Wednesday, December 31, 2014

PLL 5x14 Sneak Peek: Liars Try to Tear Down Alison’s Alibi

Things aren’t looking good for Spencer in "Through a Glass, Darkly" 5x14.  Bethany Young’s parents are at the courthouse, trying to get Spencer’s bail revoked.  Spencer’s mom is trying to fight it, but Spencer thinks she’ll end up back in jail.

Looks like the letter from Bethany that Liars found in Alison’s room in the Christmas episode isn’t helping them, after all.  Holbrook is trying to prove that Spencer forged the letter.

Aria reminds them that Mona was murdered because she found out that Alison hit Bethany with the shovel.  Aria thinks they can prove Spencer is innocent by proving that Alison killed Mona.  The police will realize that Mona’s murder and Bethany’s murder are connected.

Emily doubts they’ll be able to prove that Alison is a murderer, but Aria doesn’t want to give up.  If Mona was able to find proof, then the Liars should be able to as well.

Spencer realizes that they need to tear down Alison’s alibi.  Emily and Spencer know that Alison’s dad won’t budge, so they need to go to someone else.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

PLL Spoilers: Liars Start Separating in Season 5B

The strong bond of friendship has always been a huge theme in Pretty Little Liars.  Despite all that “A” has put the Liars through; they have always made it through because they’ve stuck together.  However, that may be changing in the second half of season 5.

PLL showrunner Marlene King told BuzzFeed that relationships and bonds will be tested in season 5B.  Get ready from some trouble for Spoby.  Toby’s new job as a Rosewood police officer gives him the opportunity to investigate, but that will keep Spencer and Toby separated.  (Toby will also start questioning his decision to become a police officer).

All the Liars will be focused on getting out of Rosewood.  “Their game plan is, I have to get into college so I can get the hell out of here. Let’s split up four ways so there’s no way ‘A’ can find all of us,” Marlene said.

Looks like things won’t go well for Ezria, either.  Aria is going to wonder if she really has a future with Ezra.  “Aria is really concentrating on, How do I get into college? How do I get out of here? Do I bring Ezra with me? And if I do, what does that look like?”  (Lucy Hale has also talked about the rocky road ahead for Ezra and Aria).

Although the Liars want to go their separate ways, they will still work together to fight “A”.  “They’ll stand together against an evil they haven’t been able to face in the past. This season gets a little darker and it gets a little more dramatic. It’s extremely high stakes.”

Looks like the show and the Liars are going to change a lot in the second half of season 5.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Canadian Promo PLL 5x14: Spencer’s Bail Revoked?

In the Canadian promo of PLL episode 5x14, things are looking bad for the Liars. 

Spencer asks Jason why he is protecting Alison.  She’s going to end up in jail and someone is dead because of Alison. 

Aria comes face-to-face with “A” and gets thrown to the ground. 

Spencer’s dad explains that Bethany Young’s parents have petitioned the court to have Spencer’s bail to be revoked. 

Something has Aria in tears. 

Mona says “You don’t have to hide from anyone anymore.  Let other people hide from you for a change”.

Mona’s mom is devastated by Mona’s death.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Chloe Bridges Joins Cast of MTV’s ‘Faking It’

Chloe Bridges on right, Credit: Marlene King's Instagram

Actress Chloe Bridges, who plays Sydney on Pretty Little Liars, is joining the cast of MTV’s Faking It.  According to Variety, “Bridges will play a socialite on the teen comedy that was recently renewed for 10 more episodes”.  This is going to be a recurring role.

Despite her busy schedule, she’s still on Pretty Little Liars.  When asked if she’s still Sydney on PLL, Chloe tweeted “Yep. So far Sydney is alive and well”.

Good to know that we haven’t seen the last of Sydney on Pretty Little Liars, since she and Jenna are now part of Alison's new army.

Photo of the Week: Lucy Hale in Pug Onesie

Lucy Hale posted this awesome photo on Christmas Eve.  She’s wearing a pug onesie and the family dog Jack is on her back.

Credit: Lucy Hale's Instagram

Lucy captioned the photo “Jacks got my back.”

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sasha Pieterse Talks About Damaged Character in ‘Inherent Vice’

Sasha Pieterse talked about her character Japonica Fenway in the movie Inherent Vice.  Sasha’s scenes are mainly with Joaquin Phoenix and Martin Short.  Her character has an inappropriate relationship with Dr. Rudy, played by Martin Short.  She describes her character as complex and damaged.

Sasha’s movie Inherent Vice is already out in theaters.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Lucy Hale Talks to Fans at Frozen Christmas Celebration

Did you catch Lucy Hale singing “Mistletoe” yesterday morning on Disney’s Frozen Christmas Celebration?

Here’s a video of Lucy chatting with fans before her performance.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Sasha Pieterse Gets Puppies for Christmas

Just in time for Christmas, Sasha Pieterse (Alison on PLL) got two adorable puppies.  Sasha posted this cute photo with the caption “We traveled over 2,500 miles to get Lady and Levi, our new babies! #greatdane #sisters”.

Sasha Pieterse's Dogs
Credit: Sasha Pieterse's Instagram

She also posted this photo of Lady and Levi with their new Christmas toy.

Credit: Sasha Pieterse's Instagram

How adorable are those puppies?

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Lucy Hale Plays Christmas Version of “Would You Rather”

Lucy Hale Ice Skating
Disney/ABC Family Television Group, Creative Commons

Lucy Hale played a holiday version of “Would you rather” with Disney Playlist.  Here’s the video and an overview of her answers.

Hot chocolate or apple cider?
Hot chocolate, but mainly because of the marshmallows.

Mariah Carey or ‘N SYNC’s Christmas album?
‘N SYNC. She knows the album front to back.

Christmas caroling or watching a Christmas movie?
Lucy always watches How the Grinch Stole Christmas and It’s a Wonderful Life with her family every Christmas Eve.  She’s never gone Christmas caroling.

Play in the snow or sit by the fire?
Play in the snow.

Snowman or snowball fight?
Snowball fight because she can be a little competitive and she’ll totally take her family out.

Cookie decorating party or ugly sweater party?
Lucy has created a family in Southern California.  Having an ugly sweater party is what they do before they all go home for the holidays.

Skiing or snowboarding?
Snowboarding.  She’s only been once and it was difficult.  She almost broke her wrist.

Red sweater or green sweater?
Red sweater.

Mickey’s Christmas Carol or The Muppet Christmas Carol?
Mickey’s Christmas Carol.  Mickey is everything.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

PLL Sneak Peek 5x14: Jason Confronts Alison

In this sneak peek of “Through a Glass, Darkly” PLL episode 5x14, Jason DiLaurentis stops by the DiLaurentis house to pick up some files for the office.  He looks through all the photos their dad kept.

Jason finds a family photo.  Alison remembers that was a great day, but Jason reminds her that it wasn’t.  Their dad lost his wallet, Jason and Alison were fighting the whole time and it took forever to get a photo of the whole family smiling.  Jason says both Alison and their dad have a knack of remembering things differently.  And Alison had their dad wrapped around her finger from day one.

Jason thinks Spencer and Emily's theory that Ali killed Mona is true.  Alison went somewhere Thanksgiving Day.  Then she came home and barely said a word.

Alison claims that she is being framed.  She says the Liars are all working together to get rid of her.  She insists that she didn’t kill Mona.

Do you believe that Alison didn’t kill Mona or do you think that she is lying?

Other 5x14 sneak peeks:

Watch Lucy Hale Perform "Mistletoe" Christmas Morning

Don’t forget to watch Lucy Hale perform her song “Mistletoe” for the Disney Parks Frozen Christmas Celebration.

The Disney Parks Frozen Christmas Celebration will air on Christmas morning on ABC at 10 ET and at 9 CST, MST and PST.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Lucy Hale Makes a Gingerbread House

Lucy Hale got into the Christmas spirit by building a gingerbread house!

Check out Lucy Hale’s cute gingerbread house. She even added a little gingerbread girl standing in front of the house. And love the flowers!

Lucy captioned the photo “Nailed it”.

Lucy Hale's Gingerbread House
Credit: Lucy Hale's Instagram

Love making gingerbread houses every December. Did anyone else make a gingerbread house this winter?

PLL Cast Talks Holiday Memories

The Pretty Little Liars cast talks about their holiday memories in this video.

Tyler Blackburn (Caleb on PLL) talks about Christmas gifts from childhood, like a chemistry set he really wanted.  He loves his grandmother’s pumpkin bread.

Ashley Benson (Hanna on PLL) said she always goes to her grandmother’s house.  Her grandmother would always do a scavenger hunt.  Ashley would follow the clues that led her to the room that had all the presents in it.  Ashley also looks forward to her grandmother’s cinnamon rolls.

Shay Mitchell (Emily on PLL) and her brother would wake up their parents Christmas morning, but now it’s the other way around.  Shay’s mom makes a beautiful brunch.  They stay in their pajamas all day and spend time together as a family.

Troian Bellisario (Spencer on PLL) became obsessed with Frank Sinatra’s Christmas album when she first got her record player.  (Shay and Tyler are also fans of Frank Sinatra Christmas songs).  She would play Sinatra’s Christmas album in June, July and August.

Lucy Hale (Aria on PLL) and her sister are close in age, so a lot of their presents were joint presents.  They loved when they got a trampoline.  She would always have Christmas casserole.  Everything, including the salad, is a casserole.

What holiday traditions do you have?

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Janel Parrish Holiday Makeup Tutorial

Celebrity makeup artist Glenn Nutley filmed a makeup tutorial of a gorgeous holiday makeup look with Janel Parrish (Mona on PLL). 

To create a look that glowed and sparkled, he used a metallic cream eye shadow, diamond dust over the eye shadow and a golden berry lip color.

Cool trick?  He used scotch tape to pick up any sparkle fallout.

Such a pretty look for a holiday party!

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Photo of the Week: Ian Harding in Sorrento, Italy

Ian Harding (Ezra on PLL) posted this awesome selfie from Sorrento, Italy.

Credit: Ian Harding's Instagram

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Paily Sneak Peek PLL 5x14

“Through a Looking Glass, Darkly” PLL episode 5x14 takes place three months after Christmas and Paige’s parents are still insisting that she move to California.  Emily still isn’t used to the idea of Paige leaving.  Concerned that Rosewood isn’t safe, Paige’s parents haven’t been swayed by Emily and Paige’s arguments to let her stay.  Even bringing up California’s earthquakes didn’t change their minds.

Paige is already packed for the move and will miss graduation at Rosewood High.  Emily is disappointed that they won’t be able to go to prom together.

Paige quotes an old song to Emily.  “Your eyes.  It’s day’s work just to look into them”.

Are you sad that Paige is leaving Rosewood?

Lucy Hale’s ‘Road Between’ Tour Canceled Due to Vocal Strain

Credit: Lucy Hale's Instagram

Lucy Hale has canceled all the upcoming dates on her Road Between tour.  Lucy posted this message on Instagram:

“Words can’t describe how disappointed I am for having to cancel something we were all looking forward to.  Your support of my music has made me so happy and you’ll never know how grateful I am for you.  I am going to follow through and take the advice not to embark on the tour at this time to prevent further damage.  I love you all and thank you for your understanding.”

Lucy responded to everyone’s concern by tweeting “I'm okay !! Just dealing with vocal strain”.

Hope Lucy gets better soon!

Friday, December 19, 2014

PLL Sneak Peek 5x14: Caleb Teaches Aria How To Hack

In this sneak peek of “Through a Glass, Darkly” PLL episode 5x14, Aria stops by Caleb's place to bring him some coffee.  She asks Caleb about his decryption software.  Caleb has been working hard to decrypt Mona’s files, but he hasn’t had much luck.  Aria doesn’t know much about computer decryption, so he wants to know why she is really there.

Aria admits that she's worried about college.  She applied to six colleges.  She didn’t get into Brown, which she expected.  She is surprised that she got rejected from Oberlin, since she nailed the interview.  She wants to know if they really rejected her or if “A” had something to do with it.

Caleb decides to help Aria break into Oberlin’s database and find out why Aria was rejected.  Rather than do it for her, Caleb decides to teach her a bit of hacking.

Love seeing Aria and Caleb interacting.  And Aria learning to hack is definitely going to be interesting.  Can’t wait to see more of Aria and Caleb together!

Ashley Benson’s 25th Birthday

Yesterday Ashley Benson, who plays Hanna Marin on Pretty Little Liars, turned 25.  Her PLL castmates were full of birthday wishes for her.

Lucy Hale (Aria on PLL) tweeted “Where I'm at it's already @AshBenzo bday. Happy birthday ladybug. Cannot believe I've known you as long as I have.”

Janel Parrish (Mona on PLL) tweeted “Happy Birthday to this dollface @AshBenzo”.

Shay Mitchell (Emily on PLL) posted this Flipagram for Ashley’s birthday.
A video posted by Shay Mitchell (@shaym) on
She captioned it “Wishing the Benzo to my Buttah the happiest of all Birthdays today!!! I love you sooooooooo much and wish I could be there to celebrate with you but I will be in spirit! Have a good one lil sis, the best is yet to come!!! @itsashbenzo #ButtahBenzo”.

PLL showrunner Marlene King posted this video with the caption “This one! She brings me so much joy! Happy birthday @itsashbenzo! I love you baby!”
A video posted by @imarleneking on

Tyler Blackburn (Caleb on PLL) posted this photo and wrote “Been loving this girl for five years. You have brought me so much laughter. You've literally had a huge hand in changing my life. I am so grateful for you. Happy Birthday babe! @itsashbenzo”.

Hope Ashley Benson had a great 25th birthday!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

PLL Spoilers: Mona’s Friend Lesley is New Troublemaker in Season 5B

Hanna and Mona.  Credit: Joseph Dougherty's Instagram

Remember Mona’s friend Lesley being mentioned in "Taking This One to the Grave" PLL episode 5x12?  Mona thought her friend Lesley would miss Thanksgiving dinner because she was stuck at school, but she was actually coming to surprise Mona. 

Looks like we will soon get to meet Lesley.  PLL showrunner Marlene King told E! Online that there will be a new “troublemaker” in Rosewood.  “In the episode where Mona met her demise, she was talking to her friend Lesley on the phone that day and we finally get to meet Lesley.  She comes to town."

It looks like Lesley will be played by Elizabeth McLaughlin, so we will see her in "Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me" episode 5x18.

Can’t wait to see Lesley meeting the Liars!

Ashley Benson, Keegan Allen and Marlene King Celebrate Hanukkah Together

Pretty Little Liars is on break from filming, but the PLL cast is still spending time with each other during the holidays.  Ashley Benson (Hanna on PLL) and Keegan Allen (Toby on PLL) joined Marlene King (PLL showrunner) for the first night of Hanukkah.

Ashley and Marlene both posted this photo of the night:

Credit: Marlene King and Ashley Benson's Instagram

Marlene captioned it “Grandma Judy told us not to quit our day jobs. But we had a great time ringing in the first night of Chanukah w a Christmas song. #friendsAndFamily @itsashbenzo @keeoone @jonesallenart”.

Ashley captioned the photo "Second family @imarleneking @keeoone”.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Shay Mitchell’s Holiday Party Looks

Shay Mitchell made a holiday lookbook:

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

PLL WB Lot Tour With Shay Mitchell

Want to get a look at the WB lot where Pretty Little Liars is filmed without having to actually take the studio tour?  In this video, Shay Mitchell gives us a tour of the WB lot where they film PLL.

Shay takes the Pretty Little Liars golf cart for a spin and gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the WB lot.  There are three stages on the Warner Brothers lot and Pretty Little Liars uses them all. 

Shay points out Hanna Marin’s house on the tour.  Most of the houses on the lot are either used as offices or are just frames.

Shay drives to “The Jungle”, which is where they shoot all the scenes in the woods.  She points out the lake where Emily pulled Jenna out after she was attacked in “Into the Deep” 4x09.  Tammin Sursok, who plays Jenna on PLL, was pregnant at the time.  Shay had to be careful when she lifted Tammin out of the lake.

Shay drives past where they shoot some scenes for True Blood.  Shay also shows us the Noel Kahn/Ezra cabin. 

Shay wraps up the tour by showing where they filmed the New York scenes, including the scene where the girls were surrounded by all the fake “A”s.

Shay was in a rush to get back to the set for filming, but there are police officers on the WB lot who give tickets if they don’t slow down for a stop.

How cool was that Pretty Little Liars lot tour with Shay Mitchell?

Monday, December 15, 2014

PLL Season 5B Promo: Alison Warns Liars That They Are Next

Looks like the Liars are ready to fight back.  Aria wants to prove that Alison is "A".  If Mona could do it, so can the Liars.

Alison claims that “A” set her up.  She warns the Liars that they will be targeted next.  The Liars don’t believe Alison and they push her away.

Janel Parrish Adopts a Dog

Credit: Janel Parrish's Instagram

Janel Parrish (Mona on PLL) has added a rescue dog, Kleo, to her family.  Janel also has another dog named Oreo.  (PLL castmate Shay Mitchell also adopted a dog recently).

Along with the photos, Janel wrote “Meet Kleo. Newest member of my family. Cutest rescue pup there ever was. Adopt”.

Credit: Janel Parrish's Instagram
How cute is Janel Parrish’s new dog Kleo?!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ezra and Mike Scenes on PLL Soon?

Will we be getting some Ezra and Mike scenes on Pretty Little Liars?  When PLL writer Joseph Dougherty was asked about Ezra/Mike scenes, Joseph tweeted “I’m thinking yes”.

Ezra (Aria’s boyfriend) and Mike (Aria’s little brother) have a complicated history.  When Ezra told the Montgomery family that he was in love with Aria, Mike responded by punching him.  However, Ezra stopped Mike from getting expelled when Conner’s car was smashed.  (Conner was the guy who got pissed when Aria rejected him, so he told the lacrosse team that Aria hooked up with him.  He also called her a slut because of her relationship with Ezra).

It would be pretty great to get some Ezra and Mike scenes where they are working together.  Despite their differences, they both care about Aria.  Maybe they’ll team up to fight against “A”?

Do you want to see some Ezra and Mike interaction on Pretty Little Liars?

Photo of the Week: Brendan Robinson Getting Ready to be Santa

Brendan Robinson (Lucas on PLL) was an awesome Santa on the Pretty Little Liars Christmas episode.  Here’s a behind-the-scenes photo of Brendan in a fatsuit and beard as he gets ready to be Santa.  All he needs is the red suit.

Credit: Marlene King's Instagram

Marlene captioned the photo “Merry ho ho! Thanks @brendanrobinson for the holiday laughs. You are the best santa ever! #PllChat”.

Lucy Hale Gives Fan Signed Guitar (Pop Up Santa)

Lucy Hale surprised another fan with Pop Up Santa.  A lucky fan won tickets to the CMA Country Christmas special, got to watch Lucy’s rehearsal and also got to meet Lucy.  Lucy even gave the fan a signed guitar.  (Lucy Hale also did another Pop Up Santa with other fans).

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Lucy Hale Talks Beauty, Music and Aria

Lucy Hale talked with Yahoo about beauty while she was in Los Angeles for the mark Instant Vacation Buenos Aires photo shoot.
Lucy's eyebrows have always set her apart.  She hated them when she was little.  However, now it is the thing she loves most about herself because it sets her apart.

Her idea of beauty as a child was wearing a pink tutu and putting on her grandmother’s red lipstick.

Music was Lucy’s escape growing up.  Music was what she always wanted to do.  She was lucky enough to have success in acting, so now she is balancing her singing and acting.  She feels more fulfilled now that music is back in her life.

Lucy’s favorite thing about Aria is that she is very driven.  People tell Aria not to be with Ezra, but she knows she loves him and she’s going to make it happen.  Aria loves her friends and would do anything for them. She’s headstrong.  Aria has taught Lucy to be more romantic.  Aria has a lot of similarities to Lucy, which is what initially attracted her to the part.

Being on Pretty Little Liars has taught Lucy to master putting on fake eyelashes.

Lucy’s tips for staying healthy are getting sleep, lots of water and being around people that she enjoys.  She also takes off her makeup as soon as possible because she has sensitive skin. 

Lucy has been experimenting with crazy lip colors lately.  At the 2014 AMAs Lucy’s lipstick was a gothic, deep purple look.

Credit: Disney/ABC Television Group, Creative Commons

Lucy’s favorite red carpet look ever was at the 2014 CMAs.  Her red dress and red lipstick were the exact same shade.

Lucy Hale in red dress
Credit: Disney/ABC Television Group, Creative Commons

Her hair is like her security blanket, since she’s always had it long.  She recently went lighter and chopped it off, which feels more mature to her.  She wouldn’t mind trying blue, pink or purple hair sometime.  Now that she is more comfortable with herself and older now, she would love to do crazier hair.

Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell and Tyler Blackburn at ABC Family’s Winter Wonderland

Lucy Hale, Tyler Blackburn, Shay Mitchell at ABC Family Winter Wonderland
Credit: Disney/ABC Television Group, Creative Commons

Pretty Little Liars stars Lucy Hale (Aria), Shay Mitchell (Emily on PLL) and Tyler Blackburn (Caleb on PLL) were among the stars who had fun at ABC Family’s Winter Wonderland.  ABC Family shut down the ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center in New York City so they could all go ice skating.  (You can look at photos of Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell and Tyler Blackburn ice skating).

It wasn’t Lucy Hale’s first time coming to the Winter Wonderland.  She was happy to be there because she gets to see everyone from different shows and people are having a really good time. 

Tyler loves New York in general, but especially during the holidays.  However, this was Tyler’s first time attending.  He hadn’t ever been to Rockefeller Center before.

Shay thinks it’s a great way to start off the holidays.

Has anyone already gone ice skating this year?

Friday, December 12, 2014

Lucy Hale’s Desert Island Beauty Products

Disney/ABC Family Television Group, Creative Commons

What items would Lucy Hale take with her if she had to live on a desert island for a year?  In this Yahoo Beauty Survival video, Lucy has 30 seconds to pick 5 essentials from a bag stuffed with beauty products.

Lucy chose:
  1. Ponytail holders because she gets anxious when her hair is in her face.
  2. Makeup remover wipes to keep herself refreshed.
  3. Perfume because everyone likes to smell good.
  4. Red lipstick because we all want to feel good all the time, even if there’s no occasion to dress up for.

Time ran out before she could choose the last product she would take.

What five beauty products would you take to a desert island?

PLL Season 5 Winter Premiere Promo: Alison Gets Slapped

There’s a lot of drama ahead when Pretty Little Liars returns for the second half of season 5. 

Alison gets slapped again, this time by Mona’s mom at Mona’s funeral.  (Alison was also slapped by Mona in “Miss Me x 100” episode 5x05 after Alison threatened to make Mona “Loser Mona” again).  Spencer, convinced that Alison killed Mona, can’t believe that Alison would have the nerve to show up to her victim’s funeral.

Mrs. Grunwald returns to shed some light on the Alison and Mona feud.  She believes Alison and Mona hated each other because they both feared each other.  Alison and Grunwald also meet face-to-face in Rosewood.

Spencer goes to Alison’s brother Jason and tells him that she is going to end up in jail because of Alison.  Someone is dead because of Alison.

Aria accuses Alison of killing Mona because she had proof that Alison was “A”.  Alison tells her to stop saying that. 

Alison tells someone “They’re next unless ‘A’ kills them first”.

“A” chases Aria and is about to hurt her.

The PLL winter premiere will be Tuesday, January 6.  Can’t wait for the return of Jason DiLaurentis and Grunwald!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Tyler Blackburn Talks About PLL Santa Boxers Scene

PLL Caleb, Toby, Ezra and Paige in Santa Boxers
Credit: Marlene King's Instagram
Caleb, Toby, Ezra and Paige wearing Santa boxers was a moment many PLL fans loved in the Christmas episode 5x13, but filming the scene put a bit of pressure on Tyler Blackburn (Caleb on PLL).

Tyler told MTV “I wear a very nice blue suit, and then I have to wear an elf costume.  I also wear only my underwear — yeah, exactly. Digest that. I’m wearing just boxers, so that was interesting. I had to do a few sit-ups before that…. I was standing next to Keegan Allen, he has like a 12-pack.”

Even though he had to stand next to Keegan Allen’s 12-pack, Tyler still looked good in those Santa boxers.  What did you think of the PLL Santa boxers scene?

Lucy Hale Red Carpet Smack Talk

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Version of PLL Theme Song

How much did you love the Christmas version of the Pretty Little Liars theme song?

Keegan Allen’s BTS Photos of PLL Christmas

Keegan Allen (Toby on PLL) took lots of photos while filming the PLL Christmas episode.  He posted these awesome behind-the-scenes photos on Seventeen’s Instagram.

Here’s a photo of Shay Mitchell (Emily on PLL) and Lindsey Shaw (Paige on PLL).

Keegan captioned the photo “I love this moment between @shaym and @ladymshawsters. They look mad at each other here, but weren’t. In this second they were running lines, but also just really tired. There was just a single moment of reflection where they go back into being themselves. There’s just so much power. There’s a frustration of what happens in the scene.”

Here is a gorgeous photo of Ashley Benson (Hanna on PLL).

Keegan wrote “I remember thinking that this picture was almost hypnotic. Something happens to Hanna in the episode and @itsashbenzo was playing up the emotion of her character. This was in between setting up the camera and I just had her turn quickly. It was that simple. She’s so stunning”.

This is a cute photo of Ian Harding (Ezra on PLL) and Lucy Hale (Aria on PLL).

Keegan captioned it “I like to capture everyone when they’re just being themselves. @lucyhale and @ianmharding are great friends. Lucy’s so charming and Ian’s just a total nice guy. There’s no hostility or animosity and I think that’s why the writers have continued these relationships for the fans because there is real chemistry between all of us.”

Here’s Ashley Benson with Tyler Blackburn (Caleb on PLL).

Keegan wrote “Something happens to Hanna in the episode, so Ashley was trying to keep that feeling even in between takes. She needed to keep that emotion in her blood so it wouldn’t dwindle or go away. I enjoy that subtle small moment, where you can tell there’s something very real going on. Tyler was just being super cool.”

And here is a cool group photo.

Keegan captioned it “There’s a huge reveal in this episode, a huge surprise that we’ve done for the fans. This photo was taken the moment before that happened. It was kind of a surprise for the girls too. I don’t know if the fans will be laughing or screaming. It will get a lot of attention for sure.”

Keegan was definitely right about the surprise for the fans getting a lot of attention!

Recap of “How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas” PLL Episode 5x13

The long-awaited Pretty Little Liars Christmas episode finally arrived and it paid homage to Hitchcock’s “Rear Window”“How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas” was filled with drama.  Mona haunts Ali, Jenna and Sydney make a surprising decision and someone returns to Rosewood.

Spencer, who is suspected of murdering Bethany Young, is out on bail.  The Liars walk in a snowy Rosewood street and discuss Spencer and Toby’s Christmas plans.  Spencer isn’t feeling the Christmas spirit because of the murder charges, so she isn’t going to exchange gifts with Toby.  Instead, she is going to surprise Toby with a gesture.

Emily, who loves Christmas, wants to make a wish for Spencer.  Spencer doesn’t think Santa is going to give her a Get Out of Jail free card for Christmas, but Emily still hands out snowflakes to make wishes on. 

Hanna remembers the last time she was there with Mona.  In a flashback, Hanna and Mona are making wishes.  Mona says that Hanna is her first friend, so she wished that they would always stay close.  Hanna assures her that they will and promises that they are besties forever.  Hanna’s wish is for Jimmy Choo shoes.  Mona is sure Hanna will get them.  If Santa doesn’t bring them, they will just have to steal them.

Back in the present, Hanna tells Emily that wishes don’t come true.  If they did, people wouldn’t die.  Despite that, Emily still has hope.  Spencer says hope is a dirty four letter word.

The Liars think Alison DiLaurentis is throwing the Ice Ball to rub it in that she ruined their lives.  Spencer points out that only her life is ruined, but Emily reminds her that ruining one of them is the same thing as ruining all of them.  The Liars don’t want to go to Ali’s Ice Ball. 

A lawyer who was hired by Mona approaches the Liars.  Mona left a package for Hanna to be delivered 30 days after her death.  Turns out Mona left Hanna drawings of Ali’s house, showing all of Ali’s hiding places.  Mona leaves Hanna a note, asking her to promise to never give up and keep looking.  Hanna remembers her promise to Mona that they would stick together.

The Liars know that “A” keeps souvenirs and they think Alison is “A”.  So they think Spencer’s Get Out of Jail Free card is hidden in Ali’s house.

A Santa walks by and Aria drops some money in his pail.  Santa then hands them a snow globe.  A photo of the Liars is inside.  On the other side is a message from “A”, which says “‘A’ takes a holiday You should too”.

Ali is sleeping at home when the lights flicker.  Suddenly, someone bangs on her bedroom door.  Ali’s dead mom, Jessica Dilaurentis, comes in and says “She’s got a lot to show you.  Pay attention”.

Downstairs, Ali picks up a photo of her mom and falls asleep on the couch.  When she wakes up, she sees herself as a child playing the piano.  Mona as the Ghost of Christmas Past appears and tells Ali to watch what happens.

In the memory, young Alison opens the piano and finds Christmas presents that her mom hide.  She opens both presents and finds identical yellow dresses.  Her mom comes in and tells Ali not to tell her dad about the two dresses, since he will leave them if he finds out.  She instructs Ali to lie and say that she only found one dress.  Young Ali agrees and recites the lie.

Mona says that “the monster was born” in that moment.  Ali asks if the other dress was for Bethany, but Mona says that it isn’t going to be that easy.  Ali suddenly wakes up when a Christmas ornament shatters on the floor.

Toby’s leg is in a cast, since he is still injured from the car crash.  He sits at Spencer’s window and uses his camera to look at Ali’s house.  Despite Spencer’s innocence, she doesn’t think the murder charges will be dismissed.  After meeting the lawyers, Spencer’s mom looked like they already lost. 

Spencer and Toby discuss their Ice Ball plans.  If Ali leaves the dance early, Aria and Emily will stop her.  And Toby will warn Spencer and Hanna if something goes wrong.

Spencer realizes that this may be her last Christmas, so she surprises Toby with her gesture.  Toby turns around to see Spencer in a sexy Christmas dress and Santa hat.

Meanwhile, Hanna and Caleb are dressed up as elves and are handing out presents to little kids.  Hanna gives a present to Claire, who is deaf.  Hanna can use sign language because she had a roommate at fat camp who was hard of hearing. 

Caleb isn’t having fun as an elf.  A kid peed on him and a mean girl keeps calling him dumb-dumb.  He points out the mean girl to Hanna and calls her Ali’s little mini-me.

Hanna sees the Ali mini-me pick on Claire, telling her friends to call Claire names since Claire can’t hear them.

Angry, Hanna warns her to stop messing with Claire.  Ali's mini-me should start looking over her shoulder, since she is making a lot of enemies.  In Rosewood, bitches get buried.  Ali's mini-me wants to leave and expects her friends to follow her.  Hanna tells the friends that they don’t need a leader, they just need each other.  The girls decide to stay and they sit with Claire.  Ali’s mini-me calls her friends losers and storms out.

Hanna tells Caleb that Mona said when a person shows you who they are, believe them.  Hanna doesn’t think people change.  They just get better at hiding it.  Mean girls stay mean.

At the Shady Days Nursing Home, Emily, Paige, Lucas, Sydney and Jenna sing Christmas songs.  Aria passes out cookies.  Ezra, looking adorable in a Santa hat, gives Aria beautiful earrings as a Christmas present.  He also has a second gift for her.  Aria is surprised, since they said they were having a low-key Christmas.  A Fitzgerald Christmas is anything but low-key.  Growing up, Ezra got two ponies as a Christmas present.

Emily, still angry at Sydney, doesn’t want to talk to her.  Sydney says that Jenna isn’t a bad person.  Ali is the one who convinced the Liars that Jenna was the enemy.  Emily isn’t interested in what Sydney has to say.

Paige tells Emily that her parents want Paige to come to California after Christmas.  Before they can continue discussing California, Aria points out that Emily and Paige are standing under mistletoe.

Ali is busy giving the twins Cindy and Mindy a makeover.  Ali calls it a Christmas miracle.

The Liars look beautiful at the Ice Ball.  Spencer goes to take a photo with Santa, who turns out to be Lucas.  Spencer tells Lucas not to let Ali leave the dance while Hanna and Spencer break into Ali’s house.  Spencer wants Lucas to be careful and warns him that he can’t trust anyone, since Ali has been busy building an army.

The Liars are dancing when Ali comes in with her new followers, who are wearing masks.  While everyone wonders who the masked girls are, Spencer and Hanna leave the dance.  Someone in a white cloak watches them leave.

Aria follows Ali, who disappears from view.  Aria sees Ali kissing a guy in a Santa costume, but she can’t see the guy’s face.  Aria runs to get Emily, but when they get back Ali is already gone.  Emily asks if Aria is certain Ali was kissing a guy, not a girl.  Aria is sure, since she got a “definite sense of male butt”.  Emily stares at Lucas still dressed as Santa, while Aria looks around for the mystery Santa.

Aria is about to approach a Santa when Detective Holbrook stops her.  He is dressed as Santa and tells Aria that she is on his naughty list.  He is surprised to see her at the dance.  He is there since it is a charity ball and he wants to give back to his community.  Rosewood is starting to grow on him.  Aria thinks he talks like a guy in love.  Aria says she’s also at the ball because of the charity aspect, but Holbrook doesn’t believe her.  He also makes it clear that he knows she is dating Ezra.

Ali goes outside and is joined by the mystery woman in the white cloak.  Turns out it is CeCe Drake, who is back to give Ali a Christmas present.

Emily follows two of Ali’s masked minions.  One takes off her masks and reveals herself to be Sydney.  The second turns out to be Jenna.  They wanted to talk to Emily without Ali seeing them. 

Jenna explains that Ali offered to be her friend when she first came to Rosewood.  Jenna made the mistake of rejecting her offer before.  Jenna wasn’t going to make the same mistake again.  They try to convince Emily that they are not the enemy.  They are just doing what they have to do to survive.  When Emily admits that the Liars suspect Ali killed Mona, Jenna and Sydney say that they think so, too.

CeCe gives Ali her very own fragrance as a Christmas present.  CeCe knows Ali is grieving after her mom’s death.  She warns Ali that her ex-friends are plotting something.

Hanna and Spencer break into Ali’s house, while Toby watches them with a camera from Spencer’s window.  Hanna finds a fake passport Ali hid in a birdcage.  The alias Ali chose was Holly Varjak, another reference to Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Spencer finds newspaper clipping and wonders if Ali was communicating with someone through the personal ads, just like she did when Mona was “A”.

Paige and Caleb think it makes sense that Holbrook and Ali were kissing, since Ali is the belle of the ball and Spencer is going down for murder.  Ezra wonders when Holbrook started helping Ali.  Emily thinks Holbrook did Ali a favor and helped CeCe escape the country.  They notice Ali, the white cloak girl and Holbrook all leaving the dance.  Ezra and Caleb distract Holbrook, while the rest of them chase Ali.

They manage to corner Ali and the white cloak girl, but Ali and CeCe were a step ahead of them.  They traded clothes with Cindy and Mindy.  The twins are even wearing blonde wigs and Ali masks. 

Hanna unlocks a trunk and finds Ali’s archery award.  She also plays a cassette tape.  It is a taped recording of Ali saying “Get out of my stuff or I’ll kill you”.  Freaked, Hanna shuts the trunk.

Hanna finds a hat box stuffed with letters.  She finds out that Ali did know Bethany.  She even invited Bethany over for Labor Day.

“A” is in the house with a knife, so Spencer hides.  She tries to text Hanna to warn her, but Hanna left her phone downstairs.  Spencer breaks a picture frame and carries a shard of glass as a weapon.

Hanna comes downstairs and comes face-to-face with “A”.  Hanna screams and Spencer races towards her.  When Spencer gets there, Hanna is unconscious on the floor.  Hanna wakes up and Spencer reassures her that “A” is gone.  However, the girls don’t notice someone in a baby face mask in the house, watching them.

Due to the heavy snowstorm, the girls stay at Spencer’s house and can’t join their families.  The Liars and their significant others all discuss the letter Hanna found.  The letter proves that Ali knew Bethany Young and lured her to the house.  It may be enough reasonable doubt to clear Spencer of the murder charges.  Spencer finally feels a little bit of hope.

Mona shows up as the Ghost of Christmas Future.  She shows Ali a terrible future.  They see Ali’s dead body in a coffin.  Mona’s comment?  “You look pretty good considering that they never found your legs”.

The Black Widow comes in.  She pulls up her black veil and we see that it is Ali’s mom.  Ali’s mom thinks it is all her fault and tells Ali “they’ll be coming for you soon.  I’m sorry”.

Ali asks if she is going to Hell.  Ali tries to leave, but the church doors are locked.  Mona yells at Ali to wake up and suddenly Ali is back in her own bedroom.

The Liars are sad that this is their first Christmas without their families.  To cheer them up, Ezra, Caleb, Toby and Paige appear dressed in Santa boxers.

Paige drops a bombshell on Emily, telling her that her parents want her to move to California.  They don’t think Rosewood is safe.  Emily is shocked.  She thought she would have more time with Paige.

Hanna is sad as she looks at a photo of Mona on her phone.  She tells Caleb that Mona is the only reason they are celebrating.  Mona should be there with them.

Everyone gathers around the table to enjoy a Christmas chicken feast.  They are all finally happy.  Outside, Ali watches them from the window.  She leaves before they notice her.

Everyone hears bells jingling and Hanna wonders if it’s Santa.  They all race outside and see a beautiful tree lit up in the backyard.  They are all happy until a message from “A” appears on the barn.  It says “Merry Christmas, Bitches – A”.

Credit: Marlene King's Instagram

All the couples stare at the message and hold each other.

Absolutely loved this PLL special Christmas episode. What did you think of Pretty Little Liars "How the 'A' Stole Christmas"?

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Janel Parrish Talks PLL Christmas and Snacks On Set

Janel Parrish (Mona on PLL) talked to E! News about the Pretty Little Liars Christmas episode “How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas” 5x13.  

“It's a dream sequence episode, but there's also a lot of really important things that happen in the episode," Janel said. "Mona, actually before she died, leaves clues for Hanna to follow to find out who murdered her. The girls will be trying to figure out what exactly happened to Mona all the while having an amazingly creepy and fun holiday special."

Janel also talked about her downtime on set.  The go-to discussion point is usually funny Youtube videos.  Janel can usually be found eating at craft services or on a couch sleeping.  Her go-to snack in the morning in donuts and maple bacon.  If it’s during the day, then she loves jalapeno chips.

PLL Spoilers: Toby Regrets Becoming Police Officer?

Toby had the best intentions when he decided to become one of Rosewood’s finest.  He thought being a police officer would help the Liars by getting them access to police records.  They would finally have someone on the force that is on their side.  However, Spencer’s arrest for the murder of Bethany Young is going to complicate things for Toby.

Keegan Allen (Toby on PLL) told BuddyTV that Toby is going to question himself and his choices.  He became a police officer to protect Spencer and get the Liars some answers, but “it all comes back and haunts him in this existential way of him [asking] ‘Did I make the right decisions in life?  Did I make the right choices with this?’”  Toby is going to start struggling with this in the Christmas episode “How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas”.  Toby will have to balance his love for Spencer with the desire to honor the force.

Do you think Toby being a Rosewood cop is going to help Spencer or do you think “A” will find some way to complicate things for Toby and Spencer?

More PLL “How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas” Spoilers

Notice anything interesting about the masks Alison’s new friends are wearing at the Ice Ball?  Marlene King told People that the masks look a lot like Spencer Hastings.  She also said we know all four girls who are wearing the masks.

Mona as the Ghost of Christmas Future has something scary to show Alison.  “She really shows Alison that if she doesn't change her ways a very, very frightening fate will be coming her way”.

Mona as the Ghost of Christmas Past will reveal a lot about Alison.  “There's a moment that Mona reveals to Alison that she had forgotten about. And it's a moment in time where Alison is a little girl and there is an encounter she has with her mother that really is a big shift and a big part of why Alison becomes who she becomes.”

Marlene spilled a lot about the Christmas episode, but she won’t say if there will be a death.

As for Spencer, who we last saw being arrested for the murder of Bethany Young, she is now out on bail.  Her friends try to clear her name and prove her innocence.

The Liars all get a romantic Christmas.  Bad news for Emison fans, though.  Marlene said of Emily and Alison, “We left them very strained, so that's where we start the episode as well”.

PLL Christmas Episode Will Give Answers

Credit: prettylittleliars Instagram

Pretty Little Liars showrunner Marlene King talked with zap2it about the Christmas episode “How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas” 5x13.

Alison shows up at the Ice Ball with new friends, who will play a large role in the episode.  “Pretty Little Liars are desperate to figure out who those people are, why they're with Alison and why she's surrounding herself with these people, and what's their tool or use for her?”  Marlene also says that the identities of the masked girls are very important.

We will learn a lot more about Alison as a person in the Christmas episode.  Mona as the Ghost of Christmas Past will try to teach Alison a lesson.  “There's a moment in time that Alison has forgotten, and Mona shows her this moment and it's very telling for all of us. It really informs a lot about who Alison is and why she is who she is.”

There will be a small time jump that will occur between this Christmas episode and the episodes that start up in January 2015. 

The Christmas episode won’t leave us with a cliffhanger, like the previous Halloween episodes have.  Instead, we will get an answer and “a glimmer of hope for the future”.  Marlene didn’t want to say which question will be answered “but suffice to say that the character who believes in hope the least on this show ends up having some hope by the end of the episode”.

Do you think Marlene was talking about Hanna when she said a character will end up with some hope?  Hanna will be the Liar most devastated by Mona’s death.  Maybe Mona’s clue will give her some hope?

Monday, December 8, 2014

Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell and Tyler Blackburn Go Ice Skating

Shay Mitchell, Tyler Blackburn and Lucy Hale Ice Skating Rockefeller Center New York
Credit: Disney/ABC Television Group, Creative Commons

Lucy Hale (Aria on PLL), Shay Mitchell (Emily on PLL) and Tyler Blackburn (Caleb on PLL) embraced the winter weather and went ice skating.  The three of them attended ABC Family’s annual "25 Days of Christmas" at the Rockefeller Center in New York.

Here are Shay and Lucy skating together:

Shay Mitchell and Lucy Hale Ice Skating Rockefeller Center New York
Credit: Disney/ABC Television Group, Creative Commons

Tyler and Shay skating:

Shay Mitchell and Tyler Blackburn Ice Skating Rockefeller Center New York
Credit: Disney/ABC Television Group, Creative Commons

Tyler and Lucy ice skating:

Lucy Hale and Tyler Blackburn Ice Skating Rockefeller Center New York
Credit: Disney/ABC Television Group, Creative Commons

Lucy and Tyler ice skate together in this cute video that Lucy posted.

A video posted by Lucy Hale (@lucyhale) on

Lucy wrote, “Today was fun & I didn't fall ice skating. Success. Thanks for a fun day @abcfamily”.

Looks like Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell and Tyler Blackburn had a blast ice skating in New York.  Any PLL fans have ice skating plans this winter?