria calls Spencer, freaked that the prosecution knew the kidnapping story was fake.  They may know about New York, too.  Spencer thinks Cyrus told the cops that the kidnapping story was a lie.  Luckily, Mike is still in Harrisburg and safely away from the trial.

Alison’s dad yells at Aria and Emily.  He blames them for Alison’s kidnapping lie.  Jason steps in to defend them, explaining that Alison lied to her friends.

Hanna and Alison are finally reunited in the prison laundry room.  Alison explains the newspaper personal ads communications.  After her mom’s death, she saw a tribute ad in the paper.  It said “Good night light and the red balloon” and a response number.  Alison recognized it from the book Goodnight Moon, which her mom used to read to her.

Alison answered the ad and two days later there was a second message.  “Good night nobody.  Good night brush.  Good night to the old lady whispering hush.”  It also had Varjak’s phone number, so Alison texted it.

Hanna is frustrated that Alison didn’t tell them that she was talking to “A”.  Alison didn’t want them to get hurt, after Aria killed Shana in New York and Alison’s mom was murdered.

Alison is sure the person torturing her with the notes wasn’t “A”.  She thinks it was Mona.  The texts stopped after Mona was killed.

Spencer’s mom admits that she knew the prosecution would bring up the fake kidnapping, but it was too late for her to do anything except warn the Liars not to attend the trial.  Someone will go to jail for Mona’s murder and her only concern is that it isn’t Spencer who winds up in prison.  As far as she’s concerned, Spencer knew nothing about Alison’s fake kidnapping story.

Caleb visits Hanna in jail.  He promises to get Hanna out of this mess.  Hanna doesn’t think things will turn out the way they hoped.  She wants Caleb to promise to leave town.  All she cares about is his safety.

The Liars don’t think Mona was the one taunting Alison about her mother’s murder.  Aria gets a call from Varjak’s number.  She hesitates to answer it, since she never called Varjak from her phone.  Annoyed, Caleb grabs the phone from her hand and answers it.  The French song "Under Paris Skies" sung by Edith Piaf plays.

The girls call Hanna and play the song for her.  Hanna recognizes the song, since she heard Mona listen to it before. 

Since Hanna found a tape hidden in Mona’s book, there is a chance that Mona hid other clues.  They need to find Mona’s hidden clues to get Hanna out of jail.

Caleb apologizes for grabbing the phone away from Aria.  If they start stepping on each other, none of them will make it out alive. 

Aria volunteers to go see Mona’s mom and search Mona’s room.  She’s the least intimidating Liar, after all.

Caleb regrets not running away with Hanna.  He knows that she wouldn’t have left Aria, Spencer and Emily behind, though.  Although Hanna told him to get out before it’s too late, he doesn’t have any plans to leave her behind.  Spencer wishes they could use Caleb to bottle the essence of ‘best boyfriend’.  They’d make a fortune.

Mona’s mom doesn’t answer the door when Aria arrives.  Emily isn’t sure there is a clue in Mona’s room.  She’s worried they are going to be dragged down the rabbit hole with Alison.  Aria jokes that they should just give up and go shopping.

Jason goes to Spencer’s house to apologize for his father’s behavior.  Jason confronts Spencer for trapping Alison when she ran from the police.  Jason let Alison run that night because he thought there was a chance that she was telling the truth. 

Spencer regrets trapping Alison that night.  She knows that she made a terrible mistake.  Jason realizes that he made a mistake by listening to Spencer when she said Alison killed Mona.

Spencer likes to be really certain of things.  She hates being in the grey zone.  Someone knows that and used it against her.  She now doesn’t believe that Alison killed Mona.

Spencer’s mom catches her sneaking off to Alison’s trial.  Her mom forbids her from going, but Spencer doesn’t listen.  She knows being afraid won’t make things better.

The prosecution shows a video of Mona being murdered.  The Liars all look down as the tape is being shown in court.  Jason confirms that he told the truth about Alison’s alibi after the police showed him that video.  Although he previously told the cops that he believed Alison was the one attacking Mona in the video, he is now sure that it couldn’t have been Alison.

The prosecutor somehow knows about Jason’s romantic involvement with Hanna’s mother.  Since Jason is suddenly changing his story, the prosecutor suspects Hanna’s mom convinced him to change his story to help the defense.  If Alison is innocent of murder, then Hanna would also be innocent.

Jason’s dad kicks him out of the house after learning about his involvement with Hanna’s mom.  Spencer asks if he was really involved with Hanna’s mom, but Jason doesn’t think it is anyone’s business.  Spencer offers to let him stay with her, but he declines.  Jason knows that Spencer wouldn’t like it if she ended up on the witness stand, either.

Spencer tells her friends the truth will set you free, but first it turns you inside out.  Now, Spencer is more determined than ever to find clues in Mona’s room.

Hanna’s mom reconsiders her relationship with Pastor Ted after her night with Jason became public information.  Ted is already getting calls from women in his congregation.  Pretty soon the news will report about the affair. 

Ted doesn’t want to leave her, since he made a promise to her when he asked her to marry him.  He thinks they can get through this rough time, but Hanna’s mom doesn’t think it will change who they are.  She doesn’t think it’s possible to have a clean slate. 

Spencer, Aria and Emily desperately pound on Mona’s front door.  They suspect Mona's mom left to avoid the trial.  They are about to leave when they hear the French song "Under Paris Skies" coming from Mona’s bedroom.  The girls find the front door unlocked and they race upstairs.

Mona’s room is ransacked.  Her room is a mess and the heads of her dolls have been pulled off.  Emily finds a “Finders keepers, losers weepers” note from “A” tucked in one of the heads and they think “A” is taunting them about beating them to Mona’s clue. 

Aria realizes that the note could be “A” way of tricking them.  “A” may have left the note to discourage them from searching in Mona’s room.  Maybe “A” wasn’t able to find Mona’s secret hiding place.

Emily wants them all to think like Mona to figure out her hiding place.  Spencer looks at a handheld mirror.  Underneath the mirror is a card that says “Chandelier’s rituals.  Sister launched lair.  A ruler’s list chained.”

Unknown to the Liars, Andrew stares at Mona’s house before leaving.  As the girls leave, we see that someone broke into Mona’s house by smashing a window with a screwdriver.

Aria runs into Andrew at The Brew.  Andrew wants to make it clear that he doesn’t think Mona deserved to be murdered.  He saw the look on Aria’s face when he talked about Mona earlier.  He doesn’t ever want her to look at him like that again.

Aria jokes that her face does things without checking with her.  She knows he didn’t mean that Mona got what she deserved. 

Andrew tells her that he is available if she needs to get a ride out to a roadhouse or needs him to help her study.  He kisses her on the cheek, but she pulls away.  Andrew jokes that he surprised her face again.  Aria smiles as he leaves.

Hanna’s mom feels awful about her night with Jason.  She’s made so many mistakes.  Hanna reminds her mom that she was just being human.

Hanna’s mom worries that Hanna got the ‘bad decision’ gene from her.  Hanna hopes that she got all of her mom’s DNA.  That would mean she’ll be smart, brave and will sing her daughter the best lullabies when she’s scared.

Jason finally visits Alison in jail.  Alison says her lawyer remains confident, except when she doesn’t know that Alison is looking at her.  Jason asks if he can do anything for her.  Alison thinks he should get out and leave now. 

Jason tries to convince Alison that he believes her.  Ever since the night the police came and she tried to get away, he could see in her face that she didn’t kill anyone.  Alison admits that she let a lot of things happen that she shouldn’t have.

At The Brew, Emily sits at the secret machine Johnny built.  She listens to the secrets of strangers.  Suddenly, she hears the "Under Paris Skies" song playing.

A lab technician takes out evidence to test, which turns out to be a screwdriver from Boo Boo’s Ice Cream.

“A” shreds documents and a ‘Paul Varjak’ social security card.  “A” puts the shredded papers at the bottom of Tippi’s (the DiLaurentis parrot) birdcage.